mere Pagala Gamva Ki Laraki~ EP-4


Vitthal enters his home and sat down on his chair, looking sad. Not to long kalpi walks
In. she walks to her dad and hugs him.

“Baba don’t worry, everything will be fine.” She says

“Our dream, and our earning, how will we live?” He says

“We can start new, work in another land.” She says

Vitthal shook his head, “no kalpana I can’t do that.’ He says

“That land, your grandfather found it, and made so everyone can farm there.” He says

“It is very significant because our ancestors use to work there. All of us have good memories. I don’t know how they found the will to that land. After all, your grandfather hid it somewhere no one will find it.” He says hiding his face to cry

Kalpi hate to see her dad in pain decides to help her dad. She vows that she will get there
Land back, at all cost.

Scene 4

The next day Raghav and his team of workers were building his company. They were doing pretty good. They had already done the base, now there working on the middle.

“Good, good. Everything is coming along fine.” He says

“Well we did start late at night.” Says the boss

“I will make sure you get a bonus for this.” He says making the boss smile

Just when he was about to leave them to work, He saw a girl on top of the bulldozer. She was standing there with confidence, arms cross and her sari swaying in the wind. Her duppat falls untangles itself from her neck and lands on his face. He took it off and stares at the girl. Both were shock to see each other.

They both had a flashback to when they met. Raghav coming out of his shocking state glares at the girl. Is she crazy, why is she up there? He thought

Kalpi looks at her savior, not believing it. He’s the one that’s stealing our land?” she thought. How can my hero become my villain? She thought

Kalpi jumps down from the bulldozer earning quite a stare from the workers and farmers who were protesting. She landed safely and stares at Raghav.

“You’re the one causing problems to our village?” she asked

Raghav smirk. He could easily see her leg shaking, but she pretends not to show it.

“And if I am?” he says

“Then you have no shame.” She says

“Shame, what should I be ashamed of.” He says coldly

“Taking somebody else’s land, and removing us from our work.” She said

“Your land belongs to me. I have every right to do what I please.”

“Those people are fighting for this land and to make a living. Cant you see what you’re doing is destroying them.” she says

“If the people concerned are fussing over this land than they clearly don’t see the big picture.”He says

“No the one who clearly don’t understand is you.” She says angrily. Moving her hand, and accidentally hitting the controller, starting the bulldozer.

Kalpi looks at the machine, shaking and making noise. Panicking she watches as the machine moves faster, heading towards the constructing building. Raghav screamed at everyone to move out the way. Protesters stop to watch the bulldozer destroying the building. When the noise died down and the smoke was gone, everyone turned their heads to kalpi and Raghav.

“WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!” he says pissed

“I…I didn’t mean to do that.” She says grabbing and UN grabbing her dress, out of nervousness.

“Didn’t mean to? You purposely ruin my construction to save this land. He says walking closer to her.

“What do you have to say for yourself.” he says grabbing her hand tightly and pulling her body closer to him.

“I’m sorry.” She says honestly

Raghav looks into her eyes. Not knowing that he was getting pulled in. He thought to himself. Behind those glasses she has a pretty eye. Quickly realizing what he was thinking he let her hand go. Kalpi heart was beating fast, she didn’t know why. She continued to look at him even when he let her go, daydreaming.

Raghav turned his back to her and says “you will pay greatly for what you’ve done.”

He turn around to scold her some more when he realize she was still staring at him with her mouth half way open. He walks to her and snap his finger, snapping her from whatever she was dreaming. She blinks and blushes realize he caught her staring at him, far to long. Raghav glares at her

“You think this is a joke?” he says

“You will pay greatly for your interruption.” He says turning around to leave.

Credit to: Kk

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