Mere Love Story Episode 1


This is a fan fiction story of Manik and Nandini.. with the same cast(cabir,mukthi,navya,alia and dhruv) but new story

episode 1

Alarm rings… its 6.00am
nandini wakes up… “oh shit its already 6! I have to go to space college to get admission form”
she get dressed up and leaves..
chachi stops her and asks her to take prasad and leave.. nandini take it and leaves in a hurry.
on the way she sees a strike near space college and in the pluck cards it was written “EXPEL FAB 5”.

she was curious to know who were these FAB 5 and why everyone wanted to expel them. she asks on of those members on strike .

and he told “Mam! these Fab 5 is so cruel that because of them a girl committed suicide”.. nandini again asked them “bhai, what did FAB 5 do for which that girl committed suicide … he tells ..”they made her drink due to which she created a mess in college and she was arrested by police.. and the girl was not able to tolerate that insult and she committed suicide” … Nandini was shocked .. “How cruel they are!”… she went inside college to get admission college form but still in a deli ma whether to join this college or not. while getting admission form ,it flew from her hand a fall on a guy’s feet, he was wearing a hook.. he took that form and went towards nandini and gave it to her… she smiles and then said “thank you, my name is nandini and whats your name?”… the guy looks through his hook and says “I am dhruv”…

nandini smiles and she says she have to go now to submit this form and she says “we will meet soon again “.
while she is going to submit the form in a hurry.. she hits herself with a tall 6 foot man.. he angrily see and asks her …”are you blind and cant you see!”… she gets scared and says” ssssorry”… he asks ” what sorry??” in an angry tone and he sees form in nandini’s hand .. he snatches it and tear them and says “Don’t ever try to cross Manik Malhothras way!”

Credit to: TwinkleGirl

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  1. Our monster manik is back

  2. Prefect start dr…..
    Keep going…..

  3. Wowwww, awesome start …what a faceoff…terrific…keep it up dearrrr, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  4. Superb start

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