Mere Gusse Mein Toh Hai Pyar (Epi 26)


thank u frnds for ur cmnds.. here its for u.. i cut short my ff and post yuvraj confession in this episode. i hope u lik it. pls give feed back. i will correct my mistake.
Episode 26 BH: saurab packs his bag nd takes bles from dadi he s going out of town for a week. Menka thinks saurab s lieing.. Rags ask menka not to doubt saurab. but menka can’t trust him. He leaves from there. Yuvraj sharad hugs him nd say bye.
Yuvraj gets call from soumya. She ask him to come for shopping. He agrees nd leaves.
Somu do shopping fr her. She buys dress for her.. Yuvraj sees one anklet nd ask shop man to pack in separate gift.
Somu sees and thinks yuvi wil gift her.she behaves not seeing. They left somu checks her purse seeing two movie tickets.Somu recalls Rohan gives two film ticket to somu..ask her to take yuvi to movie.
Somu- yuvi shal v go to movie now.
Yuv- wat movie. No am not interest. U go.
Somu- how I go alone. OK drop me at therei join with suhani nd rohan.
Yuv- suhani ?? Somu – ya rohan suhani also come there.
Yuv- OK I wil come. Somu gets happy.. Send msg to rohan they wil come.

In film hall:
Yuvraj- where s rohan nd suhani?
Somu- they were inside. Yuv- OK let v go inside.
Yuv- I see suhani looking around . rohan ask me to sit my place. Rohan suh sit before us.. Suh still not seeing me… I tried so many ways to get her attention but failed. How adamant she o thought. I sit back side of her seat.
Somu hold my hand.. I feel discomfort nd take my hand.. She lies on my shoulder which make me irritating I ddon’t knw y. I keep seeing suhani..she was lost in film..
Just then I saw rohan who tries to put his hand on suhani. My pressure increase seeing tat. Suh moves but he puts again.. I getsup nd cal her name.
Yuv- suh can u pls sit wit somu. bcz she feel uncomfortable..
Suh- ya sure. She said.I think she eexpect this from me .
V exchange our seats which makes rohan pressure increase..nd mY pressure decrease.. Now I feel happy… “Rohan see film s going nice.”.I said. He looks at me n anger for spoiling his ends with happy reunion. But not for me.We left to drop suhani home.
In hall suh nd rohan talks. suh- rohan ji y u doing lik this. I didn’t expect this from u. I know v get marry but before tat just stay away from me.

Rohan- suh it’s not lik tat u misunderstanding me.. I just..
Suh- stop I hope it’s not happen next time.
Roh- y it’s not any fault suh.. If yuvraj do lik tat u accept right?
Suh- wat r u saying.?
Rohan- I said correct. I feel u lik yuvraj not me. U won’t react if yuvraj siting near u. But u Have Problem wen am near. U knw wat suhani ! nowur problem isnot , puting hand on u..but who puts hand s problem..rohan bursts out..
Suh s speechless. Roh- am I right..yes am right only.. I don’t want yuvraj roaming near u. I hope u get tat.they hear my sound stop talking rohan says bye..and left.

It’s mrng.. Saurab goes to one man follows him ndtake his phone dialing to someone nd inform where saurab s! Sometime after someone gives money to tat man.. None other than menka!
bavana cals sharad . ” come to home…for just smal family party” sharad agres. Bavana told take yuvraj also. She cuts Cal.
lata pankaj all sits n dining table…. rohan opens the door nd invite yuvraj sharad.. Pankaj- rohan its not fair y u do al these.. Lata wil do u come nd sit to us. Roh- wat r u saying uncle. iit’s also my home. I do all..u can’t stop me.. Sharad- but wat s the necessary Rohan? Y u do all without any reason!
Roh- shrad v both are having right in this house. V only care for our ladies.. But u dont do. But I do for mother india.
Bavana drags suhani to dining table.. Suh sees food nd smells… suh- wow maa.. Its ful of my fav dishes… I eat all… Suh start eating samosa…
Roh- yes its al for u mother india.. I made it for u.. Rohan smiles seeing yuvraj reaction..
Yuv(pov) I adjust all the nonsense of rohan but I can’t adjust this one.. Not only adjust I can’t imagine this also. How rohan made food for suhani.. I just having mild attack in my heart.. Really he loves her or try to make me jelous…Yehjansi rani also eat…watelse she know.. She knows only eat without manners. she forget this world hearing samosa..she forget wat this rohan did with her yesterday.. Disgusting..)
Suh- kya.. It’s ur preparation ? But rohan ji it’s not necessary to…do..
Roh- it’s OK mother India. I know u r under confusion of yesterday misunderstanding..but I promise here after I wil take me.
Suh- it’s OK I forget tat. Pankaj ask rohan to take care suhani lik this always. Rohan promise to him. Yuvraj sharad sees each other making iritaing look.. All gets up nd goes to their work. Yuv- do u want more samosa?
Suhani sees someone put extra samosa in her plate.. “Do u want more..shal I bring…some more”I said.
Suh- wat r u doing yuvraj! It’s enough.. I take if I need.
Yuv- suhani r u mad. How can u forget rohan did with u..
Suh- he says sry na yuvraj! Forget tat..
I said “But suhani..he did with intention.u also forgive him seeing samosa..? If u forgive him lik tat he wil take more advantage..and give u then also will u forgive him??”” Suh – yuvraj stop. Y u think so much.. And am not forgive him seeing samosa. IIt’s my nature…
Yuv(burst outs n anger) – u r disgusting suhani. No use to talk with u.U r fooI. No am a fool to warning u about tat idiot. U also gone lik mad.. said tat in high tone.. left from there giving samosa plate to suh..

