mere gusse mein toh hi pyar (epi-1)


Its one rainy evening, Screen shows on , SYB COLLEGE NAME BOARD, one vintage car comes on the college road , guy in the car cares his weded hair.. There are many college girls and boys came out from college. One beautiful girl came riding her cycle . she wears dark blue top and pink paatiyala…..come with her two friends, her cycle carries flowers and note books at front side..its RAINING, she start riding her cycle fast and cross the road, the vintage car also came at the same time and about to hit his favourite car. Another boy in the car screams loudly…… Guru…..(yes he is our yuvraj and another one s sharad.. )The guy stop the car and about to scold the girl. The girl stops her cycle she was completely weded by rain…and turns holds her ear and says…..”am sorry!! Pls. gussa mat lo… marrish aagaye issliye I have to go home fast” she starts cycling…(she s soumya!! )

Yuvraj sees the girl talking sweetly and start stares at her…he cant take his eyes from her… he says its ok and about to ask her name, sharad asks, Guru, are u ok? Yuvraj turns to see sharad, somu friends come and takes her with them. Both of them smiles seeing each other while leaving….
Sharad: guru kya baat hai….u not scolding tat girl.. she hit your fav car? Y u leave her to go?
Yuvraj: sharad did u see that girl she s really sweet and beautiful…I cant scold her…u knw I love beauty! I want to marry the girl lik her..

sharad: oh yeh baat hi.. u love the girl by her beauty. Then call her now tel u love her… she wont refuse to u… shall I call her saying this sharad tries to call her yuvraj closes his mouth…
Yuv: ofcourse, having manners too.. she says sorry to me.. If I meet her again I surly fall in love with tat girl.
Sharad: ok if u stop praising her shall we go to home. Maasui is waiting for us. (they start the car.. on way again they hit one cycle rickshaw. The man fall down and got hurt.. crowd came round them.. yuv and sharad came out from car and check his car first. Then they saw the man and give him money for his treatment.. ) yuvraj ask the man to get the money. Two girls come forward and One hand hold yuvraj hand rudely. Yuvraj gets angry and turns to see who .
it was one girl! She wears white tops her hair was left freely back on her ears.. Her big eyes s filled with full of caring for the man and anger on yuvraj.

Still there is raining:
Both looking each other… screen rotates the girl holding yuvraj hand in rain..
Girl: don’t dare to give money . how heartless u are.. u check ur car first not the man.. if u ask sry to him he feel better. He will get cure by ur loving words. Money can cure his outer wound not his heart.
Yuvraj : who are u to teach me manners. Better u stay away from this issue. Yuvraj again forcely give the money to the man to go hospital.
Girl takes the money from his hand and throws on air. Yuvraj gets angery and hold her hand tightly. Sharad give some money and says sorry to him.and ask the crowd to leave.
Yuvraj: How dare u to do this? I wont leave u..easily. am Yuvraj birla, I wont say sry to anyone. Now u say to me sry for wat u did…

The girl push him away.. but yuvraj hold her hand tight so he pulls her wen he about to fall. Both of them fall on his vintage car. Sharad and another girl look shockingly. she screams “….ssuhh….suhani”.
suhani and yuvraj had an eyelock in the rain.. suhani break the moment and tries to getup she feels some virbrate and she tightens her grip on yuvraj tshirt.
Yuvraj: wat are u doing leave my dress. dont dare to touch me.
suhani:muje bhi koi shauk nahi hi tumare dress pakdne ka.. suddenly ur phone get vibrate am not doing anything. U only pulled me ..on u.. am not pulled u me..

Yuvraj gets angry on her rude talking and make him fall. Both start fight sharad and another girl ask them to quite and takes them. Suhani moves with the girl yuvraj take one stone and throws on stagnant water near suhani, her dress get mudded. Both sharad and yuvraj smiles seeing her. They escape from there, Screen freezes on both smiling face of yuvraj and funny sad face of suhani.

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  1. wow episode was very good.thiswis our suhani.

  2. Aqsxxh

    Amazing Epi!

  3. nice start…very lovely episode!!!!!!!!!! i think ur story is slightly similar to ssel,but its really superb.

  4. Nithu


  5. Avanikamdar

    Amazing epi !!

  6. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    yes sri it’s similar to ssel.. I wish to ad yuvraj suhani dialgs in my ff.. bcz I lik their talk in ssel…and I don’t want to ad sambv here so I took rohan character..

  7. Oh that was super cute dear

  8. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    thank u kushi di…

  9. Tejaswi Atmuri

    Amazing episode!!

  10. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    thank u tejaswi

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