Mere Gusse Mein Toh Hai Pyar (Epi 27)


Thank u dears… ur cmnds. gv me suggestions pls shall I stop with their confession or I continue with yuvani marriage and leap…episode??.
Episode 26

Suh (pov) yes finaly he said he loves me. I cant believe he loves me…lik i love him.really he s sadu. Usski pyar ki bat bhi gusee karke bolrahi ho.. Sadu maharaj..I fel lik in cloud9 mood. His eyes clearly shows how muvh he gets iriteIts gud tat rohan talks lik tat.. Tomorw aftr di mrg i should talk wit papa about yuvraj nd me. He wil understand me..he won’t refuse me.
Suh smiles nd hug pilow thought yuvraj.!! Their old memories were runs in her mind.

Its morning..
In BH: pratima- yuvraj today s sharad bavana shaadi.. Do care for tat arrangements..welcome al guests its ur duty. I just come. Yuv- yes ma I take care..
All guests arrived to BH.. Somu took bavana inside. Pratima do arati. Rags menka shows her room to get ready. All go inside somu searches yuvi..
Sha- guru kya?? Sach me tum aisa bola..?(really u say tat?)
Yuv- haan sharad i told suh..tat I love her. I dont know wats her reaction.
Sha- wah guru.. U accept u r in love! I know suh bhabi also lik u. She became oficialy my bhabi right!
Yuv- dont know. Befre i told i left one gift in her room. If she agree she took my gift..anklet. She If not.. She not accept..
Sha- don’t worry she will wear.. Yuv- hope so sharad.! Par abhi tak jansi Rani not come where s she??

They search suhani.. But she not come.. Sha- guru thik se pato whr u left gift?
Yuv- sharad I left gift in room.only. i think she may b got anger bcz of yesterday…I talk with her anger.. sha- OK I ask bavana abt tat gift..(somu hears them talking about gift. She thought yuv left gift for her. Bcz yuvi anger on her yesterday.!)
Bavana informs suh did not see any gift. I took tat gift box from her room nd mix tat with other gift box. Sharad nd yuvraj sees each other nd give sad look to each other.
Mariage function starts.. Dadi rags seeing suhani come.. Suh dashes with ramesh..juice Glasses fall down.. dadi came there and scold ramesh to clean.(dadi indirectly told about suhani). Suh- dadi ddon’t scold ramesh bhaiya. I broke tat glass unknowingly.. I wil clean it.
Dadi- yes u only clean. Bcz u also lik ramesh only. U say him as bhaiya..
Yuvraj hears dadi wat told! Yuv- dadi wat u say about suhani..? U know she s my..(he stoped)
Suh ses yuvraj and expect next word from him. dadi went from there. Yuvraj and suhani seeing other.. Thy get distrb by pratima voice.. They went to mandap. Bavana sharad shadi starting. They get married.. And takes blesding from al..
Yuvraj sees gift boxes and search that gift for suhani. he found out nd ask one kid to hand over to suhani. He agrees and goes to suhani.
Kid- di it’s uncle give.
Suh- uncle! Kon hi beta?

Kid-dont know di.. He runs from there. suh tries to open the gift. Somu comes there ssearching same gift.. Somu ses gift in suh hand. She runs to suhani nd grabs gift from her.
Yuvraj sees from far and get tensed. Somu- suh its my gift its wrongly came to u. Suh- who sends this! Somu- may b krishna..suh gives gift to her and goes.

Somu open the gift and read the leter.” Am sry! I know u got angry on me. Not even hear my voice. But trust me..wat ever I said tat was true. U may think I said tat in anger..its not lik tat.. Ok now i tel u again…but before tat u must acept my gift. If u wear this i understand u acept me.. And don’t think abt others.. I wil b with u I wil fight against world only fr u. “Jansi Rani yes I love u .. Suhani.. I love u more than all. Tumare face Ki ek smile kliye me kuch bhi kar sakta suhani trust me..” I hope u wear tat anklet nd comE. I wish to hear tat anklet sound til my last breath! ur sadu Raj! S waiting jaldi ajo mere jaan!)
Somu reads and gets box fal from her hand.
Yuvraj comes to somu nd takes gift box from ground. Somu shockingly sees yuvraj.
Somu- yuvraj kya yeh sach! tum …tum.. Her words shattered.. She hold yuvraj shirt she lost her patience aftr reading his letter.