yuvi thinks to tel suhani he s love her….before rohan suhani mrg.
yuv left tat gift box in suhani room. he see somu in hall. Somu- yuvi wat happened to u y u change ur seat. I thought u feel gud to spend Tim wit me but..
Yuv- somu I don’t lik ths..nd infact I have no feeling for u. But u force me to feel.
Somu- yuvraj y don’t u understand me. I love..
Yuv- bus stop somu… I need tim. Wenever i saw u. I rembember u nd krishna.. I feel guilty.
Somu s speechless.. I said sry somu.. But tats real… She left from there. Yuvi s siting alone where suhani comes to talk with him.
Suh- yuvraj r u angry with me stil ..
Yuv- suhani wat hapening y u not tel anything to rohan wen he..put.. I stop myself from saying.. Suh looks me..with teary eyes.
Suh- shal i ask u one thing… Y u care for me. U know v..
Yuv- suh wat’s ur problem. Don’t say u both going to marry..i tired of hearing tat. I know u don’t lik him thn y u marry him..
Suh- it’s none of ur business yuvraj. Better u stay from this.
Yuv- y I should suhani.. He tries to get close to u infront of me…how can I sitting..
Suh- y do u have any problem.. Who r u to me..
BG: sawaree plays….
Yuv-(pov) I pin her to the wall..she struck between my hands nd wall. I continued.. shutup suhani..yes I have problem. I don’t lik rohan roaming near u.. Infact I don’t want anyone else around u..if anyone tries to get place near u Iwon’t leave them.. I do care for u bcz I love..u. I love u suhani.. Do u understand ? I said with full of my attitude nd give one slap to the wall. She closes her eyes.
I said tat in anger broke the glass in my hand nd throws. I hold her shoulder with my red blood hand….blood bleds from my hand. V had an blood stains stick in her dres.
Suh sees my hand bleeding nd gets panic..she tries to hold my hand I said no thanks go nd care for ur rohan now. U ddon’t care for me. I left from there. Then only i realised the way i talk…no no propose her…I back off my hair..with my blood stain hand.which pains now only.
I do first aid recall tat moment.
suhani sees yuvraj left anger..his words repeatedly rings in her ears.”I do care for u bcz IIv u suhani”. She smiles recals tat.

precap: soumya grabs the gift from suhani hand opens the gift…. yuvraj sees and gets tensed soumya opens the gift.

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  1. Aqsxxh

    Amazing Episode, I love Yuv’s care (through anger) for Suhani, and I do not like Rohan’s blackmailing, but very interesting episode

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thanks aqsxxh di…


    Woahm wow. Woah. I want to write a super long episode but your episode stole away my words with its pure amazingness. The emotion and description in that confession felt as if i was watching it and the emotion felt so romantic and deep. I cant phrase how much i loved this epi, well done! Update soon please xx

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      wow thanks AFANFICWRITER di…. tysm. i wish to made two more episode of their confession di …

  3. Amazing episode infact we are waiting more eagerly than sowmya to know about suhanis reaction and gift.ur doing an amazing work dear.

  4. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    sure..soumya ko kuch nahi Mila… don’t worry… v r devotees of yuvani… yuvani only rocks!!

  5. wonderful epi…i like yuvraj’s love ,care towards suhani….plz plz made suhani also realise her love for yuvraj .update nxt epi soon.

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thanks sri.. I made it.

  6. Interesting keep it up

  7. lovely

  8. Super …Amazing episode…..didn’t expect confession soon….it was a surprise

  9. Sanaa.khan

    Amazing epi….the love confession was heart touching. Keep going dear

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u sanaa di

  10. Fantastic dear! Loving each n every bit of ur ff.Keep going…

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