Mere Mehboob Mere Sanam Shivika OS

It was his wedding and what he is doing?

I had found her in the whole mansion but that lady was no where to be seen. The last place left was ‘OUR’ room. I banged in the room finding it empty. I checked every possible place but she wasn’t anywhere.Suddenly I saw something on the dressing table.
I walked upto the table and pick it up. It was her MangalSootar.


“Wo chali gayi!!” (she’s gone) his mind took no time to say this. He was worried,angry, tensed etc but he has to find Anika anyhow. He quickly moved towards the main door. He was about to take his step when his eyes moved towards the thing lying on floor near the door. It was a long pear shaped white coloured earring with a pear shaped RED coloured gem in the center.

Okay Guys! U can imagine the earring like this one. 🙂

He bend down and pick it up and watch it for seconds. He knew it was her’s.

The earring belongs to her! I know!
‘Tum wapis aaogi Anika. I believe it! Tum wapis ZAROOR aaogi!’ (u’ll come back anika)

My Mind SAID and My Heart FELT!
I had spoke those words because I know it!
I kept her earring in my pocket and went out to find her.

Somewhere he felt he can’t find her but he can cause he knew that she’ll be somewhere near. Might be!

“Aik pyaar krny walay ka dil doosray pyar krnay walay ky dil se joora hota hy”

And so his heart was connected with her’s.
He didn’t roam on roads for hours and hours, he just drove towards a place.
Coming out from the car he saw here and there for some minutes and…
He FOUND her sitting in a corner crying continuously.
Finding her on the same place where he met her first. Yes the TEMPLE.
He saw her wearing the BLOOD RED coloured dress, what he gifted to her.


Her few hairs tied in a head band while the others were left open.

She was looking stunning in that attire, except one thing was making her look SCARY!
Due to her continuous crying the eyeliner, mascara and kajal from her eyes, smudged and that tears. They also weren’t transparent but BLACK!
And I know she’ll continue to cry until unless I stop her! ?

Haa! Newton first law of motion is applicable on Anika!

“Every object continues its state of rest of uniform motion in a straight line until and unless and external force is acted upon it which changes its state of rest or of uniform motion”

Wait a sec! How does this physics come in between!!!
Eghh!! Lets continue the story now!

I walked towards her and as I went near her I saw a pair of broken Red Heels kept with her and she was sitting bare footed so they were hers. I offered her the hankerchief.
‘‘Apna chehra saaf krlo bht kajal wagerah beh gaya hy!’’ (Clean your face) I said to her and she didn’t refuse too.
For my shock she took it silently and cleaned her face. She didn’t notice ME I guess! She was looking more pretty now as all that BLACK TEARS have been cleared.
“Ghar chalein??” (Should we go home?) I asked her and now she noticed me. She looked me for some seconds and then stand up from her place. Don’t know why!
She start walking and didn’t replied me nor look at me again.
“Anika meri baat suno!” (listen to me) I shouted and start following her.

Anika is walking ahead of Shivaay and he was just walking at her asking her to listen him once but she didn’t.
“Please! Aik baar sun lo” (Listen to me once, please) Shivaay pleaded.
“Kia suno Shivaay? Kia suno? Yehi ky mae aap ky sath ghar chaloon wapis! Magar kyn chaloon? Iss liye ky mae aapki zimedari hoon! Yehi na!” (What should I listen? What Shivaay? Yehi that I should go home with you! But why? Because I’m ur responsiblity! Is it so?) Finally she spoke. She turned to him and say this. She stop for a moment.

“Shivaay zimedariyaan bhi aik had tak nibahi jati hain aur jab wo ha khatam hojaye tou unn zimedariyon ko kisi aur ko de diya jata hy magar koi unn zimedariyon ko na lay tou zaroori nahi aap apni akhri saans tak unhy uthaye rahein!!”

(Shivaay responsibilities are performed till a limit. When that limit is finished the responsibilities are handed over to some one else but if there is no one to perform those responsibilities, it is not neccessary that a single person performs it till your last breath!)

She said what was in her heart. She roared like a lioness.
She didn’t give him chance to speak something and turned the other side not letting him seeing those layers of tear formed in her dark brown eyes. But before she could a step further he held her hand and pulled her. She hit his chest with a jerk. And now he imprisoned her holding his hand at her back but GENTLY! That hold of him wasn’t giving her pain at all. HER one hand imprisoned at her back while the other one was on his shoulder. HIS one hand was imprisoning her hand while he kept the other one on her lips not letting her speak anything.

