Mere Gusse Mein Toh Hai Pyar (Epi 33) season 2

Thank u frnds, sry for the delay…. i hope u wont forget my ff…. here its next

Episode 33
Recap: In hospital ….pankaj ask yuvraj suhani to marry before his operation..they agree to marry.
Pratima ask sharad and bavana to bring sindoor and mangalsutra… lata: pratima ji, how v can do this, without dadi,, yuvraj s dadi favourite… if dadi knows this how she felt. She may b get anger on us.
Yuv- don’t worry aunty, I will take care of dadi.. if we inform her before she wont agree.. after marriage v inform dadi. Lalta nods..

All come to pankaj ward.. he was still struggle to breath… sharad brings sindoor box and forwards to yuvraj… yuvraj fills suhani maang…. Bavana forwards mangalsutra … yuvraj ties mangalsutra to her…. suhani cries seeing pankaj and consoles him..
Pankaj blesses them… suhani – papa now u happy.. then agree to go OT.. pankaj nods..
Yuvraj hold suihani tries to pacifiy her while dr takes pankaj to OT..
pratima took phone and dials dadi.. prat- maaji… there s something happened in hospital…
dadi- wat? Anything happens to pankaj? Its ok shall v postponed yuvraj marriage.. I don’t have any problem..
prat- maaaji….here yuvraj and suhani get married…in hospital..

dadi (gets shocked.!!) wat? How could u do this without me.. am elder of this house.. yuvraj s my grandson… u cant do this without me….
dadi cuts the call scolding pratima….dadi rushes to hospital.
Yuv(pov) – I saw her cries siting alone.. I don’t want to see her tears. I wish to marry her at anycost… but not lik this way… I put my hand on her shoulder.. she turns and hug me waist… I gently rub her back and kisses her head.. “ suhani nothing to happen pankaj ji, y u feel. Its simple minor operation.. now u r my wife.. I wont let my wife to cry, jansi rani can lose her weight but cant lose her hope, ” – I said .. she rubs her tears and smiles… “yes, jansi rani wont lose hope…”she said. V see dr came out from OT..
All rushes to dr…dr informs them .. pankaj s well now. U can take him to home tomorrow.. All gets relief…
Suhani – all go home I will b with pappa…

Prat- no beta, today only u get married.. u go home. Now pankaj s well lata,sharad will stay.
Yuv- its ok ma… suhani s my wife, am also with her.. if she wants to stay in hosp, am also stay with her.. sau- no yuvraj u both go home.. I will b here… (sau signals he take care of baby and pankaj.. yuvraj nods..)
Pankaj opens his eyes and ask them to go home.. suhani nods. Thy left to bh..

In bh , bavana makes aarti plate for yuvraj suhani… somu sees them and get shocked..
Pratima yuvraj searches dadi.. somu controls her anger and behaves normal..
Somu: dadi s not in home..she went out… anyway…congratss for ur marriage yuvraj..she forwards her hand.
Yuvraj ignores her and walks…. Somu : suhaniiii… stil now u angry with me hah? Am u friend how can u forget…those days…?
Yuv- s she cant forget anything somu..and she wont be forget wat u did… don’t try to do ur drama before her…..she s my wife now… v don’t neeed ur wishes.. if u stay here for dadi.. do ur drama with her not before me… saying this he hold suhani hand and takes her with him…

Pratima bavana talks about yuvraj suhani suggaraat…prat- bavana its not time to do the ritual but its just a formality.. talk with suhani… sharad and bavana nods..
bavana takes suhani make her sitting in room…. and waits for yuvraj..
she heard room door opened……yuvraj come to her..suhani tightens bedsheet cover grip.. yuvraj sees her grip..he makes her see him… their eyes get struck…he cups her face and gently rubs her tears which was ready to fall……
yuv- suh…don’t take tension.. I know its not the time to start our life… v took time…
suh- hugs yuvraj, I know yuvraj.. u told lik this only.. am not getting any worry… am not expect our mrg happened lik this…
yuv(pov) she talks with full emotional thinking about their mrg life was started lik this… I put my fingers on her saying” Its ok , everyone start their suggarat normal way…but its yuvraj suhani ki suggaraat I must be something different na, chalo we cant start our atleast one hug right?” she smiles and hugs me tight…saying “I love u yuvraj…” I too smiles and tightens my grip….
Somu fumes in anger..she goes to her room and pushes all things…”its all happened only because of dadi… she cant do anything….now I should do something I wont leave dadi to life her life happily… am not happy how she can live happy? She picks my happiness from me.. ”
Dadi comes home and goes to somu room..”y u come here…oh s u came here to see am happy or not? Crt? Yes am happy…but remember I wont let u happy… I show u…wat I can do..? u killed my mom…. I hide this truth from all..because u promise me to marry with yuvraj.. I told all my mom dies n accident…If u not fulfil ur promise I make u to go jail…remeber”
Dadi- don’t black mail me soumya.. for tat only I do wat u say… otherwise no one can stand before me….am also try to stop… wait and see… dadi left from there…. Rags sees them talking near window..and shocked…

Precap: nurse- look madam its ur family child.. ur grandson s father. U must take it.. otherwise I left the child in ashram.. dadi- who s father of this child? My grandson wont do this cheap thing…. Nurse tooks the baby and walks to yuvraj!! All gets s shocked……..!!

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  1. Lovely and emotional episode…dadi killed soumya’s mother…there r many twists in this story….now everyone thinks that d baby is yuvraj’s child….cant wait for suhani’s expression and pov…good luck dear…how can we forget this beautiful creation….plz update asap

  2. superb yaar i like yuvaani nervousness yuvaani emotional moment was nice and speciály yuvraaj said suhani ki ye yuvraaj suhani ki suhagraat h kuch to different hoga

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thanks ssel fans…. I too lik tat dialogue…..

  3. sarita sharma

    nice yaar i like yuvaani moment yuvraaj said suhani ki jhansi ki rani can lose her waight but not lose her hope m v yuvaani ki marriage ase hi chahati thi kaas show m v yuvaani ki marriage ase hi dikhaye

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      haan muje bhi yehi lagata… thanks Sarita sharma…. I hope u lik episode dialogue… mentioned dialogue..

  4. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    tysm bhargavi dear…..ur cmnd really make me happy…nd gv courage to go ahead…

  5. superb superb superb! loved it… what a twist in precap n want to c suhani reaction to that.. n yuvani r so understandable.. awesome..

  6. fantatic episode.i love yuvani a lot nd one diagloue that jhansi rani can lose weight but can’t lose hope i like so much.this epi is full of twists n turns abt child,sowmya’s mom death.i’m very eagerly waiting for nxt epi.

  7. Avanikamdar

    Lovely episode …

  8. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    thanks sri….fr cmnding ur fav dialogue.

  9. Aqsxxh

    “I wont let my wife to cry, jansi rani can lose her weight but cant lose her hope,” This is my favourite line, but all the lines have been added with such beautiful emotion!
    I love it x

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thanks aqsxxh di….

  10. Are wah episode was very very nice.i like sowmya fuming in jealous.yuvani moments are fantastic.precap suspense is interesting.pls post nxt epi asap.

  11. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    thanks radha.. I post soon

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