Mere Gusse Mein Toh Hai Pyar (Epi 22)

hi frnds… sry to make u feel it’s go slowly.
don’t worry I post twice…nd end this ff soon….

Episode 22
Pankaj cals Bavana and ssharad thy goes out. Yuvraj sees suhani..and gives her Handkey.
Yuv-(pov) I gave my pure white Hand key to her..she gives one terror look to me..her eyes itslef ask me y i give handkey?.
“Rub ur tears suhani..I think may b u miss rohan ur eyes gets teary..”
Suh- “ not miss him.. And am not crying. So don’t need of ur Handley raho..tumare pas!” She returns my Handley nd press it into my hands..
I am also press it in her hand..thinking all praising rohan heroism for getting ice cream! She may b understand I getting irrited by rohan name. She start teasing me..
Suh- y u care for me yuvraj.. I think u may get jelous on rohan herosim. Which u cant do..right! So now Handley s need for u. Not me!

I get more irritate by her teasing.. V both start press each other hand in middle my HandKey. It may feel cry hearing our talk! Finally maa cals me i makes a face and goes seeing suhani smiles teasing on me. ”
They all leave their home. Yuvraj sharad took blessing from pankaj lata..
In BH:
Menka siting in sofa and putting nail polish to her finger. Rags come there and ask her to move tat is her place in sofa.
Men- y should I move. U go nd sit somewhere.
Dadi comes there and scold both for making noise..dadi ask rags to stop talking.. Rags goes to room and see saurab phone rings.. She not attent the cal. Its repeatedly caling nd she got anger and goes to atend.. Before she took saurab comes and pick phone from her hand.. And ask rags to not to touch his phone again.

Rags- y wat hapened. In this house no one respect me.. Even u.. All scold me only. Sau- band karo rags.. I have work. Not having time to talk with u..and I don’t want to waste my time..
Rags-’s waste of time to talk.. Y u told lik tat am ur wife.
Sau- tats y I warn
Rags- if i want to spend time with u wats the prob.?
Sau- oh now only u know am ur husband.u r my wife! Wen I say this to u wat u told me. just remember rags.!

Rags- par saurab tat al old issuse. Thn for tat only .now u take revenge from me right?
Sau- oh rags pls stop i dont have habit lik u to take revenge.
Rags- now u punch me for not having baby..
Sau- I m not mean tat.infact I ddon’t want child from u.. I really fedup with u.. If u think tat s the reason I ddon’t mind! He shuts the door and left from tthere angrily.menka hears their convo and smiles.. Rags siting heart broken..
Menka thinks it’s d chance to get right in birla house.. If I give birth to boy baby dadi likes me lot nd my child s 1st grandson here. Rags got insult and I make her servant for me. She smilies herself..
Dadi talks in phone..somu comes to birla house.. She stands near door.. Snoopy barks seing her.. Somu get scared and start shouts.. Yuvraj hold snoopy and calms down..
Dadi came out and see them from distance. Yuvraj- soumya tum ?
Somu- ya actually I came here for meet sharad. bavana ask me to give him this gift.. Yuv- y u come alone. Where s tat jansi Rani

Somu- she refused to come tats y i came here.
Yuv- oh jansi rani show her atitute to me. Ok I ll see her later. Now u come inside .
Somu – actually suhani got… Before she complete dadi comes and ask yuvraj who s she?
Yuv- dadi yeh soumya. She s my frnd.. Nd now she want to meet sharad..

Dadi- oh.she s realy cute in this white midi..
Somu- thank u dadi.. Yuvraj ask somu to come with him.
Dadi sees yuvraj and soumya talking ..with smile..
Rags come and say dadi I think u lik yuvraj right?

Dadi- haan rags u r d one who knows about me nd my mind also tats y u r my favorite..
RAgs – ji dadi no one knws about u than me. Dont wory i make yuvi to love her ..
Dadi- how… Rags- dadi yuvi told she s his frnd.. We also here after make a chance to bring her..again nd again..iit’s simple.
Rags and dadi smiles…seeing them.after sometime yuvraj sharad somu came out.. Yuvr- u told tat jansi Rani.. Here u eat samosa without her..then she came here immediately..
Somu- ya sure. but she won’t come..

Sharad- y..any problem in her ear.. she not able to hear even samosa name!
Sharadnd yuvi smiles. Somu- arre no yaar she got fever nd not able to open her eyes..
sharad- kya fever now she s fine na!?

Yuvi- somu y u not tel me tat 1st.. I should come with u now..(dadi hears yuvi told I should come with u..only) but yuvi sharad talks about suhani..
Rags and dadi smiles…thinks he likes somu.. Somu says it’s OK.. I ll take care..
Sharad- no it’s not lik tat.. Until yuvi came with u he s not normal.. Rehne do..
Yuvi- sharad shutup.. Aisa kuch nahi Hi.. Come somu.. Don’t waste time..
Rags- dadi kahi soumya became BH bahu it’s complete family. am I right
Dadi – haan my grandson life also fullfil..
Thy left suh home.

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  1. Hmm dadi is planning something.but destiny already planned to unite yuvani.its nice.yuvani nok joke is always cute.u said ur ending thiss right.then pls come with another one.bcz u r writting really well.

  2. Plz dont end this ….u really write well…still yuvani r not united so u can write some more episodes after reunion also….and it is not slow…im really enjoying it and waiting for ur update daily

  3. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    thanks bhargavi… I update twice…

  4. Nice epi…

  5. nice epi ….plz don’t end this .ur ff is one of fav ff plzplz don’t stop this .make yuvani confession soon .

  6. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    thanks sri.. I make it soon..

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