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Many days rolled by…But Dabbu didn’t forget his promise. He used to ask random people if they knew anyone by the name of Shravan Malhotra on his way back home from school. But his luck never favoured him.

One day while playing with some of his friends, the ball went out of his hands and landed on the road. Dabbu ran to pick it up unaware of the speeding truck approaching him. But in the nick of the time someone pulled him.

Dabbu was hell scared and hugged his saviour tightly while shedding a few tears. The stranger patted his back and consoled him. After some time Dabbu wiped his tears and calmed down. He looked at the person kneeling in front him…It was an old and kind gentleman who gave him a warm smile. He was very tall and he still looked handsome in his silver locks…He offered a chocolate to Dabbu and planting a sweet kiss on his forehead went his way, asking him to take care.

Dabbu hit his head with his hand in disappointment”Oh no I forgot to say thank you to the sweet Grandpa. Maybe he hadn’t gone too far”.
Saying this as he was about to go he stumbled upon an crumbled piece of envelope on the road. He picked it up and looked inside it in order to find some identification of its owner. It was a worn out envelope and inside it was a letter that looked as if it was 1000 years old.
He opened the letter…It was a baby pink stationary adorned with a beautiful feminine handwriting. It was addressed to ‘Shravan’. It told the recipient that the writer’s motive was not to hurt him, she did everything only to unite Preeti di and Pushkar bhai. She wasn’t a gold digger and even if he couldn’t love her again at least she wanted her friend back…even though she would always love him.

It was signed ‘Your Suman’.

Dabbu stood there in disbelief but his eyes caught the glimpse of a photo stuffed inside the envelope. Yes…it was the same photo which he had seen earlier near Sumo. He related everything and came to the conclusion that the person who saved him was none other than Shravan.

He made his way out of the crowd on the pavement and dashed in the direction where Shravan headed to. It was his last chance and he hoped he didn’t miss him. He caught a glimpse of him entering the park and followed him.

“Wait Shravan Grandpa…” Dabbu yelled as he got near him.

Startled by the sudden commotion Shravan turned back and saw the boy, whom he had saved a few minutes back, running towards him like a whirlwind.

Dabbu caught up with him and handed him the envelope still breathing heavily. Shravan felt his back pocket and got to know that his precious letter was missing. He thanked the chubby boy profusely and patted his head gently. He then asked his name.

“Dabbu” he retorted before asking his standard question “You are Shravan Malhotra right?”
Shravan was shocked to hear this and asked him how he knew his name.
Dabbu explained everything about the letter, the picture and also about Sumo.
Shravan suddenly grew pale “Sumo? You know her? Where is she? How is she? Champ, you know I was so much in love with that girl. I got the letter very late, courtesy my Chachi who had hiddden it in old newspaper stock. On reading it, I understood my folly and went to our secret hideout but she wasn’t there. Then I rushed towards her house only to find it locked. They were gone forever. My life literally ended. I tried to find her but it was all in vain. I never married. I guess I’ve always loved her”.

Dabbu replied “Sumo is fine…I can take you near her”.

Saying this without waiting for his answer he dragged Shravan along with him to Sumo’s room in the nursing home, where Sumo sat on a chair reading a book.

“SUMO” Dabbu chirped and asked her if she knew the man standing at the door.

Sumo adjusted her glasses, looked for a moment, but didn’t say a word. Shravan said softly with a warm smile “Sumo, it’s me your Shravan. Don’t you remember me?”

She gasped, “Shravan! Oh my God! I don’t believe it!!!”

He walked towards her, held her hand and gently pressing it said “Sumo, this is real. By the way you are still pretty like before” and winked at her.

Sumo jerked his hand and retorted “Ahen! You mean to say that I looked like a budiya back then?”

Shravan hit his head with his hand “No no, my chubby sweetheart. I meant to say you haven’t aged in all these years. You are still my beautiful Sumo. I’m sorry I didn’t understand you. I don’t deserve you, I’m very bad…”

Before he could complete, Sumo placed her hand on his mouth “Never say that again. Let bygones be bygones. No point in holding the past and crying over it. I’m happy to meet you again”

They smiled and with happy tears of reunion in their eyes they embraced. It was an emotional hug for them…to be in the arms of a loved one after such a long time again. It felt as if they got their whole world back.

Dabbu was overjoyed and interrupted “Ahem! Ahem! Sumo you forgot me after meeting Grandpa?”

Sumo wiped her tears and replied looking at him “How can I forget my darling BF?” and hugged him tightly. Dabbu was definitely God’s Angel for her. Shravan then asked “Champ, why do you call me Grandpa while you don’t call Sumo as Grandma?”

Dabbu innocently replied “Offo! Grandpa you don’t know anything. Does anyone call their girlfriend Grandma? Won’t she beat you with her sandals…and as for you, you have become too old to be called Bhaiya or Uncle, so Grandpa suits you best.”
Both the oldies had a hearty laugh hearing his cute reply and shared a group hug.


2 weeks later, Sumo and Shravan tied the knot. It was a beautiful wedding with all the people at the nursing home dressed up in their best to join the pompous revelry. Sumo had worn a navy blue saree and looked gorgeous while Shravan wore a black suit and looked dashing. And together they looked made for each other.

Their wish of spending their lives together was fulfilled at last. They looked at each other lovingly with tears of joy, holding hands.

Dabbu looked at them and asked curiously “Why are you both blushing as teenagers? Learn something from me. I’m so small yet I don’t look at Jiya too in this way.”

Sumo asked “Who’s Jiya?”

“My GF in school… Now you got Grandpa na…you will enjoy with him, but what about me? So I too started planning about my future with Jiya” Dabbu said thinking it to be the most logical explanation.

Both Sumo and Shravan laughed and clicked a selfie with Dabbu to capture the happiest day of their life.

It was a perfect ending to a topsy-turvy love story and they lived happily ever after, loving each other eternally.

**********************************************************THE END*********************************************************

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  9. God nupur/adu let it be my dearest.. You know right now i can send you the pic of mine ters rolling down.. But actually it evaporated because after few limes only you changed my mood turning it humorous…
    When they met it amd he side.. Its me your shravan.. My eyes filled up yr.. Trust me.. I didnt wanted to read that line again cause then iwould not have been able to stop the flow..
    You know what you should write a lot more ff’s .. Tum to chupi rustam nikli yaar… Now you got to know about the amazing talent of your fingers teamed with your mind.. Lets not wait for a new ff 🙂 I seriously loved it yrr.. Well, how emotional I got clearly indicates your hold on vocabulary and words.

  10. Thank u so much Roshu baby?
    So sorry dear I made u cry…awwww can’t see my cutie pie in tears but it would be fun to tease with that teary pic of urs…Actually m in shock right now myself reading that how can l a total emotionless fool make u cry with my story…but a big big thanks to you that u liked it so much…u can’t imagine how happy I m dear…yaa definitely ll write a new ff now but u gotta wait till June…so sorry dear…and keep smiling because l like my laughing Roshni not sad one…lots of love and hugs dear??

    1. Babes its all because you have got an amazing talent… Something hit right on heart!!!!! I loved it a lot.. The stoyline also is great we cant feel the pain the oldies might be going through!!

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  12. very beautiful and well written! loved the story and the ending! fab job

    1. Thank u so much azure di…l m glad u liked it?

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