Yuv- somu pls don’t took tension. Wat ever u read tats true.. Try to understand me.. I start leave with gift. She resist my way by her handa
Somu- yuvraj v both love each other . then how can u love suhani. U r playing with suhani right. Am a fool trust this letter. I know u won’t left me.. She hold yuvraj shirt…in emotion.
Yuvraj hold her hand and says “soumya..listen to me ffirst. I already told u.. I need time to accept u. But I really don’t know wen I love suhani. I don’t want to lose suhani now. Its geting late. Rohan also came. Before tat i must talk with suhani. So pls… Understand i cant love u in these time. U only force me to love u..” Soumyaaa !! For God sake pls let me go to suhani. I burst out… I don’t know how she feel. I said sry to her n my heart.
Dadi hears yuvraj nd somu talking nd gets shocked.. Yuvraj goes from there left somu crying.. Dadi goes to somu…!
Yuvraj places tat gift note nd gift to pratima room. Suh came out from freshing in pratima rom. Sees gift nd open. Yuvraj watches her from window..aftr reading tat She hugs pilow nd rounding in room. She ses tat anklet nd kises. Yuvraj goes to his room nd waiting for suhani.

Suh(pov) i see the note kept with gift.. I open tat gift nd sees one beautiful anklet.. I start read note… Yes tat was wrote by sadu..I Get shocked nd read read read again… He wrote he loves me… i jumb on bed.. I hug pilow. I run to see him immediately. I climb steps going to yuvraj…it looks lik filmy scene to me.. Tat anklets makes sound..I Feel lik a queen wen I hear sound..)
BG plays..while suhani runs to yuvraj room. Both of them imagined they dance..
# Ishq ki dhooni roz jalaaye
Uthta dhuaan to kaise chhupaaye}
(this heart puts up incense of love everyday,how can one hide the smoke coming out of it)
# Ankhiyaan kare jee hazoori
Maange hain teri manzoori
Kajra siyaahi, din rang jaaye
Teri kastoori rain jagaaye
Man mast magan, man mast magan
Bas tera naam dohraaye

(The eyes just agree with you, [on whatever you say, they’ve become flatterer, sycophants.]They ask for your approval,You eyes’ kohl colors my day,and your fragrance keeps me awake through the night.My mad heart, my mad joyful heart,just keeps on repeating your name.)
. yuvraj lyes in bed his heart s ful of hapines knowing suhani acept..
He removes his over coat jacket and throws in air….he shows his full heart smile. Both suh and yuvraj in their dream world.

precap: dadi ask somu to Create misunderstanding between yuvraj room…..soumya says”” yuvraj dont leave me! I love u lot. I left Krishna fr u.. Now u also left me..I should die. Only yuvrajjjjj!)
Yuv- soumya wat r u saying. Just leave me.
Somu- kyu yuvraj. Kyu aisa kar rahi ho mere saath.. (Her words were bring thunder storm n yuvraj ears.. Nd suhani hears tat.)
Yuvi s shocked seeing suhani… suh misunderstands yuvi nd left from there..

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  1. Wow dear u r very nice.yivani were too good.happy to see yuvani.pls continue ur ff with mrg dear.all d very best

  2. Nice… Plz don’t take leap…. This track is best

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thanks somi dear…

  3. Amazing episode….Continue with yuvani marriage and so on….ur way of writing is gud…


    Wow. How romantic and loving and special and so much more, thank you for brightening up my Christmas! Please dont break them up again after their beautiful union, i couldnt handle it! And there is no need for a leap unless you want one, this track is beautiful xx

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thanks AFANFICWRITER di.. I ad some more lines in this episode. but mistakenly tat not copied here..sry fr spelling mistakes..

  5. Aqsxxh

    Amazing episode!
    Really romantic
    It is fantatic, and about the leap, I don’t think u need it

  6. Avanikamdar


    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u avani di…

  7. Sanaa.khan

    Subha dear today’s episode is brilliant… I would like u to continue the present track unless u have super interesting twist in the tale where the leap might work.

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u Sanaa dii.. ok upto this confession I plan to stop nd start new ff.. now aftr reading ur cmnd I decide to continue with yuvani mrg story plot s new ff…I combine both ff in one

  8. it is really amzing.
    i love each nd every line specially that letter yuvraj written for suhani nd this epi is sweet nd romantic.i love them a lot.plz unite them soon without any misunderstandings.plz lz don’t end this plz.this really one of the fantastic ff i have read.

  9. oh the epi was awesome n again twist was so gud pl dont end it, its very gud

  10. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    thank u abi dear

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