mere Pagala Gamva Ki Laraki (Prologue)


Summary: Kalpana has always been a clumsy girl; every time she does something it always goes wrong. Her mother Kamla taught her to be a proper girl and learn to cook, clean, dance, and even more. She was very educated, but she had a dream, which is to find someone special. That dream will soon come true when a man by the name of Raghav Singhania appear in there village to make a business deal. Raghav world will be turned upside down when he meets clumsy kalpana. She will not only cause trouble for him, but change him also.


Scene 1

Raghav walks in his office. Everywhere he turned people are saying good morning.
He walks in his office and sat down on his chair. Than he opens his laptop and click on the video chat that just recently appear.

“Hm mm.” He says

“Raghav, did you look on the file I sent you?” she says

“Not yet mam, but I was just about to look at it.” He says

“Good. This is a very important deal Raghav, make sure you get them to accept.” She says

“ham mam.” He replied

After video chatting with his mom, Raghav look at the file. So it’s about the land huh? She really wants to build a company at this dump. He thought

“Well I better get this out of the way so I can work on my next task.” He says standing up to leave. He called Sammy and told him where he will be and if anything important comes for him to put it on his desk. Raghav fix his tie and got in his car then he drove to the small village.

Scene 2

Kalpi was busy getting ready for school, when her brother tells her to hurry up.

“Coming she says.”

Kalpi walks to the kitchen and grab her food, then she says by to her mom and dad. Closing the door she saw pakiya bringing the bike. When he stops, she got on and they ride all the way to school. Once they reach the school, pakiya saw kalpi friends. He ties his bike to the tree and walks with kalpi to meet them at the gate.

“Hey kalpi.” Says paki

“Hey.” She says back

“Hi paki, you look pretty today.” Pakiya said making paki smile.

“Thanks pakiya.” She says than turns her attention to kalpi.

“Are you coming over at my place today? My dad bought me a new computer I don’t know how to work it.” She says

“Sure, I can’t wait to see it.” She says back

They went to class and took notes and answer question, when it was time to go home kalpi rushed out of the school, falling by accident. When she reached the gate she saw paki. Once she was next to her, they started walking to paki house.

“Hey kalpi?” she says

“Yeah” she replied

“Have you ever been in love?” she asked

“No not really. Why? You in love with pakiya?” she says jokingly

“What! No way. No offence, but his not my type.” She says

“Well who is?” kalpi asks

“Hmm.. maybe John Abraham and Akshay Kumar.” She says

“Ashkay isn’t that the mailman that brings us mail?” she asked

” no, Ashka the actor.” She says not ringing a bell to kalpi.

“Never mind, so what about you kalpi?”

” I don’t have one.” She says honestly

” oh come on kalpi. Everyone has something they like in a guy.” She says

” I don’t paki.” She says walking ahead of her.

Paki plays the song bahara and sing along with it.

Badli badra badla saavan
She walks up to kalpi. And grab her shoulder.
Badla jag ne bhes re
Kalpi looks at paki and then looks at the pretty flowers.
Tora saajan
Aayo tore desh

Raghav reaches the village and then parks his car.
Soyi soyi palkon pe chal ke
Meri sapno ki khidki pe aa gaya
Aate jaate phir mere dil ke,

He got out and looks at the village. Mother has good eye. This looks nothing like the picture. It’s terrible, but the land is big. He thought

Inn haathon mein woh khat pakda gaya
Pyaar ka
Lafzon mein rang hai pyaar ka
Bahara bahara
Hua dil pehli baar vee
Bahara bahara

He enters the gate and covers his nose when he smelt something. This village reeks of food. . He thought covering his nose.

Tora saajan
Aayo tore desh

Kalpi to busy watching paki didn’t see Raghav pass right by her. They both continue to walk away from each other, ending the song.

Once they’ve reached paki house. Kalpi and paki walk towards her room. Her mom comes to them and says hi. Then she leaves. Paki showed kalpi the new computer her dad got her from the city.

“Wow, this is big” she says

“I know. I can’t wait until i start using it.” She says

Both girls talk for a while until kalpi decides to go home. While on her way she saw a beautiful flower in the muddy hill. She quickly walk to the hill to look at the flower, Bending down she picks it up. Just when she was about to get up, her foot got stuck in the mud. She tried pulling her foot but nothing happened. Suddenly, she felt herself sinking.

Of all the places I had to be stuck in this. She thought while struggling to get free.
Her body kept sinking and making it harder for her to get out.

“SOMEONE HELP ME!” she screams

“PLEASE!” she says

Credit to: Kk

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