Mere Gusse Mein Toh Hai Pyar (Epi 29)

Thank u frnds fr ur cmnds… sry for short update.. and i promise i wont cheat episode is yuvani reunion.. i wrote tat only…so keep supporting.
here is nex episode…

Episode 30
Suh(pov)bus yuvraj! I don’t want to hear anymore. U cheat me.u hide u propose soumya before me. Y u not tel me before ? I put many question before him..He tries to convince me but am not in the state to hear him.. I feel world broken because of somu words.y yuvi hide this from me..I want one place to forget my pain of this cheating..he hold my hands..saying “dont leave me suhani, u r my world now” but i Left from there left his hand..he shouts my name “mat jao suhani”…tat repeatedly rings n my ear..
Yuv-(pov) – I ask her to not to leave me.. Where ever she go I wish to go with her.but now she left my hand nd go..saying she don’t want to see me. I broked from the core of my heart.. I got teary eyed along with anger on she believe somu more than me. She don’t even give any chance to prove my love..sharad pacifies me.. I look her leaving me..” Am not did anything sharad,see how she behaves with me”-I said.
“Guru , tension mat lo. Bhabi wil understand leave het alone now”_sharad said.
” yuvraj.. I talk with her.. I don’t know u both love. If I know this…”bavana said
I continued” nothing can do..Nothing happened by u all..I stood up and behaving vilent to all.. Now u happy soumya? This s wat u want right? How could u lie..lik cheap? Where s ur so caled friendship nd love.. U cant b true to even a dog.! Krishna escape from u.. But suhani not. She fall in ur magic! But remember onething am not falling in ur magic. Stay away from me tats gud for u ! Otherwise am not response fr ur bad state..mind it” burst out my anger on somya nd rohan warning both of them nd left to my room.

Dadi hold soumya with care.. Nd see suhani leaving..Rohan left to see suhani with others. Dadi nd soumya follows suhani.——–
sharad bavana marriage rituals they do without me nd suhani… Dadi talks with somu and ask her stay in bh…Menka comes home..
Menka: kya soumya stay n BH!? Dadi it’s not any ashram ! Now yuvraj bring soumya! Nxt saurab bhaiya bring one girl with child!/ lik tat it goes Bh became asharam..
Rags- menka r u lost ur mind? How can u talk about saurab!?
Dadi- leave it rags she s mad!
Menka- no dadi I told truth.. Saurab having affair with one girl..I see thm promise!
Rags dadi gets shocked. Menka told truth to them. Rags geting anger nd slap menka. Menka teases rags not having saurab having afair!
Dadi- menka dont tel this to anyone! If this newd goes out i wont leave u. Menka nods. dadi pacifies rags nd she promises her to talk with saurab. Rags goes crying. Menka smiles.

Suh closes her room nd tries to cut her hand.. Rohan comes on time nd rescue her. Pankaj lata hugs suhani nd advice her not to do this again.
Pankaj- beta I know yuvraj he s gud. Trust him. He loves u..I won’t do anything against u. If u love him I make u both marry.
Lata- haan beta v want u to be happy.. V won’t force u ! Tel me. U want to marry yuvraj r rohan?
Suh- sry paapa ! I won’t do this again. I agree to marry rohan. He wwon’ Cheat me lik yuvraj nd soumya!
Rohan looks suhani shocked..Pankaj lata bless rohan nd left..————

precap… yuvani moments and reunion…

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  1. Aqsxxh

    reallyyy cuteeee yaar

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      thanks aqsxxh di

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    Nice …

  3. am waiting for ur ff .its really very interesing and emotional episode.i love it soo much.plz plz update nxt epi very very i’m eagerly waiting for it.

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      thank u sri dear… I hope reunion episode won’t cheat u..

  4. A.Tejaswi

    Awesome episode.Waiting for next episode.Don’t know how yuvraj is going to pacify suhani…

  5. Nice… Update soon

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  6. Awe poor yuvani.this sowmy and dadi such a bad people.they are always behind suhani.hope all misunderstanings will be cleared soon.

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  7. Its very emotional…anyways reunion in d next episode will make me damn happy…great job dear…keep it up

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      thanks bhargavi….

  8. interesting.. loving it n am waiting eagerly for yuvani reunion

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