Mere Gusse Mein Toh Hai Pyar (Epi 28)


Thank u fr suggestions frnds. all said no more leap….OK I concentrate on this current track.. I combine my new ff story plot in this current track keep supporting friends.

Episode 28
Dadi advice somu to crete misunderstanding betwen them. Somu comes to yuvraj room before suhani reach.
Yuv-( i heared someone come. I getup from bed and took one rose and turns to wal.. Wat i do. How to propropse her directly.. She loves bachan sab. But i know sharuk style.i think about all srk movies proposal scene..I heard my room door opened. I switch offmy room light..there s simple candle decorations I did for her..
.I said — suhani.wahi ruko(stop there) I continued- u know suhani am not trust about this love. But now i do wat magic u did wit me. Am realyl don’t know how u came into me. I think lot but i did not get any answer. Suhani i wish to live my whole life with u.. Without u my world s nothing. Without u am iñcomplete suhani.. It’s really a strange feeling I have.. I can’t bear this separation..I wish to marry u now..nd call u as Mrs.suhani yuvraj birla..! Can u join my name with u.. Will u mary me suhani..Thr s absolute silent. I said ..Suhanii kuch toh bolo….I know u r stubborn but itna adamant mat karo..
Somu- yuvrajjjjj! Yuv- I heard her voice nd i just bend my leg before her nd forwards the rose to eyes were longing to see suhani in candle light.. I slowly open my eyes to see her..but i see somu nd get shocked.).soumyaa tum!?
Somu- haan. Itna pyar karti ho tum suhani se. Wo suhani kliye yeh decorations, yeh candle…Rose wah yuvraj ! Wah!! U know she s going to mary rohan. Phir bhi. Yuvraj tume kya hogaya! Kyu ignore karti ho muje.
. ok leave tat. I told u i did mistake of love krishna. Y u gv me punishment now.
Yuv- soumya its not anything. Its love. Even i dont know wen i love suhani.. Now an n same state once u struck betwen me nd krishna.for God sake Pls just leave me alone now.I turned my face to wall. Throws the Rose n floor.
Somu- OK. yuv am sry i know u wont love me. So i decide to move away from u. I leave u for ever..
She cries..nd cough..infront of yuvi..
Yuvi- gives her juice which I kept fr him. it’s OK somu am very happy fr understanding my love for suhani.. ———————
Later.. suh reaches yuvi room.. Suh -sadu maharaj kahan hi tum..sry for late..she opens the room saying this….
but shocked open his room door.. She sees yuvi nd somu on bed.. Yuvi tries to getup…
Somu hold yuvraj tshirt nd says in unconscious ” yuvraj dont leave me! I love u lot. I left Krishna fr u.. Now u also left me..I should die. Only yuvrajjjjj!)
Yuv- soumya wat r u saying. Just leave me.
Somu- kyu yuvraj. Kyu aisa kar rahi ho mere saath.. (Her words were bring thunder storm n yuvraj ears.. Nd suhani hears tat.)
Yuvi s shocked seeing suhani… suh misunderstands yuvi nd left from there..dadi comes and see yuvi and somu.. Yuvi try to getsup.. Dadi- yuvraj wat s this!?
Yuv- iit’snot lik tat wat u think. I ddon’t Knw how she faint.I try to hold her..but Am also fal.. Suh must misunderstands me. Dadi pls take care somu I should go to suh now.. Yuvr rushes to suhani.

