Mere Gusse Mein Toh Hai Pyar (Epi 21)


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Episode 21
Bavana sharad encgmnt get over . pratima talks to pankaj about suhani.
Pankaj- pratima ji u knw suhani s very innocent.. She still behaving lik child. Bavana s matured girl..she wil care for u..
Pratima- I know. ur two daughters are very intelligent. Dont wory about bavana i wil take care.. I wish suhani also to…before she complete yuvraj came and put his hand on pratima shoulder.. Pankaj- i want to introduce one person to u but he s now out of town so i cant..
Yuv-(understand it’s rohan) it’s OK uncle we are here only.. we will see him later.
Pratima- who is tat pankaj ji? Pankaj- rohan.. Uska Nam . he s..our…
Yuv- mom uncle… dadi came and wants to meet u now.

Pankaj oh s come i did not see her.. They go to meet dadi.. Yuvraj thinks I must b caught.. Thank God!
Yuvraj call suhani but she cut the call. Yuvi send msg to suhani.
“-suhani come 5 min. It’s urgent. I wil wait for u.. ”
Suhani reads the msg and rreplies”no I HV more work.. U come inside..”
YYuv-“suhani u must come! It’s my order.”
SSuh-“wat order? I won’t come tats my decision! U come inside or wait outside tats ur wish..” Suh smiles sending msg. Yuvraj reads and get angry how dare she.. She always do against me.. I won’t leave her.. Yuvraj turns and see somu..
Somu: wat happened ? Y u in outside!
Yuv- kuch nahi.. I feel bored tats y..

Somu – am also bored.. Suhani s busy in function i frel loneny..shal v talk sometime..
Yuvraj – dont think lik tat am also ur frnd..
Somu and yuvraj talk about Krishna. Yuvraj consoles her.. somu feels bad and start cry. yuvraj gives her Handley nd somu hugs Yuvraj n emotion.. Yuvraj s utter shocked .. He can’t reacat. Somu still hugs him yuvraj gets cal from suhani.. Somu says sry nd moves back.. He says its ok. I just come..yuvraj leaves from there.
Bavana and sharad talks. Bavana: I miss my home and suhani very much after our mrg.
Sharad: v also here only then y u worry.

bavana: ya I know. I can live without seeing mumma pappa but not suhani. She s lik my child. Wen ever she she first come to me to share. After I left who care for her lik me. Suhani: diiii am also missing u badly. Suhani comes from behind and hugs her. Sharad smiles..
Suh- jiju pls aftr mrg also left bavana here..
Sharad- kya? suhani bhabi..ji how I left my wife here am also missing her.. In fact I love her lot than u.

Suh- no I love her lot than u.. They both argue. Bavana smiles seeing them.
sharad- OK I have an idea.. U marry my guru.. U also come to our house nd with ur di..always
Bavana- kya.. Phir Rohan ko kya hua..
Sharad- usse chodo..he wil escape from ur sister… ur sister s lik don…. He wil get good grl than suhani bhabi.. He smiles..teasing suhani.
suh- kya yuvraj se..! Aisa socha na bhi mat jiju. Wo sadu KI saath I can’t stand near him even 1 min.. His safai ki bhimari muje bhi atack hogi.Yuvraj se sada rohan beter hi..

Yuvraj- thank u suhani .. fr rejecting me.. Am also feel the same as u. Tumare yeh idiotic talk ko mei kabhi nahi adjust karogi suhani. If v got maried then am also change lik u idiot..! But oneday u feel miss me ! Bcz am best..
Suh bavana sharad gets shocked and give a funny reaction seeing yuvraj..
Yuv- and sharad tum.. Before mrg u took ur wife side. Tumare wife kliye u ready to handover my life to suhani..its not fair. Yuvi hold sharad neck and they start beating. Bavana smiles . suh- yuvraj dekha mere di itna lucky. Her husband take her side now itself.

Yuvraj- oh tats true jansi ki rani.. But ur rohan !?
Bavana- rohan ko kya. He also love suhani lot.. Saying this bavana put her hand in suhani shoulder nd hugs her. Suhani smiles blushingly…di pls stop..
Bava- yuvraj do u know rohan how much love her.. One time we al planed to go out for geting ice cream but tat time due to some problem road closed.. But suhani demands ice cream.. Hearing tat rohan goes out and get ice cream for her..
Sharad & yuvi- iss mei konsi badi baat bavana!
Bavana- arre rohan got slap from police.. Bcz tat side band rowdy s were broke shops nd all. Rohan struck in tat nd begs shop owner he wont open he broke the shop lock nd police caught him.. He got more beats from police..then also he got ice cream fr her..
Suhani recalls tat moment rohan bought ice cream..
yuv- sees suhani she already in deep thinking.
Sharad- mmm so ssuhani bhabi alsoLucky to get rohan..bavana sharad praises rohan.. Yyv- OK bus karo.. Enough of praising rohan.

precap: funny background music of yuvani….plays…
yuvraj gives HandKey to suhani.
“Rub ur tears suhani..I think may b u miss rohan ur eyes gets teary..”
Suh- “ not miss him.. And am not crying. So don’t need of ur Handley raho..tumare pas!” She returns Handkey nd press it into yuvraj hands..

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  1. Oh somehow confusing.somu agsin sttracyed to yuvi and yuvi started frndship with suhani.rahan is afyer suhani.i just cant wait to see how all these problems solved.pls update nxt episode asap.

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thanks radha… I solved it soon.

  2. Good episode…somya cant b changed..waiting for yuvaani love confession and marriage

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      sure dear.I make it soon…

  3. Nice episode…ur ff as so many Twist …

  4. Sanaa.khan

    Nice epi subha…I found the precap a bit funny

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      thanks sanaa di… for remembering my name…!!!!

  5. Very cute and interesting epi .i like yuvani’s fight so much.plz update nxt epi soon.

  6. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    sure dear…thanks a lot.

  7. NAPSHa J

    nice epi dear.. plz solve the mess asap.. funny precap..

  8. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    sure di…. am also busy with my personal work so I end this ff soon…..

  9. superb epi..

  10. Aqsxxh

    nice episode dear xx

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