“Kitna bolti ho tum Anika!” Shivaay said with an irritating tone.
“Jabse mae aaya hoon u didn’t let me say something!” He continued.
“Ab meri baat suno” Now he was going to say and she had to keep quiet.
He removed his hands from her lips. He saw some tears forming at the corner of her eyes.
“Tumhy dard horaha hy??” (Is it paining?) asked Shivaay.
She nodded in NO.
“Anika!” He let out a sigh.
“Pehli baat! Tum meri zimedari ho!” (Firstly! U r mine responsibility!) He said what she had been dreading for. She closed her eyes and tears made their way on her face.
“Magar uss se pehly MERI MUHABBAT HO!!” ( but before that u r my LOVE) He continued.
She opened her eyes in disbelief. She thought she have listened wrong but…
“Anika! Beshak! Zimedariyan aik had tak nibhai jati hain aur phir kisi aur ko de di jati hain, Magar Pyaar! Uss ki tou koi had nhi hoti na! Wo tou kabhi KHATAM nhi hota! Ussay kisi aur ko dia nahi jata.”

(Responsibilities are performed till a limit and after that they are given to some one else, but Love! It has no limit! It never dies! It is nor give to some one else.)

“Tumhy dard tou nhi horaha na?” he asked as he was concerned.
She nodded in NO.
And he continued from where he left.
“Mae nhi janta mujhy tumse pyaar kab hua?

Jab hum pehli baar milay ,ya tab
Jab tum ny mujh pr bht baar pani phenka! Ya tab
Jab tum ny mujhy jala hua pasta khilaya, ya tab
Jab tum ny mujhy challenge krna shuru kia! Ya tab
Jab tum mery ghar, meri wedding plan krny aayi, ya tab
Jab tumhari mujh se shaadi hui! Ya tab
Jab shaadi ky baad tumhay har waqt apny samny dekha, ya tab
Jab tum sach ko mery samnay lana chahi! Ya tab
Jab tum mery sath meri Larai mae khari rahi, ya tab
Jab tum mery liye royi! Ya tab
Jab tumhy meri doosri shaadi se farak pada, ya tab
Jab Tum Ghar ky Darwazy pr Apna earring giraya!

Pata nhi kitny pal tou mae bhool gaya hoon! Magar mae nhi janta hy tumse muhabbat mujhy kis waqt hui!”

( I don’t know when I start loving you!

When we meet the first time or
When u threw water on me numerous times or
When u make me eat burned pasta or
When u start challenging me or
When u came to my house to plan my wedding or
When we got married or
When I see u 24 hours after marriage or
When u tried to bring the truth infront of me or
When u stand beside me or
When u cried for me or
When u get affected by my second marriage or
When u drop ur earring on the door

Don’t know how many moments I forgot )

He said seeing straight into her eyes which were just locked in that blue eyes.

“Mae ny kabhi earring tou….” She left incomplete as he put his index finger on her lips.
“Ssshhhh!! I have not completed yet Ani!” said Shivaay.

“I don’t know jab kisi se pyar hota hy tou kaise confess krty hain mae hamesha apni girlfriend…” ( Idk how to confess love because I have always my girlfriend..) And he was left incomplete. He saw her as she saw him with anger.
“GIRLFRIEND?” She asked and he was about to answer but.
“Aik Girlfriend, Aik Patni phir bhi doosri shaadi?” asked her trying to get out of his clutches.
Shivaay understood her and held her more tightly and as his grip tightened she hit his chest with full force.
“Yes! Girlfriend! Naam pata hy kia hy?” asked shivaay having a smile on his face.
She saw him while he continued.
“BUSSINESS!” he replied and she hit him hard with the other hand.
“You were teasing me? Haan?” Anika asked. She was annoyed.
“I am sorry baba!” He hold his ear with his one hand.

Well he is not going to leave her hand..? (so soon)(I guess)

A strand of hair was coming on Anika’s face continuously. She tucked it at her back and Anika felt something.

“Mera earring???” She again touched her ear to confirm whether it was there or not.
She was looking here and there.
“Shivaay leave my hand mujhy mera earring dhoondhna hy” (I have to find my earring) She said looking into his eyes.
But Shivaay being Shivaay didn’t leave her and looked into her eyes and smiled..
She confusingly looked towards him and he took out her earring.
“Kahin yehi tou?” (Is this your?) She didn’t let him complete.
“Mera earring” She tried to take it from his hand but he didn’t let her.

