Mere Humsafar (Ek Duje ke Vaste) : Three shots – epi 1


Hello everyone. I have followed EDKV since its 1st epi but never commented on this page. As Shraman is one of my favourite pairs so I thought of writing a 3 shot on them. Hope u like the story….

A new day had begun. For others it would hold an importance in their lives as they would do something new or spend some time with their loves one. But for her, it was just another day to be passed in the arms of loneliness. She took a deep breath and looked out of the window. She was a sweet old-timer with rich streaks of grey hair adorning her looks, combined with her warm smile it could still flutter a few hearts. When she was young, many a proposals had come but she had vowed that she would only be his…only her Shravan’s. Alas time flew by and the day never came. She opened her diary and took out an old black and white photo. Both seemed quite young and very happy with each other…of course it was their 1st picture together. A thin line of tears formed in her eyes and clutching the photo tightly with her trembling fingers she said “Shravan, where are you? Did you forget me? Will you never forgive me?”
Saying this she went down her memory lane in order to derive some momentary pleasure of the good old days.

She recollected how they had accidentally bumped into each other one monsoon in 1956 when she was all of 16. But the 1st meet itself was enough to tell them that they were destined to be together. They came to know their families were old time acquaintances. As the time passed the accidental meets turned into scheduled meetings and they became best friends and finally the day came when Shravan told her how much he loved her and her presence in his life. Sumo too reciprocated his feelings and it was the happiest day of their lives.

Suddenly her train of thoughts came to a halt hearing a cheerful squeal “Girlfriend”.
She wiped her tears and looked towards the source of this sound. Standing in front of her making an angry pout face and folding his hands in front of his chest was standing the world’s most cutest cherubic little thing. “How can you do this Sumo? You forgot your BF and clicked this photo. When? And who is this dumbo?” pointing towards the man in the frame “Go, I won’t talk with you?”
Suman chuckled at his innocent outburst and replied “No my dear Dabbu, how can I forget you? See I even bought 2 chocolates but looks like someone is very angry and won’t even talk with me”
Hearing the word ‘CHOCOLATE’ his heart melted or more so his mouth watered “No no…How can I be angry on my GF? You are my Sumo the great and I love you so much” buttering her, he now grabbed the chocolates from her and gorged on them greedily.

Sumo smiled at his cute antics. Dabbu had become a part of her life since the past 3 years. Sha still remembers the day when he shifted with his family to the house beside the nursing home. He had hit her with his ball unknowingly while playing in the garden and when he came near her to take it back, she made a deal with him – She will return the ball only if they became friends…Dabbu was overjoyed as he had no friends in the neighbourhood while for Sumo, it would provide some momentary respite from her loneliness. They had become thick friends and Dabbu came to visit her every day after his school and as today was Sunday, he would linger around her the whole day.

Munching on his chocolate Dabbu said “Sumo you didn’t tell me who was the stupid guy with you in the photo?”
Sumo shook her head and said “He is not stupid dear. He was so handsome. He looked like Amitabh Bachchan, the actor. He is Shravan…Shravan Malhotra. He was a wonderful person. I loved him very much…I still do. I didn’t get married ever. I guess no one could fill the void in my life that he left.”
Dabbu sensing something weird asked innocently “Didn’t he love you back? Tell me his address, I shall go and box his ears and knock some sense into his thick skull. How could he hurt my GF?”
“No…He loved me very much…actually more than himself. But due to a misunderstanding we drifted apart” Sumo said with a heavy heart.
Dabbu jumped and with a twinkle in his eyes asked “What was the misunderstanding? Tell me na…It’s been a long time since I heard a good story… and now I want to hear my Sumo’s life story, no love story…please tell me” He urged her with the cutest puppy eyes and shook her hand vigorously”
“Ok, ok…I’ll tell you but won’t you get bored?” Sumo asked.
Dabbu nodded his head in negative and she began…

This was the 1st part. Hope you liked it. Do comment and give me your suggestions regarding it…Good or bad, every comment is welcome here…I’ll post the second shot tomorrow or day after tomorrow…
Keep smiling and remain jolly and jovial forever:):):)

Credit to: Adu

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  1. Amazing..simply beautiful Adu.. ♥

  2. Very nice start adu.i liked it very next soon 🙂

    1. Thank u and will update soon ?

  3. it’s really nice… plz post next part soon… 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank u and will update soon ?

  4. Looks interesting..,loved it…post next part soon??

    1. Thanks and will update soon ?

  5.’s just amazing’s really a different story..waiting for ur nxt part.. 🙂

    1. Thank u and will update soon ?

  6. Simply woooowwww….just loved it. Will the old shravu come to sumo now ??? Anyways guys any suggestions what will happen in the serial as the promo doesn’t tell much…. Update soon adu……

    1. Thank u and u ll get to know if they unite or not in the next 2 chapters and ll try to update soon?.
      About the show I m just as clueless as u are…will they confess their feelings or drift apart…it seems to be a big mystery to me…hope so they don’t get seperated?

    1. Thank u ?

  7. Wow nice story. Update fast

    1. Thank u and will update soon ?

  8. adu….u r really good at this. i liked the way this started and you are good at creating interest. let me know when u post the next one.

    1. Thank u so much di…ur comment means a lot and I ll definitely let u know when I post the next one???

  9. Wait wait 1956 monsoon?is suman and Shravan so old

    1. Yes dear, actually they are so old? But like you I too can’t imagine them in the form of oldies???But what to do…story demands. I’ll be posting the next chapter today and you ll get to know a little of their past?

  10. Yaaarrrr… Such an amzing choice of words describing every scene cleanly.. How dare you say that mine was better than you? I mean seriously yrr.. It was soo beautiful..
    Feel bad for her she has no option other than waiting… And the cute boy is he her brother??
    Well bye bye cause I am moving on for the othe rpart!!

    1. Thank u so much my sweetu Roshni?
      But seriously yaar your ff is too good my dear…no comparison my cutie
      No no Dabbu isn’t her brother, he lives nearby the nursing home and comes to visit Sumo in his free time…

      1. Lets not compare. Your heights of vocabulary is far better than mine. I cannot bring it in the story 🙁 🙁 I meed to learn a lot!!

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