Mere Gusse Mein Toh Hai Pyar (Epi 30)


Thank u frnds…here s yuvani confession and reunion.. next episode is last one…i planned. if u wish ,i wrote few more episode of yuvani mrg life… silent readres pls do cmnd it my last time i wish to know ur names..i hope i do take few min to cmnd..tell me how s this episode..?
Episode 30

One month later.. Suhani yuvraj not talking nd seeing each other..both of them showing their ego towards each other.
Roh- suhani I want to tel u something. Today s our shadi but u not happy. I know the reason.. But I won’t cheat u.I must confess my wrong..bfre Ieft from here..i dont want to hurt u again.
Suh- kya?Where u left..its ourmrg.
Roh- I know u don’t love me. Thn y u do this mrg.
Suh- yuvraj lies to me. I don’t lik lies which affect my life. If i did not knw yuvraj soumya loves..i felt guilty..
Roh- but sach yehi hi suh.. I made u nd yuvraj away..tat day wat all happened tat bcz of me. I dont lik yuv so i did tat. I made soumya drink..I Want to show yuvraj s bad n ur eyes. Now also not getting late go to yuvraj.. Am sry..I felt guilty of yuvraj nd u.. I wish u change but not ur love for yuvraj s stil same now its no use to marry u. Who ddon’t Love me
Suh s shocked to hear tat truth.. She gets teary eyed nd recals yuvraj hold her hands nd says not to leave her..roh- jao..yuvraj left Allahabad today u go nd stop him.
Suh thanks rohan nd runs to yuvraj.. She tries to stop auto.but can’t she runs to main road nd see yuvraj s car…he s standing near samosa stall..nd reminds suhani.
Suh- (pov)I see him n samosa stall where he did not went before. I know this Tim he reminds about me only.. I put my hand on his shoulder. He turns nd make face..bcz I avoid him in past 1 mnth they had an eye lock aftr few mins…yuvraj broke the silence..

Yuv- suhani tum. Y u come here.. To see where I alive or not!?
Suh- yuvraj stop it. How could u think lik tat..
yuv- then wat else suhani.U did not gv chance to prove myself. U care only fr somu nd believe tat rohan.not me.
Suh- haan yuvraj I accept my fault.. Pls mat jao.. Now only i came to know abt soumya lied on tat day…it’s my mistake trust her blindly. U also hide na u love’s ur fault.!
Yuv- kya my fault. Suhani I hide tat becz I don’t want to hurt u.. I cant see urtears..It’s not mistake it’s called love… But u r nottrust me.. Acept this.don’t argue with me. Move from my way.. I need to go..
saying this yuvraj walks towards his car.. Suh-(holds his hand)i love u yuvraj!!Don’t leave me alone.. She hugs him from back. Her face was attached with his back..lik gum..which yuvraj can’t take her away. He wasstuned by her confesion nd tat hug made his life complete. He rubed his tears nd hide from her.
Yuv- (stops nd turns to her.. )Wat ? Wat u say!? R u mad. U say u love me. One mnth bfre u say u don’t want to see my face.. How many times I try to talk but u avoid me. Wat ever u said tat hapened.. I beg u to love me…which I cant did before to any girl….but I really getting tired suhani tats y I decided to left from u nd this city..
Suh- I love u yuvraj..I love u more than anything..
Yuv- I can’t believe this suhani.. Wen I came to tel u truth u r not ready to accept but now without knowing truth nd question u say u love me!?

Suh- but yuvraj…trust me. Yuv- once am also said tat only suhani.u r not trust me. But now how can I trust u!?.
Roh- but you have to acept this yuvraj..bcz tats truth yuvraj..(both yuvraj suhani turns nd see rohan.)
He continued.. I tel her truth.. Wat I did with u and her. I accept my defeat. U win yuvraj. I know u don’t lik me.. But yuvraj wat I did tat n past s only bcz of love..I Expect suhani to love me back. But still now am not get anything from her. Bcz she loves u..stil now. She not trust u becz ur dadi nd somu stop suhani..
Yuv- wat my dadi nd somu!??
Roh- haan.. Tat day aftr u left. Dadi nd somu come to meet suhani. Ur dadi ask suhani to move from ur life..fb shows.
” DDadi- yeh ladki. u can create drama to fall yuvi n ur magic. But I m not let him.. Move away from his life.. somu is going to b my bahu. bcz now somu lost her respect in front of all.. U know yuvi s love her before. U r sec hand love for him. U do al this fr luxury life only na. I wil give u al but leave my grandson. Suh- I dont crete any drama. Dadi I know yuvraj did not do anything. I trust him. U know yuvraj love me now not somu. Somu u tel dadi na..u understand me wel. U love krishna not yuvraj.
Somu- suhani but now I left Krishna fr yuvraj. Wathappen to me lik tat I change my mind. Suhani pls acept. Rohan loves u. U ll b happy with him
Suh- but yuvraj s not happy with u.. He loves me.
Dadi- soumya i answer her..yeh ladkiam not accept ur bakwas love. Infront of all somu nd yuvi respect spoil. Tat favour to me. At any cost I make somu yuvi marry . ddon’t do any drama .if yuvraj mariage not hapen with her somu wil die.. Yuvraj felt guilty.. Pratima must have heart atack.. U want our total family Remember one think ur sister bavana s n my home.. If u want her to live happy ..get lost. They both left from there.. Suh runs to her room nd tries to cut her hand.. Fb ends……

