Mere Gusse Mein Toh Hai Pyar (Epi 25)


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Episode 25:

Yuv-(pov) I entered in her home and sees decorations somu standing with bavana. I feel my pressure increase wen I saw her I ddon’t know y she s silent wen dadi ask me to marry her. I go near her..for demand my answer..yuv- somu wat happened to u. Y u not refuse to my dadi..
Somu- bcz I love u yuvrajjjjjjj (somu hugs Yuvraj with teary nd scarstic eyes yuvraj I know u want answer. I clear ur doubt. Yuvraj I really don’t know y am silent. Dont think am using ur love. U r a good frnd to me nd suhani…I ddon’T know wen i start feling fr u..I love u..yes tats true yuvraj!!
Yuv- wat love!? U love me !! soumya r u mad? It’s not love.. If u love someone u can’t fall in anotherlove too quick. It’s show s u did not love Krishna it’s gud u left but it’s not fair u love me. Am not interest in u now. U r my frnd.

Somu- yuvraj pls. DDon’t refuse me. I realy love u. I totally impressed by ur character which was not in Krishna. Ur dadi lik me. She accept me. If u refuse idon’t Have any option to live.
Yuv- am not n a state to think now. I can’t believe this somu. I knw I love u but now I ccan’T accept I need time to think. Realy i neef time to acept u.Til tat v r frnds.
Somu- yes sure..thank u yuvi. U understand my love soon.. I will wait fr u.then u tel ur decision. Pls don’t tel this to suhani. I tel her wen right time comes.
Yuv agrees to somu. Sharad hears them talking nd gets shocked.
Sharad- guru wat’s al ths! Y u agree to somu.
Yuv- y u don’t lik her?

Sharad- no but u know she lovesKrishna now she left. She again fall in love wit u.too quick I feel she s not understand love.
Yuv- u only told if she come back i should acept her but wat hapen now?
Sh- ya but now i feel its not gud! I thought u love suhani nd u promise mom to bring back suhani..I left from there..without response to him.
I saw suhani smiling nd teasing bavana… bavana call me near her. I go nd joins with them. Bavana- yuvraj do u know suhani now start loving rohan.see how she s blushing hearinghis name..
Suh-di ..pls.. I just ask wen rohan s coming..

Bavana- tats love’s starting stage of love…hai na yuvraj??
I got shocked not only shock..I wish to kill rohan but don’t suhani ready to accept him. She cant even try to understand my love. )
I left a smile.. Suh ask me yuvraj I decide to accept rohan.. Wat should I do now..see di s teasing me.
yuv- mmm r u serious..?
Bavana – wat s ths question yuvraj give idea to her to understand boys heart!! She smiles…ndgoes from there.
I hesitated to ask but I want to knw whether suhani readyto accept him or doing by force.. I put my question to her.. R u mad suhani? Y u doing this to me? she said wat i done with u yuvraj? .Don’t act suhani..I know u don’t love him.. I said hold her. But yuvraj am also not love anyone! He loves me.she said removing my hands fromher.
(I wish to say” but I love u suhani.. how can i tel u..knoinwg u r somones love. I sttruck between my love nd rohan. I don’t know wat should i do….)
She said” yuvraj yeh ristey bhi na bhoat ajeeb hoti hi..(this relationship s different.) Kahi insan Is saath ho aur janwar KI saath..(it’s with human or animal.) Yeh aadat pad chuki hi..(it’s became habit) yeh aadat hi zaroorat (tat habit becomes important!) We knowingly or unknowingly care for them..bas!”It’s repeated ly rings in my mind..
Yvv standing lik a stone aftr hearing such words fromherr.
Sharad hears bavana talking with rohan. She ask when he s back. He replies on sangeet function time..tats surprise for suhani. Sharad thinks”I won’t let suh rohan dance. I know yuvraj loves suhani but he not accept tat. I make him understand. I gv surprise to rohan..” Suh comes and takes sharad for dance practising..
It’s evening.function begins… Suh gets ready in light blue color lehenga..her duppatta crossed..simple Jewell makup.. Somu also ready in golden colour lehenga…goes to yuvraj..they smile. yuvraj sees suhani nd complement s her.. Somu also joins them..sharad on music system. All gathering in dance hall.. Dance start with somu nd yuvraj.. Somu ask hands for yuvraj..he hesitate and see suhani…. Suhani s also seeing yuvraj…

