Mere Gusse Mein Toh Hai Pyar (Epi 37) season 2

thank u frnds…… here s next episode…

Recap: yuvraj orders suhani for more work…suhani replies she cant manage him and child same time… sharad teases them saying yuvi must marry another girl…..
Episode 37
Pankaj comes there and wishes all.. pankaj bless bavana and gives sweets to her..pankaj ask whise baby tat? Bavana says, v will tell later..tat baby s our new guest… prat ask pankaj to join… pankaj also sits and ask where s suhani?
Suh- (comes to dining table rushes) she breathes heavily… saying-“ yuvraj, I did ur shirt iroing, and kept ur tie near tat… don’t forget to take ur purse and phone I kept it in table… I need to give food to baby…”
she sees pankaj and walks towards him….but she stops hearing yuvraj voice….
Yuv- ok suhani bring more salad for me, fast fast…..go its getting late… (he says in hurry)
She rushes with baby, bavana stops her and takes baby from suhani hand.. suhani goes to kitchen and bring salad for him….
Yuv- suhani where s my juice? Suhani u care for this baby only … u wont take care of me.. u forget me to take care….
Suh- stops near him and keep staring yuvraj.. all laughs …seeing yuvraj orders suhani continuesly….
Pankaj- I think, suhani cant handle yuvraj alone am I right suhani? Yuvraj smiles….
Sharad- yes uncle u r right… one wife cant enough to handle my guru…. V can make Xerox copy of suhani bhabi and make his 2 nd wife….! All laughs teasing suhani….
Yuv- wat another wife also suhani…no no….. I cant handle even one suhani devi !! I do one thing I wil marry some other another girl , for taking care of me…. He smiles mischiefly teasing suhani… suhani pulls his ear….and left… pankaj and sharad smiles seeing suhani went anger….
Yuv gets up from table- “areeee stop yaar, she got anger…she wont leave me now….” and follows her, soumya seeing yuvraj at corner of her eye…she thinks herself with him… bavana walks having baby in hand and she just fall down…somu holds bavana and baby…. Bavana thanks somu…. Somu thinks holding bavana with fake smile and thinks”idea is not bad yuvraj….see how I use this chance….. soon i made my place in this home and in ur life….”
yuv(pov)- I search her I our room…. I saw her in mirror…..She hides behind door standing lik angery child…… I slowly walks towards door and hold her hand and pulls her out….. she turns opposite showing her fake anger to me…. I press her against wall and get close ….
“suhani … its not time to play hide and seek.. if u hide lik this who send off me to office…? I asked.. her
” y should I come… u will marry another girl na she will do…..i wont send off u…”-she said .
“achaa….she will send off me, by kiss me, waving hands while am going, she prepare food for me…and take care of me… then wat u do? Simply watching all…..”
“haannnn I simply watching all… I also see how she take care of u beter than me..”she said with jelous …
“no need of another girl n my life…u r d 1st and last in my life….anyone care me but I care for this jansi rani only…..” I said kissing her forehead… she smiles and hugs me…….i too hugged her.
Suhani was playing with the baby infront of rags…suhani puts baby in sofa and went out..hiding herself seeing rags reaction….baby was crying… rags gets irritated.. she shouts baby calling illegal baby…. Saurab also come there and shouts.. both struk in argument over baby.. somu understands suhani plans trying to rags to accept baby…
Saurab and rags went into room leaving baby crying…. While suhani was go to baby, she sees bavana faints outside..she rushes to bavana…. Somu goes to baby and put flower vase near baby and waiting to suhani come..… (somu plans to make vase fall on baby…. If baby cries, kicks make vase fall)
Suh and bavana come inside seeing baby, vase was about to fall…before suhani reach.. somu took baby and hugs…start her acting infront of suhani… suhani thanks somu for saving baby… somu ask suhani to talk with her lik old frnd.. suhani in emotional saying ok to her… somu- thanks suhani for accepting my friendship.. here aftr I also help u to take care of baby… she nods…
Somu – plan goes in right way, ths baby s only way to get close with yuvraj… she happily falls on bed….hugging yuvraj pic….
Its evening, yuvraj came from office and goes to room..seeing suhani was sleeping in sitting position she puts her hand on baby with protectively…he silently goes inside and change dress and lock door silently and came to kitchen..
Somu sees yuvraj and she follows him… yuvraj looks around for bavana for help… somu- yuvraj shall I help u.. yuv- no thanks, I just looking for bavana…
Somu-“ bavana di sharad went hospital for checkup , aunty ji s in temple… if u don’t mind I help u.. bcz suhani was tired full day she take care of baby now only she got time to rest.. if u don’t need my help..i call suhani… “ saying this somu moves….. yuvraj stops her..”its ok no need to disturb suhani..let her sleep” somu-“sure, yuvraj… I serve u food…actually I make food for u… see I made ur fav pasta, salads,,,”
Yuv- y u made? Somu-“actually suhani tel me to prepare wen she was busy with baby.. I think to help her in kitchen work…bcz I don’t know how to handle baby….” Yuv started eating , somu uses this chance and gets close while serving food…whicjh makes yuvraj embracing….yuv ask hr to eat, somu nods and eats with yuvraj…..
somu-“ waise yuvraj, how s my preparation? Do u lik it… if its not ok say me….if suhani knows food s not good she may get angry on me…..” yuv- not bad….and thanks for tat… he left from there…somu smiles thinking,”how she mixed sleeping tablet in suhani juice…. She gets happy”.
precap: somu open suhani cupboard, and took her saree, she turns to wall , yuvraj come to room and walks towards her, somu gets panic… suddenly light off… yuvraj gets close to somu………..