Suhani cries….yuvraj sees pain n her tears. He was speechless before her.. roh-if u not trust me go nd ask ur dadi..I hearing them talking with suhani now decision s urs bye..I move from ur way.U both made fr each other.. Yuvraj hugs rohan.. Roh ask yuvraj to b hapy.nd left from there.
Yuvraj sry realy sry. Am a mad sry fr my idiotic talk.
suh- I don’t want ur sry..(she said naughty.. Crossed her arms.)
Yuv- then wat else u need..(he makes her turn to him…nd smiles holding her hand)
Suh- u ask me to leave na.. Mei jaa rahi hoon.. Leave my hand yuvraj..(she tries to take her hand from him)
Yuv- I LOVE YOU SUHANI!!!(sawaree playsssss…in BG. they had an sweet painful eye lock..yuvraj touches her forehead with his head..thy forget thy were n road…he continued- suhani u r my world. How can i left’s my last chance to tel u how much I love u.. I don’t want this chance to b left. I love u…mere jansi Rani.
SUH- I HATE U YUVRAJ.. i hate u..she said funny. Both smiles.
She continued- u don’t want to marry me na. Jao.. Leave me.
Yuv- oh..OK then whom u wil marry..left me.. I want to see tat am not leaving.(he smiles seeing her reaction)
Suh- I pray God to give me perfect pati.. He send for me. U don’t worry.(she do prays fr 1sec)
Yuv- acha.. but suhani God tel me he already send him.. Nd God gives his biodata to me.. Shal I tel u.?(he winks his eyes nd smiles.)

He continued- suhani god send tat guy nd he s 6.2 ht nd 50 kg wt, do u know his nose s length..nd his ear also growing big wen he s n tension.. lik my snoopy ears.
Suh- understands yuvraj talks about him. nd says ” aacha wo kab aayega muje milne kliye!?”
Yuv- no need to go suhani, he s infront of u right now… Cant u seehim?
SShesmiles nd there s few sec silent.. Yuv- suhani will u marry me! He bend before her…holding her hand..
Suh- I don’t want to marry such a sadu..!!
Yuv- oh u want I am to b romantic right..?
Suh- aisa nahi.yuvraj…pas mat aana yuvraj. yeh road hi..(she blusblushes
yuv- he gets up and gets close to her.. She hugs him….thy get distrubed by some horn sound. Thy move apart..
Suh- pata nahi yuvraj can I live these days without u. I warn u yuvraj if u left me again marrogi tume.. Marogi..Bhoat marogi..( i wil kil u..beat u.) She continuesly beat him.. Yuvraj hold her hands nd get get closed…suhani was about to say sothming..yuvraj put his finger on her lips.

Sawaree plays…suh moves back… Suhani runs flying her duppatta in air…. Yuvraj start sing..
Yuv- Dil dhak dhak dhadke mera.. uske khyaalon se.. jane kaise dil ki halat hai….
Suh- hmmmmm…. mujhko bhi ishq ho gaya… ab inn sawsawalon se.. bilkul nayi si aadat hai…!!
Yuv-raaton ko jagna uske khyaalon mein!!
Suh-dar hiyeh baatna dil na chahe mera..
Yuv- &suh- kisiko kisiko yaaaaa..
Yuv-haan mujhe bhi ho gya yeh pyaar hai yeh ishq hai bs yahi mazhab mera bus sab mera ab ishq hai…!!
Sawareee..oh sawaree..aeeee!!
Yuv-Saanson mein tum.. yaadon mein tum… meri har ik baaton mein tum !suh-dard kya hai jaanon na..! ho gya yeh kya? jaanon na.. rehti hun khoyi khyaalon mein..!
Yuv-raaton ko jagna uske khyaalon mein..
Suh-dar hi yeh baatna dil na chahe mera…
Yuvani- haan mujhe bhi ho gya yeh pyaar hai yeh ishq hai bs yahi mazhab mera ab sab mera ab ishq hai…
Her duppatta falls on yuvraj. Both hugs each other…

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  1. Outstanding confession???….i loved it to d core…plz dont end this..continue till marriage and after that also….keep it up

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u bhargavi…

  2. don’t end continue after
    marriage pz pz pz pz pz pz pz pz pz pz pz pz pz pz pz pz pz pz pz pz

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank you yuvaan fans

      it’s ur 1st cmnd I think…. tysm

  3. first of all ur an amzing writer.mindblowing confession yaar i loved it.yuvani reunion nd very line is awsome nd i enjoyed this epi soo much.i’m very eagerly waiting for u r epi.plz plz don’t end this ff nd continue ………but don’t end this.update asap.

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thanks sri…. its ssel title song … I love this song .. it’s not taken from Google.. it’s hard work of my dear frnd… she gave lyrics…

  4. Avanikamdar

    Plz dont end this i love it

  5. Nithu

    Awsm…. i just rem…one of the epis when suhani is pregnent and she was upset on yuvi…so she took a cab and left…while she complained abt yuvi to car driver…and driver turned to be yuvi…they sing a song on literally missing yuvani…moments…i wish sambhav track shd end and again yuvani moments shd strt….pls..

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      yes u r right nithu.. tat scene was awsm…. I miss tat too

  6. Awe its amazing dear.what a beautiful episode dear.i like it a lot.u have done a great job.i like it very much.y dont u continue this after yuvani marriage.that would be an amazing one.i enjoyed every episode of ur ff.

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thanks radha.
      sure I wrote few more episodes of yuvani mrg….probably 6 episodes.. I planed. thanks fr ur supporting till now.. tysm dear

  7. A.Tejaswi

    Pls don’t end.Loved it so so so… Much

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thanks tejaswi dear..

  8. Yaa pls continue it after marriage also..
    Just loved the confession…
    Superb …

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      sure vidya… pls do support..

  9. wow! superb confession with my fav song.. u r really amazng ya.. pl continue ur ff it makes my day in rememberng yuvani. continue dear…

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thanks abi…I too love this song.. I wrote season 2 of yuvani mrg few more episode(6).. keep supporting.. dear

  10. Lovely… Continue n update soon

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