Rohan smiles….hearing yuvi dadi talk.. Fb——- rohan mixes wine n yuvraj ddrink..and bribes one girl to act with yuvi before suhani..tat girl takes money… But before tat girl go somu goes inside..nd seeing somu talk . roh-records yuvraj gives juice to somu nd she faints…he stop recording..nd smiles) and thanks somu for make his way easy..!
Suh(yuvraj !!!how can he do lik this.? I see them together.. Somu also hide their me. No yuvraj s not lik tat may b i wrong.. If they both love y yuvi said i love u to me!? I should talk with him now..suh turns to go but rrohan comes there nd show’d tat video.)
Roh- mother india.. I saw u running from yuvraj room. I know wat happened there.. Tats yuvii character. Hope u understand him now. He s not gud.
Suh- no its not lik tat yuvi loves me.. May b I mistake. I talk with himm now.he wil tel truth.. Yuv came there. Yuv- suhaniiii!!
Suh rushes to yuvraj..holddhis shirt.. Yuvraj tel me.. Wats going there.. Am really confused. U send me gift nd say u love me na.. See am wearing ur gift anklet.. she showd her leg.. .suh cries before al and ask yuvi to tel.
Yuvraj cups her face by his hand.. Both of them get teary eyed. Yuv- Illisten Me first. I tel u all.. I just..(befre complete..all Pratima sharad dadi pankaj lata al are reched there nd see suhani yuvraj talking..and gets shocked. )
Roh- how he open his mouth suhanii. u see by ur eyes wat he did with somu. yuvv- yes Suhani. I tel u truth. Tats an accident. Somu faints I hold her. There s nothing hapened wat rohan mean.. He taeks revenge suhani. Dont trust him. (I burst out n anger on rohan he uses this chance nd putting oil on fire!!)
Roh- ok i lie.. Then see this video its not lie.. Roh- showed tat video to suh..
Suh(pov ) I saw tat video rohan records. I cant believe this but yuvraj acepts he gives juice. He continue saying he dont know how tats hapened. My heart says yuvi not doing tat. But i must hear samething from somu. ) I see somu comes there with rags..covering herself with duppatta..
Yuvi- somu tel suhani tats nothing hapened..between us. U told me na u go away from me..pls tel. U know how much I love suhani. Yuvi begs to somu to tel..
Somu- wat r u saying yuvraj. U told me..u love me not suhani. U make me drink tat juice. Now u saying lik this . wat happened to u yuvi.
Somu- suh trust me. Am telling truth. U know yuvraj s propose me. If u not trust me ask yuvraj..!! She points yuvraj. Suh sees yuvraj who standing n shock..nd defends himself. Dadi rags nd rohan smiles seeing soumya acting well.
Suh- yuvraj s tat me.. Wat are all somu said tat true or not!?
Yuv- suhani.u trust me na..suhani tat was past. Y not believe my present !? She stops yuvraj nd ask ” s tat true or not?”
I continued- haan suhani.but she reject me nd i says sry to her. Tat incident over tat day am not love her.. She only aftr me.
she stops me from saying further…there s absolute silent between us!

Suh closes her room nd tries to cut her hand.. Rohan comes on time nd rescue her. Pankaj lata hugs suhani

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  1. nice episode …yaar but it is very tough time for yuvani,plz unite them soon.

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thanks sri…keep supporting.. reunion on d way

  2. Aqsxxh

    The emotion in today’s episode was amazing, was written flawlessly.
    ANd the misunderstanding is amazing, the more drama, the more action, the closer the love will get!
    I love it di

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thanks aqsxxh dii….

  3. fabulous! so more misundrstndngsbw yuvani. nice twist again, waiting for their reunion…

  4. Oh amazing ywist dear.noe i cant wait fr nxt episode dear.

  5. Sanaa.khan

    The episode is awesome and I’m eagerly waiting for the next epi

  6. Nithu

    Superb..dear loved it…

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thanks nithu di…

  7. Nice… Keep it up


    Oh no poor YuvAni, and the precap… oh dear… but im excited to see how you will show their reunion.


      You portrayed their deep pain and love beautifully

    2. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      tysm AFANFICWRITER….

  9. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    I try my best to show their reunion AFANFICWRITER…. I wrote their reunion episode now it may get delay to post

  10. Super….Now a days i’m waiting for ur SSEL only daily

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      wow thanks Suba dear..tysm…. ..

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