Mere Jeevan Saathi (swaragini) Teaser

Hi guys iam Ashnita. I read ur comments on dil hai tumara many of u wants ragsan and many swsan.

I was in dilemma whom to choose .I can’t break ur hearts so I’ve decided dil hai tumara will be ragsan and swalak.

For this will be my favorite swasan and raglak.


A big bunglow is shown

Some people present in the hall. Two young boys also present. Their parents r happy but boys r tensed.

Man – i have two boys and they r so sanskari.

Boys coughs

Other man – my daughters r sanskari too.

Man -call ur daughters

Man -angels

Two girls cums wearing sari. Boys saw them and chokes juice. Girls gets shocked to see them. Boys laughs at them and girls gives attitude looks.

Boys -we r ready for marriage.

Family gets happy and boys smirks towards girls.

After sometime in college

Two boys cums wearing morden outfit and after them comes girls wearing morden clothes.

Boy to other boy -look who has cum the sanskari girls.

Girls – y did you guys agreed

Boys – it’s our decision

Girls – All college knows how much we hate eachother and marriage no way.

Boys – we want to marry u guys and that’s final.

Girls -y

Boys -for revenge. We guys suffered alot now ur turn.

Girls – if that’s so we r ready to marry u guys. Let’s see who will suffer.

Boys -let’s see

They leave opposite sides .

I hope u guys like it anddo comment should I continue this.

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