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  1. Oh no!!..plz throw this somya out…such a cheap character she is…everything was nice except somya…update asap

    1. Hii bhargavi…. How r u…?? We cant chat in ssel page also… This kriyam fans r really irritating always want to fight…. I really wish before yuvraj character ends… As you said… This show must end…. Coz of the low trp…. This is sure…. After sambhav track the trp is stable 1.4 to 1.8…. N i wish it must go to 0.1…. N it is should end with happy note…

      1. is sahil really going to leave the show?

      2. Hello fine dear..thank u..r right whatever we say they interfere bashing us…no problem we chat there also whenever yuvaani scene comes..ofcourse this show will end soon for sure..the most pathetic character this krishna..dont know y i dont like her at all.she cant even act well..see starplus is not even saying that ssel will b given 5pm slot..i no long wonder if they shut it suddenly

      3. @abi… May b he can quit soon…
        @bhargavi…. Really agree with u…. I too don’t like krishna character she is so dull n yuvani is very energetic compare to her..
        Its funny dat sp is not even promoting…. N da reason may b Yuvani fed up with cvs n now will see how kriyam fan will increase trp… They should buy 2-3 tv to increase the trp then too it will lack … Coz the main reason ssel has lost his old charm n also now the only reason I’m watching is coz rajshri n sahil…. N it is true @bhargavi…. Ssel can surprise us anytime…. Ssel tym is over in sp…. It was the love of viewers for YuvAni…
        Till this day it is aired…. Now it became kriyam show…. Let see their love

    2. Haha..buying 2-3 tvs thats hilarious?..

  2. ye somya nhi sudharegi pz update son

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      haan somu won’t change…. she s just spice up only

  3. sarita sharma

    nice epi update soon

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u Sarita sharma

  4. Oh my god its superb dear. Precap is very interesting.

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thanks radha.. stay tune for more interesting….

  5. I think suhani will come on time to rescue yuvraj

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      no suhani …won’t come… but it will nice how much yuvraj love suhani nd care fr her happiness…

  6. superb epi as always. n am excited for precap…

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u abi…. no need to worry always yuvani rocks..

  7. Avanikamdar


  8. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    yes guys sahil search for new project.. so he request CVS to clear his track.. so CVS know trp should low.. tats y thy shift slot… I think ssel shd end with yuvani reunion..

    1. I wish before he search for the new project… This show must end…. With happy ending….. Coz in this show no meaning to work…. I wish rajshri n sahil too quit… N let the young generation carry over…. N i too will quit..

      1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

        ya it’s true n ssel sahil rajshri quit .. yuvani fans also quit show.. v HV no prob with new cast .thy carry-on….

  9. superb episode.. update soon
    ya u r right sahil sir search for new project..

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u anshi sharma… aftr getting new project he quit show.. I hope rajshri also getting new project left from this bakwas track… really CVS cheating us lot…. thy won’t gv value to leads…

  10. this epi is supberb.i think this situation is common very house when children comes.i love it so much nd very exciting precap.

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      yes sri u r right… aftr children came.. parents ajust themselves…

  11. Esther

    just started reading fanfics and this one is too good

  12. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    thank u thank u so much Esther… it’s means lot to me…… tysm

  13. Aqsxxh

    Sorry for my lateness *as usual8 but this is amazing x

  14. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    thank u aqsxxh di….

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