(Guys! They are standing in a corner so nobody noticing them and if some one is so then let them do I don’t care? )

“Le bhi lo gi tou pehno gi kaisy?” (If u’ll take it then how’ll u wear it?) He asked smirking at her.
“Pehna aap bhi nhi skty!” (U can’t make me wear too) said Anika understanding his intentions.
“Behtar hy mujhy de dijiye” ( It is better to give it to me) Anika continued.

And she tried again to get his earring from his hand but she failed.
(Come on Anika U can get it! The spider also tried 6 to 7 times to build his web! )

Shivaay noticed somethin on her wrist.
He stared at her while she was busy trying to get her earring.
“Tumharay hath mae kia hy?” (What’s in ur hand?) Shivaay asked in a little stern tone.
“Kuch nhi!” (Nothing) she replied.
“Ye bangles?” (these bangles?) He asked again
“Acha yeh! Yeh to malika ny diye thay!” ( Oh these? They were gifted by Mallika) She replied.

Shi: Mallika?
Ani: Yes! Mallika!
Shi: Mallika
Ani: Haan Mall….
(She bit her tongue, closed her eyes and then..)
Her secret has been out now.

Shi: So u remember Mallika but not me.
Ani: Ko…kon mall..mallika? (Who Mallika?) *Covering up*
Shi: Don’t try to act innocent Mrs. Oberoi.
Ani: Mrs. Oberoi????
(Are u shocked Anika! Well I asked him to call u this ? )

Shi: Don’t change the topic!
Ani: Okay! I surrender! Mujhy sab yaad tha! ( I do remmeber everything)
Shi: So.
Ani: Haan mae ny drama kia! Tia ka sach sab ky samny lanay ky liye. ( I did drama so I can bring tia’s truth infront of everyone)
Shi: Acha!
Ani: Shivaay! If u don’t mind hum ghar chal kr baat krty hain! Mae kafi daer se kharai hui hoon and now my legs are paining.
Shi: U want to go home?
Ani: Ofcourse Yes! Now u love me and aap ko farak bhi padta hy so. (U are affected to)
Shi: Mae karta hoon! Tum tou nahi krti na! ( I do love u but u don’t)

(Ahh! Shivaay! She also love u! She’ll confess? )

Ani: Aray! Bagad Billa! Mae tou..
Shi: Mae tou what?
Ani: Mujhy! ( I )
Shi: Mujhy?
Ani: Mtlab! (Means)
Shi: What? Please be fast!

(While Shivaay thoughts,
Can u please make her confess soon? Dear Writer?
Wri: I’m trying to figure out words actually!
Shi: Do it soon! Even my hand hurts now!
Wri: Okay! I am)

Ani: Mae bhi aapse pyar krti hoon! Mujhy sab yaad bhi hy! Iss liye wo jo sari baatein aap ny boli wo same! Okay?
(I do love u too! I do remember everything! What things u have said, I’ll say same)
Shi: Fhat the Wuck? Yeh SSO wala proposal?
Ani: When u became Mrs Shivaay Singh Oberoi, then this happens.

Anika smiled while Shivaay gave her an expression of “U are impossible!”
He left her hand and she start titillating her hand.
“Mera hath! ” ( My hand) Anika said seeing her hand back.

Shivaay start moving and she followed him.
“Stop” Shivaay turned and said.
“What? Why?” Anika asked.
“because u’ll not go home like this!” he replied.
“Mtlab?” She was confused.

He picked her up in his arms at once.
“Shivaay put me down!” She said.
“No! Mae tumhy iss trah ghar nhi janay doon ga” ( I won’t let u go home like this!” he said.
“Nahi! Mujhy kisi pool mae phenka!” (No! Don’t throw me a pool) she said getting afraid.
“I ain’t going to do that!” Shivaay told.
They were walking and she wasn’t resisting anymore.
“Bagahir jooton ky ghar nhi janay doon ga” (I won’t let u go homw without shoes) he said when she became quiet.
“Acha! Wo heels! Itni lambi lambi theen, wo toot gayein to mae ny utar deen” ( Oh! Those heels! It broke so I lowed them) she said makin puppy eyes.
He carried her to the car and she was so happy!
After she is pakki pakki MRS. OBEROI now.


Okay guys, came to an end.
It is quite long (I guess),
Well! Getting sometime from my exams and so writing this one.
And when u study too much physics u can relate anything to Newton’s laws and whatever is in physics.
Okay guys! Do tell me how was it!
I don’t know how it came out so.
Forgive me if their is any grammatical mistake.

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