Suhani (I saw somu ask hands of yuvraj Rohan dance. I feel strange somu nd yuvraj hiding something to me. Y this happened between me nd somu.. And yuvraj he often look me lik wants to tel something.. Am also seeing him without any reason.. I cant stop seing seeing him.. I told him nd gv lecture tat I accept i cant my heart nd mind runing towards yuvraj.. For stoping tat i need to acept rohan..
Suh recalls fb sharad telling her.. Suh goest to room aftr teling yuvraj she ready to acept rohan..she rubs tears rolling from her eyes!! Sharad- suhani bhabi.. I want to ask u question..wil u answer me!
Suh- ya P.A bhaiya ask me! sharad- y u r lying to guru.. U r ready to aaccept rohan. I know u have feeling for yuvraj..!dont hide from me
Suh- aisa kuch nahi.. I really ready to accept rohan. He loves me lot..
Sha- but wat about u? u love yuvraj bhaiya right. It’s not late. Go and talk with yuvraj.. He also loves u..
Suh- no yuvraj not love me he treat me lik his frnd nd he knw am going to marry rohan..then how…wat he think about me.
Sha- OK don’t talk.. I prove u..both love each other.. I won’t let u marry rohan.. Suh- pls don’t do anything..listen me.. Sharad goes from there anger… Fb ends…
Yuvraj took his hands from pocket seeing suhani.. Suhani gives a big smile seeing him..before yuvraj hand touches soumya sharad hold yuvraj hand..
Sharad- no guru.. It’s time to enjoy its me nd bavana sanget v chose d jodi to dance..!! Somu – kya yeh sharad.. V start ur function..saying this somu hold yuvraj hand. sharad- no no somu. It’s my function I choose Jodi for my guru. Yuv- sharad wat r u saying.. Prat- leave it yuvraj aaj shard do wat he wants.. Sharad gets happy nd bring one glass pot having names.
(Sharad exchange chit having suhani name) Sharad took name from the pot saying this chit having girl name she will dance with yuvraj nd start my function.
Sharad – game ok na somu.. If u r lucky u get chance to dance now nd my guru.. He smiles.. Somu – mm OK.. Take chit fast. All claps nd sits in their place. sharad reads suhani name.. Suhani gets shocked nd refusef to dance. But bavana insists her to dance. somu seeing disappointed..but she not express his anger.. Rohan reaches on time and say- I came for u on time suhani… Rohan hold suhani nd dance rounding her suhani feels uncomfortable and try to avoid dance seeing yuvraj.
Yuvraj (pov). I feel lucky to dance nd don’t want to mis this chance. But I really am not lucky yes tat idiot rohan reach on time nd take suhani in his hand giving me don look. I look lik a loser in his eyes.. I can’t see suhani dances with him. I try to avoid but I can’t. I see her eyes which searches my eyes… I feel she dont lik dance with him. My heart immediately insist me to go near her.. I do wat my heart says.

