Mere Gusse Mein Toh Hai Pyar (Epi 34) season 2

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Recap: rags hear dadi and somu talk.. somu told dadi s killed her mom..

Episode 34
Episode starts with, rags going to talk with dadi..
Rags: dadi u killed somu mom? Y she blackkmail u?
Dadi: no rags somu s mad.. she blame me..on tat day somu and her mom came to talk about yuvraj somu mrg.. I said no..bcz of yuvraj threatens me , saying he s leaving bh.. so I agreed to him.. i get into my car and goes to company…but somu came infront of car and block my way with her mom..
I just come out and scold her for such a behavior, her mom put her hand on my shoulder. I ask her to take her hand back but her mom not.. I just push her hand , she lost her balance and fall in anotherside road one car also came tat time and hit her.. its not my mistake.. but somu blackmails me saying I killed her mom.. I did big mistake of bring somu here.. now I realize suhani s better…
Rags pacifies dadi … dadi: rags , u should do one work for me… (rags told something to rags. She nods..)
In yuvani room, suhani and yuvraj hugs each other…someone knocks dooe…they move apart.. yuv- who s tat idiot distrub us now….he hold her hand, no suhani leave it.. it must b shard work… he plans to distrub us…- i said
suh- no yuvraj it may b any urgent…go and see..
Yuv(pov)- she ask me to go and see.. I went unwillingly… I felt there s something big drams going In hall…tats dadi voice…. v see each other face with confusion… she rushes out, left me.. I follow her….

All gathered in hall……
Dadi- take the baby out of my house? How dare u to bring here… u came to my house and blame my grandson…..
Yuvraj gets shocked seeing the nurse with baby… saurab and yuvraj gets panic..
Nurse– look madam its ur family child.. ur grandson s father. U must take it.. otherwise I left the child in ashram.. I told u everything..i know..
dadi- who s father of this child? My grandson wont do this cheap thing….
I show u who s the father of this child… Nurse tooks the baby and walks to yuvraj!! All gets s shocked……..!! yuvraj s speechless seeing nurse ….
Nurse- sir , u give me money to take care of the child right…? Then y u silent now. Tell ur dadi its ur child….

Suhani looks yuvraj who s already in shocking state… yuvraj shook his head as no…! somu come there and enjoying the drama…..with dadi and rags…. Saurab about to go but rags hold his hand.. rags- saurab whr u go? See wat ur brother did? U don’t support him… come with me.. she drags him with her…not to give chance to talk…
Yuv- u may b wrong, am not father of this child… I just….
Suh- yuvraj wat she saying..y u told her to take care of the child?
Yuv- haan suhani but…because the baby mother died..
Nurse- tat s ur wife mr.birla.. u sign all her husband.. dadi- stop ur bakwas.. yuvraj wont do cheap thing…

Rags- how can u say dadi… am sure he only did… look my saurab he wont cheat me…even v had no baby.. but yuvraj, cheat one girl and escap….now marry suhani also…
Prat- shut up rags. I know my son very wel he wont do this….yuvraj tell me: wat happens? Whose child is this… ?
She took his hand and place it her head..took promise….

nurse put the baby on sofa “its ur family baby… I wont take care of this anymore…”she left..

yuv- how can u say this as my child…. I just ask u to take care only… and am not sign any papers… prat- ok I trust u its not ur child then whose child s this? U must tell me otherwise wont talk to me… prat points out baby in sofa… (tat baby start crying…)
yuv – maa its sa…….(he sees saurab says no to him.) yuv remains silent seeing saurab…
prat- then u accept this s ur child right? Yuvraj sees suhani.. she s speechless and staring yuvraj… suhani and all seeing tat baby cries loudly being hungry..
suhani wish to take tat child but she wait for yuvraj answer controlling herself….she also got teary eyed seeing baby.. she was almost in edge of her anger and struck between her love and baby…

yuvraj (pov) I sees tat baby cries in hunger… I see my brother standing lik stone.. wat kind of man he thought was going behind my brothers behavious… I control myself … its time tat baby needs food rather than family… I rushes to tat baby and took into my arms… I tries to pacify but I failed.. I don’t know how to handle….still it cries.. dadi took tat baby from me and again put in sofa….i cant bear tat baby criing….

yuvraj- haannnnn! It s my child…. Am d father of this child… -I burst out. My one word can bring happiness in tat baby life …not in my life, I know suhani can understand and support me… tat was my hope I took tat decision thinking tat only..)
pratima lost her balance….and cries…. Suh-“no its not true….i wont believe this….” She behaves like mad…..repeatedly saying….tat
Pratima hugs suhani and cries…. Bavana- yuvraj r u mad? How could u say this… she hold her with sister love…suhani frees herself from bavana and pratima grip…and runs from there..
Bavana rushes to kitchen and heat milk for tat baby..sharad sits near sofa with tat child..

yuv(pov)- I backoff my hair…oh god wat I diid……for helping my brothers life I put my life in danger… wat suhani think about me… i should tell her truth …. She can understand me… I see the baby on sofa… I got anger on my brother…now.. how can he do injustice with baby… whr s his so called fathers love…. I must go to suhani now…
Yuv- walks to his room… saurab came hold his hand..
Sau-yuvraj sry…..beacuse of me u bear this..sry for rags behaviour… i want to talk with u now..
Yuv- r u mad.. how can u b selfish bhaiya? Y u not ready to accept ur child.. see tat baby…once she needs u…cant u understand..?- I shook his hand…I don’t want to talk with u now… now I must go to suhani.. I left from there not listening him…

Suh(pov)- I cant believe my ears, he accept tat he only told… I feel again broken..but this time its not easy to handle myself.. I don’t know how to react.. because one side s my love another side one child…. I cant do injustice with this child…I really need some time to think….who s mother of this child… y yuvraj took care of this child.. wat situation made him to do tat.. I know yuvraj wont cheat me.. something wrong….before I could react…I must use my brain…… I hear yuvraj open our room door and calls me… I turned to him with confusion , I don’t know wat question I should ask him…. I wait for him to start….

Yuv(pov) I rushes to suhani and call her, she turns to me and wait for me , to talk first… I understand her…. “suhani sry for not telling this u before… I took this decision because u can understand me…….suuhh”before I complete again baby start crying…v heard sound of bavana tries to pacify baby…
she goes out to see…I hold her hand saying”suhani pls , listen me now…I wish to tell all…

she free her hand and left out…….i too follow her.. she ask baby from bavana…
sharad- bhabi… u go… v will take care….suh take baby from bavana grip… and takes with her to room… which leaves bavana yuvraj sharad shocked…

precap- suhani makes tat baby sleep . she puts pillow between her and yuvraj put baby in middle of her and yuvraj… yuv- suh y u r doing lik this.. stop behaving lik this with me.. its hurt me lot… suh- oh its hurt u… u give this pain me too yuvraj.. she left out from room.. she heard sound came from one room and leans against wall…and getting shocked….

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  1. nice epi

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  2. Shocking episode…very well portrayed…hope suhani gets to know of d truth soon….good job dear..plz update asap

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    i like it poor yuvraaj confuse suhani precap sound interesting pz update soon

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  6. Nyc n very well portrayed… Update soon

  7. superb epi….i really really like the concern yuvan showing towards baby.

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