mere jeevan ka rang swasan ff (Prologue)


At night

A man came from bathroom and saw his phone ringing. He attended it.

Man : hello

Caller : hello buddy

Man : why did you call me it’s  10 already

Caller : buddy we all are enjoying here come and join

Man : no I can’t…Dad will not allow

Caller : why? It’s only 10 right

Man : it’s 10…..Hmm…Dad…..Ok…Bye…

Caller : hey…Lis…(before he could complete the man cut the call with a weak smile)

Same time​ some where

A girl is seen jumping the fence of her house wearing a printed skirt nd top
She goes to ice cream seller with a happy smile on her face. she saw some street kids on the road . She buy some ice-creams and went near them while hiding ice-creams behind her .

Girl : (to the kids showing ice-creams) want ice cream????

Kids nodded their head

Girl : then in return I want all your smiles

Kids smiled at her happily. She gave them ice-creams and started to play with them happily​

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  1. IME

    Loved it
    would be waiting for nxt part
    post soon

    1. MIYAragini

      Thank you so much

  2. Neptune

    awesome dear loved it post soon but its a swasan ff right?

    1. MIYAragini

      Yes nd thank you

    1. MIYAragini

      Thank you dear

  3. Independent

    Nice Miya

  4. Ziya__Abram

    Amazing dear!!

  5. interssting..

  6. nice start?

  7. awesome

  8. Kakali

    Nice start Miyaaa.a Would love to read more..!! Continue soon..!! Thnk u.. ;-*

  9. Aarushi_99

    The prologue was awesome! Would love to read more!
    Continue soon! 🙂

  10. Seebu_s

    nice start…continue soon

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    Nice start

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    Awesome diiiii??????
    I would like to read it diii
    Take care
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