Yuv- rohan aisa nahi. u may b her pair aftr mrg but now am her pair. I mean dance pair.. So can u pls give me space. Am not saying its rule which sharad bavana made today! Saying this yuvi go to suhani.Rohan moves. Yuv- hold suhani hand..
Music starts..
Na jiya zindagi ek pal bhi(I didn’t live my life for a single moment)
Tujhse hoke judaa sun zara(After saparating from you, just listenWithout you, )
Bin tere mujhse naraaz tha dil(my heart was angryWhen I found you)
Tu mila hai toh hai keh rah(it is telling)
Main toh tere rang meinRang chuka hoon
Bas tera ban chuka hoon
Mera mujhme kuch nahi sab tera
(I have coloured myselfInto your coloursI have just become yoursWhat I have, doesn’t belong to me, it’s all yours)
Main toh tere dhang meinDhal chuki hoon
Bas teri ban chuki hoon
Mera mujhme kuch nahiSab tera, sab tera..Sab tera, sab tera..
(I have udjusted myselfAccording to youI have become only yoursThere is nothing mine which I haveAll yours, all yoursAll yours, all yours)
They dances romantically..
Suhani (pov) I seeing him came near me.Yuvraj aik fr my hand . i gives my hand forgeting tat rohan s near me. I lost in his eyes. I did not expect this from him. He hold my waist.. Back neck.. I rest my head in his chest which his heart beats i feel tat beats fr me..ths sadu cant tel me. His eyes heart beats tell he loves me more thanrohan. )
Yuv-(pov) I don’t know wat feeling this was! I was totaly fel in her eyes..moves.. She s near me but some distance i fel. I feel to kis ger beautiful eyes which eats me by her one look. I tighten my grip n her waist. I roled her in my arms.. She hugs me..I cant move from this moment..infact i dont want this moment to left..tthissong itself tells our love..but jansi Rani can’t accept her love.)
All claps fr them except somu rohan. Both looking each other shoclooking . sharad gets happy seeing them dancing.
It’s turn of somu to choose her pair. Somu gets yuvraj name. she smiles seeing his name.. Somu – its yuvraj! Chalo yuvraj let’s v start dance.
Yuv- (seeing here nd there). no somu I feel tired just now I danced. Again.. I can’t. Somu- no u must dance pls come.. Saying this somu drag yuvi to stage . song plays.. Moh moh ke dhage plays..
yuvraj simply standing nd seeing suhani. Rohan goes nd stand near her. Yuvi start dance with somu. Thinking she s suhani …Suhani seeing nd .she goes from there..Song stops nd yuvraj folow suhani..seeing erh left.
Roh- wow somu u both dance well. U both really looking gud.. I wish yuvraj understand ur love soon.. Somu thanks him.
In suh room..
Suh( wat happened to me. Y i feel hurt he dance with anyone y am having jelous.. He dance with me also.. Lik tat he dance with somu. He wil b lik tat only.. He wil dance no no flirting with all girls I think. Muje laga he loves me.. But no.. He s a flirter ! If he wants to dance with somu y he see me.. I know he wants To see ami geting jelous or not!?)
Yuv-( I know suh feels wen I start dance with somu. She don’t want am dance with somebody.. I must pacify her.. Am sure she thinks bad about me..)
Yuv- suhani.. r u OK.?
Suh- muje kya? Am OK.. She turned other side.
Yuv- I am sry i knw u feel hurt.tats y u left from there.
Suh- no y ? am not getting jelous . u can dance with anyone I don’t care.
yuv- jelous! Suhani am not saying u getting jelous. But now am sure. U get jelous on me nd somu right? – i said kiding..
Suh- kya bakwas kar rahi ho Yuvraj. No jelous on somu. I get happy if somu loves u.. I happy fr her..
Yuv- (I put my finger on her lips..saying i know u suhani. U get jelous. Accept this!)
Suh- no. U get jelous on rohan tats y u dance with somu right?
Yuv- wat.. Am getting jelous.. on rohan it’s really funny suhani. I am not having habit of jelous lik rohan. Rohan s jelous on me.. Tats y he announce each nd every time he s going to ur husband.. Do u get tat?
Suh- rohan says truth only. He s not lie ing na. We going to getmarry soon.
Yuv- i know u also going mad lik rohan nd start teling u r geting maried. Thank god am not love a madgirl lik u..
Suh – wat wat r say.. Both stop their fight hearing sharad sound.
Sharad- pls stop ur fighting. If u both fight lik this wen u live ur life happy..aftr mrg..
Suh- wat mrg. Am not a mad to marry him. Saying this suhani left from there. sharad thinks how to make them realize..
Function ends.

precap: somu sees her purse having two tickets and sends msg to rohan as they were comes to film.. yuvraj sees rohan tryies to put hand on suhani… there somu lies on yuvraj shoulder.. yuv gets up and call suhani name….

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