Mere Gusse Mein Toh Hai Pyar (Epi 24)


. I lost my patience nd unknowingly said..”wat sharad..u ask me to calm. My suhani was lying in fever.. How should I calm. Her fever increased..I cant see my suhani lik lines were busy..if anything happens to my suhani..IWon’t.. Sharad listening all and ask me guru wat ur suhani?. I just realized wat I said.

Episode 24
Sha- guru listen me.. I send Dr now u don’t tak tension.
Yuv- send me fast. I cut the cal nd turns somu standing. I just look at her and went to see suhani. Somu folows him to suhani room . after some tim doctor reached. He checks suhani.
Yuv(i tel everything about suh to doctor. I dont know he listening me or not. But 1thinks sure i talking without breaking dr must get anger. But i dont want to stop talking. I continusly asking him about her health.
Dr- nothing yuvraj. She wil b fine. Its virus fever. I give her tablets u must take care OK.
Yuv- virus fever. it not cure easily. Shal I admit her in hospital.
Dr- no need.. Suh wakes her eyes slowly. She ask me to calm. But i did not listen her also. Dr sees me nd suhani.. Dr pacifies me nd ask me not to take tension. Its ordinary fever. He start filling injunction. Suh epens her big eyees nd beging him not to put injuction.
Yuv- don’t worry suh. hold myhandd. U wil get fine. But suh refuses.. I divert her mind.. I sat near her..she s brilliant nd knws Dr tries to inject her. She hold her hands into mine.. She was fully hug me.. Dr inject her..
aftr injunction..Dr says Mrs birla u r al right now. Suhani hears and forwards her head from my chest..we feel ackward.. Dr continue u r lucky to have Mr.Birla…take care..I HV to leave now. he went.
I see my dres which was messed by jansi rani. Suh- sry yuvrajj
Yuv- suhni yeh toh srif injection only not any knife or big weapon to take ur life!
Suh- i know dont take me cls now.
Yuv- its not cls. I just try to make u understand.
Suh- if I said anything …. u told tat bakwas. ?
Yuv- of course u r talking 90%bakwas suhani..
Yuvraj tum..she pointing her finger towards me..I hold her finger nd said don’t dare to pointing me suhani.
Somu come there after talking with rohan. She ask suhani to eat somthing. She nods.. Somu brings food for our 3.
Somu nd yuvi goes to clean hands. Yuvi helps somu to take fod for suhani.

We 3 sat for having food. I start having my food. he said don’t u have manners suhani.use spoon ! I give empty look at him..he says y u look lik this and gave me spoon . I refuse to take. He force me to have food by spoon.yes he s feeding me. I kinda shocked with this. I rrealize somu near me nd took spoon from him.saying I eat..
Yuv- suh clean ur hands before eat. Ur hands may have germs.
Suh- yuvraj am not a kid playing n mud nd hv germs.
somu- suh he said right. V care for u. Do wat v say.
Yuv- somu s right. V r ur frnds. V care u lot.
Suh- sadu maharaj became safai KI Raj.
Yuv- nahi suhani. Its caled maners which u dont have.
Somu nd yuvraj hifi each other. Suh makes a face. After lunch yuvi make suhani sleep..she sleps due to injection effect.
___ _____

Dadi rags going for shoping. On dway they see lata pankaj.
Rags- uncle how r u?whr u were going.
Pankaj- v fine beta. V came here for Temple. now going to home. Suhani got fever..
Dadi- pankaj did u start any mrgpreparation for suhani..?
Pankaj- yes maaji. I forget to tel. We fix suhani nd rohan get married.
Lata- rohan s close to our family he likes suhani. So v fix their mrg.
Rags- its realy gud news. Wen s her mrg.
Dadi- haan rags it’s really gud news for me. Along with bavana suhani mrg should happen it’s really gud.
Lata- ji maaji we also think lik tat but..
Rags- no aunty I talk to suhani u don’t worry. Somu calls pankaj and thy left.
Rags dadi gets relieved .. They gets happy nd purchase for all.

In BH:
Pratima come..dadi gives her sweet nd dress. Pratima ask any gud news.
dadi said’s really gud news. But not fr u. Pratima wat!?
Dadi – pankaj toldsuhanii s going to mary soon but not with ur son yuvraj..
Pratima- wat.. It’s not happen. I ccan’t believe. Rags- mommy ji but pankaj said he choose rohan instead of yuvraj. Wat v do. We also try to convince him but he not listen. Do u knw dadi how much feel aftr hearing tat.
Pratima goes silent. Dadi nd rags ears sweet s nd celebrate. Yuvraj come home. sharad says wat dadi rags told pratima. Yuvraj gets worried.
Prat- yuvraj wat hapens here. Y u not tel pankaj u loves suhani. Y u left suhani to mary rohan.
Yuvi- maa. Pls calm .. Sharad hold pratima. Yuvraj takes water for her.
Prat- tel me! Did u tel pankaj r not.
Yuv- no ma. Situvation is lik tat so i.. Shard guru y u trouble mausi ji. Aftr u tel.
Sharad- guru wil talk pankaj uncle don’t worry.
Prat- tum promise karo..u must talk with pankaj about suhani.
Sharad signs him to accept. Yuv- agrees nd makes her sleep.
Yuv – how many time v have to hide truth. Sharad- but not now. V have to hide. Don’t worry. V make pratima believe u don’t love her. She s ur frnd. They their rooms.

