Mere Gusse Mein Toh Hai Pyar (Epi 36) season 2

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Episode 36
Recap: suhani coughs, because of chilness..she removes her duppatta covers their face…she ask yuvi to go inside. Yuvi lifts her in his arms.. suhani puts her hand around his neck…they get inside.

—————————————its mrng…………
Suh wakup by baby kicks her….and pulls her hair by its cute hand….
Suhani (pov)- I unwillingly open my lazy eyes and tries to take my head from yuvraj..whrere he put his head on mine….his hand was around my waist..v were stick to each other… I saw d baby which was next side to me… then I saw him sleeping lik baby….. its really a cute scene for me to seeing baby and yuvraj with me at sametime…. I kisses both of their forehead…i put pillow in my place and gets up… I struck because of yuvraj hold my dupatta.. I slowly move towards his face , touch his long nose with my nose… he slowly opens his eyes and put his hand over my neck and pulls me more closer…. I ask him to leave… “wat u do? If I not leave u????” – he said… suddenly baby start making cute crying sound…. Which makes us apart… he getsup from his half sleep and gives bigh sigh… I smile and went to fresh…
Somu comes from her room thinking about dadi.. “dadi cant do anything.. things going beyond mycontrol . I wont let yuvi suhani to get close…before tat I must do something… ok its time to see new drama…I want to know how suhani yuvraj celebrate their suggaraat with baby.. its really funny to see suhani ” dadi- rags u know na now wat to do?
Rags –yes dadi, I know… u wait and see… how I insult suhani …she herself getout from bh and yuvraj life…..they smiles each other and come to hall..
—————- suh- (in phone) having baby in her hand…- ji pappa am ok… have u taken tablets?

Take rest no need to go office for 1 week ok….? Ok gud aftr I call u now u took rest..bye pappa.. she cuts call and sit in sofa with baby….
Bavana and sharad comes and see suhani happily plays with baby lik old suhani.. Yuvraj comes there seeing suhani teach baby to call her as mumma…
saurab- thank u suhani for this.. really it gud tat baby in ur hands… suh- bhaiya don’t thank me…. its lik my baby..
somu-(gets shocked) suhani how can u accept this child..? u know its yuvraj illegal child…
(she cant believe suhani accept this child..) suh did not response to her, somu- suhani I talk wit u only? Cant u hear me?
suh- ya I heard wat u say.. and don’t talk anything about this baby.. its our child , its yuvraj and suhani ki child…do u get tat?

Somu- u can accept its ur child.. but truth is its yuvraj ki past… if am in ur place I must question about tat child.. and teach lesson to yuvraj for cheating ….
Suh- but u were not not in my place na..beter u stay in ur limit… and I want to answer for ur question….”I don’t care about yuvraj past.. now am yuvraj’s present and future.. I accept everything happily which yuvraj gives me…it may this child or any pain ” u no need to worry.
Yuvraj smiles seeing suhanis reply to somu.. dadi and rags gets shocked.. suhani gives one angry look to them….yuvraj put his hand on suh shoulder…she also smiles….
rags- don’t know wat magic yuvraj did to suhani.. within one night suhani accept yuvraj illegal child….suhani its not ur u know this? Yuvraj hets anger, suh hold his hand…
Suh- yes bhabi u r right… its not my child and ITS NOT YUVRAJ child toooo! Its left shock in everyone face even yuvraj gets shocked…

Yuv- suh no….wat u r talking… I tel u truth, .come with me…
suh- no yuvraj , I know truth… even all knows the truth…but u don’t know…wat happened behind u.. am I right dadi…? Dadi and somu sees each other…
rags- wat ? wat truth u know…. Oh… I think u know the mother of the baby right? Then tell us.. we also want to know ur sautan…
suh- no bhabi… I don’t know mother of this child.. but I know father of this child…
rags- oh s…. u defend yuvraj.. wat story u thought yesterday night? Tel me who s father of this child?
Suh- its saurab bhaiya ki bachha… hai na… bhabi. I know u and dadi also know this truth… for ur so called prestige u blackmail saurab bhaiya not to tel truth.. u said right yesterday only I came to know wat kind of people u r..! shame on u..
Yuv- suh? Wat u say.. how u know this….u know this truth bring rift in family?
Sau- yuvraj let it be… suhani know truth.. yesterday she heard wat dadi rags talk with me.. thanks for bearing my pain….

Yuv- dadi u know this and act before me… how could u do this ? ok leave tat baby.. how could u do this to me.. y u r behind me and suhani…? Cant u left me happy ? dadi and rags speechless..
Pratima cames there and hugs yuvraj.. and says sry to him…. Yuvraj hugs her..and pacifies.. pratima took tat baby and kisses.. sau asks sry to her.. suhani ask prat to forgive saurab… pratima blesses child and saurab…
Meanwhile sharad ask pratima to bless bavana also… bavana s blushing….suhani smiles and hugs bavana”di congrats……..” yuvraj look confusion.. sharad- guru….y u look lik missing child?
Suh- yuvrajjjjjjj , I became mausi…. And maa became dadi… aur ur P.A bhaiya became pappa!! My di…..mere di became maaaaa!!!! Suhani shouts in happiness…. Yuvraj hugs sharad and wishes them….

Dadi rags left from there…somu throw things in dadi room…. Dadi stops somu- r u mad soumya? Somu- haan I mad…. U made me mad… u guide me lik this…. U inject my heart, about yuvraj and this home… u cheat me showing ur money.. see me now…wat state am in? u can leave this matter..but I wont.. at anycost I make yuvraj mine… see!! Somu left from there which leaves dadi and rags shocked..

—————-at night .

dadi came to yuvraj and says sry for hiding truth.. yuv- if u want to correct ur mistake ask rags bhabi to accept the child… how can she b so rude? Its our family child… she s ur first grand daughter…. How can u left her?
Dadi- no its not my grand daughter… mother of this child s not my bahu.. I came here to say sry bcz hiding truth… not to accept the child.. And one more thing yuvraj, tomorrow u also go with office and take charge of new project.. dadi left from there..
suhani s watching there standing near door…she puts hand on yuv, “don’t worry, we will take care till rags bhabi accept…” yuvi smiles….hug suhani and baby…..

Next day, all gathered for breakfast, somu comes and sits… bavana and pratima serves food to all….
Yuv- suhani make it fast… how long u iron one single shirt…. I go to office….
Suh- haan……yuvraj , u eat first ..before tat I done my iroing…. I have only 2 hands, handle u and baby also…
Sharad- guru, did u hear wat bhabi says…. If ur child comes bahabi wont give attention to u…
Bavana- sharad ji. Y u scaring yuvraj…. don’t teach negative to him… if baby come yuvraj life will b changed.. he also made himself adjust… pratima- haan mere yuvraj, perfect pappa hogi..she hugs yuvraj…and smiles…

Sharad says yes uncle u r right… one wife cant enough to handle my guru…. V can make Xerox copy of suhani bhabi and make his 2 nd wife….! All laughs teasing suhani….
Yuv- wat another wife also suhani…no no….. I cant handle even one suhani devi !! I do one thing I wil marry some other another girl , for taking care of me….suhani s not taking care of me… He smiles mischiefly teasing suhani… suhani pulls his ear….and left… pankaj and sharad smiles… somu sees yuvraj at d corner of her evil eye….and smiles romantically….thinking herself with him..

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    It is superb

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