mere pyaar (episode 2)

Hi guys
This is ammu..
Thanks a lot for your comments.
Im really happy that you guys liked my ff.

The story begins…
Swara continues reading the diary
The flat was beautiful..
From the balcony the view of eiffel tower was amazing.
I phoned raman bhai and informed him that I reached safely.
I slept for some time.
I woke and got ready to finish my admission procedures.
I reached the college by walk.
I finished my admission procedures.
It started raining.
Suddenly a speeding car came and hit me.
I fell down with all my things.
A guy stepped out of his car and carried me.
Everything blackened and I fainted in his arms.
Swara gets a skype call
She closes the diary and speaks to them.
She had her dinner and she slept.
The next day morning,
Swara woke and got ready.
swara boarded a taxi.
Swara went inside a room.
Swara took her guitar and started playing it..
Swara finished her classes..
Suddenly she remembered about kushi..
She was returning to her flat.
On the way she saw a handsome guy playing guitar.
Swara went near but she couldn’t see his face.
But that music she remembered it.
Swara left .
She again opened the diary.
I opened my eyes .
I was lying on a bed.
Slowly I got a complete view of the room and I found out that it was my flat.
I got up but I couldn’t stand
I slipped and he caught me.
That was the first time I met him.
He made me sit on the bed.
He told me what happened.
He introduced himself as arnav and he left.
There was a photo of ASR.
Swara:asr…hmm.not bad ah.
She turned the next page .
I was tried so I slept.
Someone woke me
It was arnav
arnav woked me and gave me dinner.
I suddenly felt dizzy but arnav caught me.
He gave me medicines.
He called me by my name.
I was shocked but due to tiredness I again slept.
And then…………………….

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    Superb, amazing, can’t wIt till the next update…

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  3. nice.

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  4. it is wonderful ammu , update next one soon , waiting for the next episode

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