—— suhani home:
I feel tired. I just try to close my eyes..I can’t sleep. I just recal the day i spend with yuvraj. i feel somthing special wen he s with me. He cares for me..he fight with me. He console me.y..he gv solution for al my problem..Wen he s here i forget all..infact today I did not mis my mom dad. Did my heart wants yuvraj near to me??)
Lata- suh now kaise ho tum.
Suh- hugs lata. Maa am OK now.
Bavana- shall v go Hosp?
Suh- no di. Dr came here. Yuvraj take care me.
Pankaj- wat yuvraj.. How he knws .
Suh- papa somu gets him.
bavana v met his dadi nd invite them for ur mrg also.OK now u took rest..
Al left from there.

In bh:
Yuvraj( i just came from mom rook nd lying n bed. I start recall moms words about suhani nd this day.. Suddenly Iget up from bed nd goes near mirror.. I back off oh hair…I see the day spend with mirror. Oh god how could I do tat. Did suhani knows wat i did? Wat she think about me.. I go to wash my face..usually I do wen I did anything beyond my control. I came out from washing room seeing deeply in mirror it shows wat I did in suhani home!!)
Yuv thinks flash back in suhani home…In mirror..(haan muje bhi hogaya plays BG..).Yuvlook for somu for help suhani but she left out for few mins. So He decide to help her. he make her lying nd covers her with blanket. She sleps. he sat near her..he just cares her hair..
Yuv-(pov) suh i wont let u lik this. U get wel son. Am always near u.. I don’t know wat kind of feeling it’s? It’s called love or friendship.. My heart says its love…suh do u know all boys are not same in way of expres their love. Some boys also here, express their love in way of anger also. Yes am also one of the some boys! Yes Iove u suhani.. Wen u understand my love!??)
saying tat…unknowingly he kissed her forehead. (Sawaree ee oh sawareeee!!suh moves in sleep. Yuv came back to sense wat he did..nd getsup from bed nd left

Episode 24
It’s mrng.. Sharad bavana haldi day. They do all rituals in home.. Dadi joins in function and bless sharad. Dadi sees yuvraj tension. Dadi- beta I know u r not feeilng gud. Bcz pankaj decided suhani mrg with rohan. Its god u to move. Yuv- its ok dadi i understnd. But y u tel tat to mom. U know she cant bear this al.. Dadi- wat i did Tats not a mater. Partima must know bfre she showers love on her. Yuv- but dadi.. Rags comes and shows yuv just chil see who s coming.. Yuv- sees somu coming. Dadi nd rags goes to welcome her.
Somu- dadi thank u so much for inviting me here. She takes bles from dadi.
Yuv- somu tum.. Somu- ya dadi invite me .
Yuv- i asked her to come nd ask about suhanis health. She says she s fine now and ask me to say thanks to u. I smiled.
Function start.Dadii ask rags menka to dance. Thy dance..and rounds somu nd yuvi.. Yuvi feels somthing going in dadi mind and left from there. Yuv(pov) Dadi stops him and ask me. Yuvraj do marry somu? I lik her very much..somu stands near dadi and staring me..i expect somu to tel. But she not)
Yuv- wat ! R u kidding. I don’t want to marry anyone. So pls stop playing in my life. U know I love u more..nd respect u. So pls understand me. And don’t try to get somu here anymore. She s my frnd.
Dadi gets disappointed.about yuvraj answer. Dadi left anger. Yuv- goes to his room thinks about Somu..dadi. Prat comes to yuvraj. Prat- yuvraj wat’s going y dadi ask u to marry somu..
Yuv- am also don’t know ma. But I refused to marry.
Sharad- mausi don’t take tension guru wil manage. He wil do wat u want.
yuv- ji maa don’t worry.. Pratima cares his hair. Yuvraj sharad looks each other. Suhani cals sharad and ask them tocome home for selecting dance for their sangeet. He said OK. Yuv- u go am not come there.
Sharad- guru I know ur heart wish to come but ur mind wwon’T let. Life not give chances again again so enjoy this moment forget dadi somu. U feel better wen u come with me. Yuvraj agrees. They go to suhani home.

soumya confess her love to yuvraj..

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