Mere Gusse Mein Toh Hai Pyar (Epi 23)


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Episode 23
I Start my car..somu siting near to me. she talk with me about my family.
She said my dadi nd bhabis were caring me lot. I said thy love me llot thy won’t refuse anything wat I demand! She said u r lucky to get a family lik this. I left a smile nd said I knw! She continued.but am not interest to talk her now. I don’t knw brain induce me to think about suhani.. Now she s fine or not..its normal fever..or high fever? Wat she eat. I damn Sure she s not eating any healthy food. So many questions runing Somewhere in my mind..

I sit near him n car.. We talk for 5 min.. Thn he stop talking and there s pin drop silent between us. I turn outside and thinks.It’s first time I feel strange. Before tat i wont go with anyone.except Krishna. Usually I go with suhani. But now i feel there s some kind of distance betwen me nd Suhani because of yuvraj.. I start suhani. She knows yuvraj proposal she start her lecture about krishna. I dont knw wat her reaction. But i sure tat must b against krishna only.yuvraj s not bad.. He s having all in his life except me..may b he feel incomplete without me in his life tats y he avoid talking..his wife must b very lucky. If i saw him before krishna i wil acept him. I start comparing krishna and yuvraj now.. I don’t knw y. Am I start liking yuvraj?)
somu- I don’t know..
Yuv- soumya were u lost!

Somu- nothing I just think about suhani. He said getdown we reached. She asked me to come inside pankaj lata were not in home now.
Yuv(pov) i enter in home and siting in hall. Soumya ask me to come to suh room. She leave kitchen for make tea. I headed towards her room fast. I feel My heart s waiting to hear such a word to come iinside. I Entered in her room and saw jansi Rani lying n bed covered with blanket no no blankets. She may b wake up by my foot steps. She smiles me trying to show her ful teeth..but she can’t. need to show ur smile now. I already scared..I said naughty nd hold her shoulder nd make her sit comfortably.
She said my name..YuYuvrajjj in husky feverish voice. Tat one word makes me understand she got high fever.
Yuv- suh where s lata aunty. Y they were not n home this time with u. I said without breaking. She looked at my face surprisingly. I said i ask u somthing suh..wat u see in my face?
Suh- yuvraj did u notice ur nose! Yuv- nose! HV u lost ur mind .
Suh- no yuvraj it’s growing big wen u talk in tension. Just now I notice.she smile saying this. I touch my nose and said suhani stop ur nonsense talk. U get high fever.. Come with me I wil take u hospital.
Suh- its ok yuvraj. Mumma papa took bavana to temple. Thy wil reach evening.aftr I go.
Yuv- r u mad? I know u r a good fighter but u cant fight with fever. It neds injection nd tablets not ur bakwas Don’t refuse jansi rani.

She show her big eyes with scaring look aftr hearing injection name. I understand her reaction which she hide from me she continued to refuse but I insist her nd taunt her.
Somu comes with tea. She stopped near door. Suh ask somu to explain she don’t want to go hospital. Somu comes and gives tea. I looked at her and try to tell I don’t lik tea. But before I start talk..
Suh- somu.. yuvraj don’t lik tea. Bring juice for him.
I surprised this from suhani. She smiles me. I ask wow suhani u know about my likes and dislikes.great.
Suh- thank u I knw my frnds likes.. I thanked her.

Somu (I stand near door nd watching their talk. I totally impressed by yuvraj caring side. They talk with friendly nature. May b yuvraj s talk with me ,care me lik this if i acept for his proposal. Rohan said right. No one refuse to mary yuvraj. Am a fool to lose him. I move from there when my phone rings.)
Rohan- somu how r u. I said rohan bhaiya am OK. Roh- did suh eat food tablets crt Tim! Somu- ya she took. Roh- somu shal i ask something
Somu- ya ask me. Roh- i heard krishna going to mary rich girl. Bcz of his mom..wat u think about yuvraj.
Somu- u r right am a fool to refuse. Now it’s waste yuvraj won’t accept me.
Roh- don’t worry I will b with u. U just tel him wat u feel.
He won’t u. Somu- he refuse thn? Roh- tats not possible. He loves u lot. He wil get happy trust me. Somu says OK nd cuts call.

Ful day i wil b here to take care of suhani. I dont know y am doing this. Sharad mom Cal me nd advice me to take care. Mom give permission to stay until pankaj came home. I jelous on suhani for ggettin my moms love.. I feed her food tablet.water..made her lay.cover her with blanket. I just understand suhani fever getting high. Even she can’t talk. I think wat I do.

Somu- yuvraj she s getting high fvr now wat v do. Yuv- I Cal Dr. He wil b here 2min.
Yuv( i cal some near by doctors but i cant get him in phone. I think wat humans are they cant they took their phone once. Al lines were busy. Wat a bad time now. I getting tired but not stop calling drs. Between sharad call me. I told all. He ask me to calm. I lost my patience nd unknowingly said..”wat sharad..u ask me to calm. My suhani was lying in fever.. How should I calm. Her fever increased..I cant see my suhani lik lines were busy..if anything happens to my suhani..I Won’t.. Sharad listening all and ask me guru wat ur suhani?. I just realized wat I said.

Precap: haan muje bhi hogaya plays in bg….yuvraj kisses suhai forhead.. Suhani moves in sleep.. He getsup from bed.

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  1. Awesome episode!!!…perfect pyaar from yuvi….try not to end this soon

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thanks bhargavi….

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  4. awsome epi …..its is really very cute and each line is filled with care ,love of yuvaraj towards suhani.specially precap is superb.plz update soon as am very eagerly waiting fr it.

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  5. Aqsxxh

    Episode, each sentence is very beautiful x

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    Update asap…

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    Awwwwwwwwwwwwww pure innocent love is in the air and its making me swoon…. ‘my suhani’. Wow… it was sooo cute! You cant end yhis ff! I love love love it!

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  10. A.Tejaswi

    Wow wonderful episode. Loved it a lot.Please update the next episode asap

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  11. Nice … Keep it up n update soon

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