Mere Humsafar (KKB) Two shots! (Part 1)

Abhigya are business partners cum best friends and they are now in a business felicitation function.

Abhi sat beside Pragya. Pragya always have soft corner for Abhi, and cared for him like a child. Both of them are successful and both know each other well. That’s what they think of themselves.

Abhi: Pragya…
Pragya looking straight at stage: Haan
Abhi: Nothing…
Pragya: Ok…
She was keep on looking at the stage making Abhi annoyed.

Abhi was angry that she is ignoring him.

Pragya: Tell now…
Abhi: Nothing..
Pragya: No there is something…
Abhi: Why u ignored me just now?
Pragya: I was looking at the stage design. It’s so lavish. Isn’t it?

Abhi: Yes but not as lavish like me!
He said proudly.
Pragya: O boy! Please don’t boast about yourself!
Abhi: Who is boy?
Pragya: You! Oh u have doubt that u are a boy?
Abhi: Pragya!!!
He said sternly.
Pragya: Sorry…
She said innocently.
Pragya: So what u want to tell just now?
Abhi: Er…I…wo..I forgot!
Pragya smiled lightly and looked straight again at the stage.
Abhi’s mind voice: What’s on the stage that she is keep on hooked to it!

Abhi being the chief guest was called onto the stage and he went up to present an award to an upcoming entrepreneur.

Pragya clapped with happiness and was smiling pleasantly as Abhi was on the stage. He too smiled at her back widely.

As he presented the award, the person receiving the award started to give his speech.

Person: This is the most prestigious moment in my life. Receiving an award from the top business man Mr Abhi is like a dream come true moment for me. I had faced lots in life and believe there is even more to face to make it big in this field. Thank u to all those who support me especially my staff, business partners and family. The only thing I miss now is my Mummy….She passed away recently.

He said by looking up.

Person: I know Mummy you’ll be looking down from there and rejoicing my achievements.

He said it emotionally with tears.

Hearing that Abhi also got emotional and was crying too. He was wiping his tears with handkerchief.

Pragya seeing that, Oh god! Now he won’t stop na….why does this guy have to talk about his Mummy now! I warned the organisers that Abhi is the most emotional person and he will break down to tears if he heard anything emotional.

Pragya signalled to the emcee standing there but she couldn’t understand Pragya’s signals.

Pragya had no choice but had to went up to the stage before Abhi cries his heart out.

Pragya quickly: Sorry friends…Abhi is not feeling well that’s why he got emotional…

With that she held Abhi’s hands and brought him away from the stage. Their bodyguards ushered them to the car.

All the while Abhi was crying like a baby.

In the car,

Pragya: Boy! Please…It was his Mummy! Not yours na…
Abhi: Whatever it is…It’s still Mummy…Why my Mummy is not with me now?
Pragya: She was ill and passed away…
Abhi: It’s not that simple to accept.
Pragya looked at him with disbelief. His Mum passed away a decade ago. It did made her feel for him as he still misses his mother like a baby but the fact is he had become more and more emotional for every single thing. The moment he hears someone passed away he would cry, even if it’s a pet of others, Fish, Dog etc. That made her difficult to handle him.

After reaching his house, she said she is going to bring water for them but he insisted to stay.

Pragya, He won’t leave me now…

Abhi: You know when I was small, Mummy used to call me Du
Pragya: Dummy!
Abhi: How did u know?
Pragya: This is how u always start when u tell about Mummy…
Abhi: Haan then she will pull my chubby cheeks and say eat Yu
Pragya: Eat Yummy foods!
Abhi: Will u let me tell in a flow?
Pragya nodded her head trying to hide her smile.
Abhi: I really miss Mummy…
Pragya: Ok boy…
Abhi: Then she will hug me like this!
He said that and hugged her as usual.

Pragya: Oh Boy…
Abhi: Thank u Pragya for always being there for me…
Pragya: Ho gaya? Let me now bring coffee for us..
She said by breaking the hug and went towards the kitchen.

Abhi, I like whenever u call me BOY! As I feel u are the girl who is so caring about me after my Mummy. Even my Mummy calls me Boy.

Pragya passing him the coffee: I was thinking u really need to stop being so emotional…

Abhi: I know…but I can’t na…whenever I hear something like that I end up crying.

Pragya: Hmm…

Abhi: Even that day I cried when our servant said the gold fish in the fish tank died. Then all the servants were making fun of me!

Pragya: In front of u?

Abhi: Of course no! I heard them making fun of me in kitchen.

Pragya: So bad na boy..

Abhi nodded his head innocently.

