mere Pagala Gamva Ki Laraki~ EP-5


After he was gone the villagers surrounds her saying some praises and picking her up. They took her all the way to her house screaming and shouting happily. Everyone was happy for her bravery except herself. She felt worse and knew something bad was going to happen.

Kalpi parents came out, wondering what’s going on. They were surprise to see kalpi being carried. Kamla asked what’s going on and one of the villagers said “the business man that wants our land, construction was destroyed by our very own kalpana.” He says
Vitthal looks upset. He wanted to yell at her but not in front of every.
After kalpi come in the house, vitthal yells at her for being so reckless.

“What have you done kalpana?” he says

“I didn’t mean to papa.” She said honestly

Vitthal knew when ever she say papa she thinks she’s in trouble.

“I was just gonna convince him to give back our land when I accidentally hit the button.” She says crying. Vitthal walks to her and hug her. Then he says “its ok kalpana. I understand.”

Scene 5

The next day Raghav sent a lawyer to find Kalpi School and give the principle a paper. The lawyer searched for the school until he found it. When he reached there, he walks straight to the principle office and gave her the letter. When the principle read the letter she was surprise. She called kalpana to the office and when she arrived she told her to sit down.

Kalpi confuse on what’s going on asked “did I do something wrong Mrs. Khan? Or is my grade bad, because I can work harder.” She says panicking

“No kalpi, nothing like that.” She said sadly

“Then what is it?” she says calmly

“Kalpi from this day on, I hear by expelled you from school. Even if you try going to another school you won’t be able to get in because this will be in your record.” She says
For some reason when the teacher said the word expelled the room got smaller for kalpi.

She couldn’t breath; she just couldn’t handle this news. Looking ready to cry she asked

“Why am I expelled?” she says

The principle hands her the paper. Kalpi reads it and was shock. I can’t believe he did this for something I did on accident. Pissed off she got up and left the school. Then she went to go look for him. When she found him she marched right up to him.

“This is your way of punishing me.” She says showing the paper

“This is just half of it. I wanted to give you the next letter in person.” He says

“You are crushing my parents dream, by making me expelled.” She says

“I don’t care. You crushed my mothers dream to build this company. I had a deadline to finish it by today, but you ruined it.” He stated coldly

“I told you I didn’t do it on purpose and I even apologize, but what you’re doing isn’t right, it’s unfair.” She says

“Unfair? unfair is what someone would say when your sister takes your toy. But this is far from being unfair. I call this justice.” He says grabbing her face.

“When you have the time read the letter, because I’m not a very patient person.” He says letting go of her face and turned around to leave.

As soon as he was gone, kalpi opens the letter. While reading it her hands were trembling and her feet gave out. She drops down on the floor with a shocking expression, still holding the paper in her hand.

To be continue…

Credit to: Kk

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