mere pyaar (episode 3)

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The story begins…
As swara was sleepy ,she slept.
The next day swara woke.
She was late so she hurried up to her clg.
On the way she saw the same guy playing guitar.
She hid behind a tree and watched playing him.
Suddenly she slipped and was about to fall ..
A hand holded her.
Swara saw his face.
They shared an eyelock.
Sanam re sanam re plays.
It is none other than our sanskar.
Sanskar:no mention.hi im sanskar
Swara:im swara..
Sanskar:music clg??
Sanskar im getting late.
Will meet you soon.
Sanskar smiles.
Swara leaves.
Swara attends class

At india,
Laksh hugs ragini.
Ragini:arey laksh.
Ragini:I have work.
Laksh:I want to romance yourself
Ragini laughs.
Swara calls them.
They talk for some time.
At paris,
Its evening
Swara went home and started reading the diary again…
The next day I woke up.
I thought it must be a dream
But I had a bandage on m head and a sprain on my leg.
I checked my phone and saw 15 missed calls from raman
I slowly managed to get ready for clg.
But it was like rowing a boat with your hands.
Somehow I got ready
At that time ,there was a knock on the door.
I opened but no one was there.
I turned to leave but someone lifted me.
It was arnav
I was surprised.
We did our breakfast and he dropped me at my clg.
Slowly we became friends in one day.
Arnav dropped me home.
I thanked him
He smiled and he left.

Suddenly swara saw a balloon in her balcony.
Swara closed the diary..
She took the balloon and saw a note on it.
Ms.swara a cup of coffee if you can??????
Swara smiled.
Sanskar waved his hand.
Swara and sanskar had coffee together.
Swara:so what are you doing???
sanskar:im a business man.
Then guitar??
Sanskar:it is my passion.
Swara and sanskar spend some time and then sanskar leaves.
Swara again starts reading the diary..
Everyday arnav dropped me in clg and picked me up.
Slowly I started falling in love..
Arnav was businessman.
I really loved spending my time with him.
Tomorrow is my birthday so I called him.
Arnav can we meet
Arnav said that he had an important client meeting.
I felt sad so I slept skipping my dinner.
Swara :this kushi is a sleeping beauty.
Its time to romance na.
Swara laughs and she sleeps.
Days passed..
Swara became busy and she couldn’t read the diary.
At the same time..
Swara and sanskar became good friends…
And then…………………….

Precap: shocking proposals…..

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Arshi fans im sorry that the first two episodes are not uploaded in ipkknd page.
This is the link.
Episode 1

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