Pragya: You don’t worry…I will reprimand them…

Abhi: No Pragya…it’s okay…

Pragya: Today is holiday for servants ah?

Abhi: Yes every Sunday it’s off day for them.

Pragya: Ok..Actually I want to tell u something important. Ma had looked alliance for me. They are coming to see me the day after tomorrow.

Abhi: Oh really? I am so excited for u!
Pragya with a slight shyness: Thanks..
Abhi: Now itself you’re blushing! What will happen on that day?
Pragya: Stop it boy…You should be there when they come and see me…
Abhi: But arrange marriage, is that fun?
He asked apprehensively.

Pragya: It’s fun as u don’t know who is he as a person! It’s like thrilling na…
Abhi: Oh…then I will also do like that!
Pragya: Haan but remember u should be there to support me! Tell me how he looks too!

Abhi: Ok surely I will be there for u!
Pragya: I will text u the details!
Abhi: Can’t wait to see the loser!
Pragya frowned at him: Loser ah?
Abhi: Oops! No! It’s Loner!
Pragya: Abhi!!!!
She screamed his name started to run after him and threw the cushions at him.

Abhi fell onto the sofa and she was breathing heavily from chasing him.

Pragya: Bye! I got to go!
Abhi: So fast?
Pragya: Haan I need to be at home…Ma said I should be at home earlier today…
Abhi sadly: Ok…
Pragya: O Boy…if u give sad face then how I can leave?
Abhi smiled widely and Pragya: That’s like my Boy!
Pragya ruffled his hair before leaving and Abhi gave a childish pout.

Abhi, I hope she gets a nice man!

The day came and Abhi arrived at Pragya’s house and saw everyone bustling here and there.

Abhi smiled at everyone’s excitement and saw Rockstar Dadi taking pictures of everyone working.

Abhi went near her and asked “ Hello RD!”

Rockstar Dadi: What are u doing here?
Abhi: Why I shouldn’t be here ah?
He asked sadly with a puppy like face.
Rockstar Dadi: Not like that…but what if the person coming to look at Pragya gets insecure?
Abhi: I know I am very handsome but my presence won’t bother him!
Rockstar Dadi: Why is that so?
Abhi: I will be only in Pragya’s room na…
Rockstar Dadi: What? How can u be there?
Abhi: Don’t be so dramatic RD…she only said that way…
Rockstar Dadi: Ok but make sure u don’t come out…
Abhi: Sure…

Abhi walked towards Pragya’s room and before he could knock the door, she opened the door.

Pragya was all dressed up in a beautiful blue saree. Abhi was slightly dumbfounded by the beauty in front of him.

Pragya: Abhi! Come in fast!
Abhi came back to senses and sat on the bed.
Pragya: How am I looking? Is this saree nice? Is my makeup too light? My hair is it still messy?

Abhi: Beautiful….
Pragya: Huh? All is fine ah?
Abhi: Yes Pragya…you look so beautiful…
Pragya: Ok boy…if u say so then it should be fine…
Abhi smiled and said: But….
Pragya: But what?
Abhi: Oh nothing big…just relax and be calm!
Pragya: Ok…
She said and sat beside Abhi but was keep on looking at the closed door.

Abhi placed his hand on hers and said: Just be calm and just be yourself…
Pragya looking back at him: Thanks for the support boy…
Abhi heard knocking sounds and he said: Pragya u go and check who is it. Should be your Mummy. And I will hide behind the wardrobe.

Pragya smiled and walked ahead to open the door as he hide behind the wardrobe.

Sarla ma: Thank god! U got ready! I was scared u will not be ready as u insisted u don’t want others to help u!
Pragya: I said I will! It means I will Ma..
Sarla ma: Yes and u look so beautiful like a princess today…
She said that and hugged her out of happiness.

Pragya: Are they here?
Sarla ma: Yes! I came to bring u out!
Pragya smiled and went along with her Ma.

Abhi came out of the wardrobe and looked out of the window to see what’s happening in the living room.

After a while, Abhi realized Pragya and the man are coming towards the room and he quickly hid behind the wardrobe.

As they were conversing, the man looked at Pragya strangely.

Pragya: What happened Mr Dev?
Dev: I am hearing crying sounds of a man…
Pragya: Crying sounds?
Dev: Yes from that direction…
He pointed towards the direction of wardrobe and Pragya reminded of Abhi hiding there.

Pragya, Oh god! He started again! Now how would I console him at this time?

To be continued soon.
Just got an idea after watching a show. Will complete it in second shot. Please wait for tmrw! Thank u for reading!

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