Mere Gusse Mein Toh Hai Pyar (Epi 20)

Episode 20

Dadi says she s feeling not well so she can’t come for encgmnt.. Prat- maaj I want to tel u about yuvraj shadi.
dadi- wat yuvraj shadi! Aaj shard KI sahai hi na..
Prat- haan I know.. Aap ko patahi suhani s pankaj s 2nd daughter..
Dadi- kya!??
Prat- ji maaji. If u come and talk about yuvraj mrg. Yuvraj gets happy.
dadi- thinks and tels OK I come u go first.
Sharad and yuvraj hears them and gets shocked.
Yuvraj- sharad ab kya kar sakte? Suhani ko already fix hogi..shadi.
Sharad- guru wo rohan hume chodogi nahi.!

Yuvraj- uusski baat chodo.. Pankaj ji ko pata chala tumare shadi ko kya hua? Socha??
Sharad kuch toh karo guru. I ddon’ Want to lose bavana..pls
Yuvraj -relax we will think..pratima ask them to come for suhani home.they all leave.
In suhani home: all prepared for encgmnt. Suhani and somu make bavana ready.. they teases bavana..lata comes there and she talk emotional to her..and hugs bavana.
Somu sees car comes and inform all they reached. Somu lata..welcomes birlas.. They allget inside. Yuvraj search suhani to tell about dadi nd pratima plan for their marriage.. Somu sees yuvraj searching..
Somu – yuvraj wat u search?
Yuvraj – nothing.. Y krishna not coming for tat job? Is tat OK!

Somu- feels bad and tels Krishna not lik tat ur cmpny.
Yuvr- it’s OK. He may b angry on me. I make him understand don’t worry.
Somu thanks him.. Yuvraj ses Pratima goes to suhani.. He excuses himself and go to pratima and stops her.. YYuvraJ hears suhani sound and turns.. Suhani s wearing red and golden color lehenga. Her hair was roled by jasmine..which she put in front..her long hair was attached with silky skin… Yuvraj sees her( is this suhani .no I cant believe this. Jansi KI Rani itini pretty.. whr I mistake ? I just close my eyes and again open. s it’s jansi Rani only. Shal i complement her…now..! But where s tat Hutch Dog!? Follows her anytime..yaa am saying about rohan only.. )
suhani comes to them. Prat- suhani beta tum bhoat achi lag rhi ho yeh dres mei.. she thanked my mom nd hug her.
Suh- mr sadu maharaj… Whr s sharad jiju..she waves her hand before him yuvraj come back to this world by her sound.
Prat- suhani I want to ask about something.. I saw u with one guy who drops u at BH.. Who s he?
Suha- wo aunty yeh mera…
Yuv- hold suhani hand..maa chodo.. Aftr u ask her now I talk with her..suhani I want to talk urgent come with me..i drag her ..
pratima smiles at them..
Yuv- suh it’s important. Maa ask for ur ur dad.
Suh- marriage kya! Wo toh fix hogi na.
Yuv- arre yaar.. try to understand…u nd .tat ..Hutch…I Stop without complete the NNicK name of rohan..

function starts .. Somu comes to yuvraj and suhani take them for function.. They did not talk.. Suhani goes.. yuvraj- suh listen me or it wil problem for u..
Sharad and bavana comes there and thy exchange rings.. Suhani s standing near bavana and yuvraj s near sharad.. Yuv throws flower on suhani..shows signal to come out for talk.. Suhani sees yuvraj throw flowers On her.and smiles.
She noded her head saying no to me.. She gave me a tube light wala smile.. I just close my eyes not bcz of her brightness smile.. Bcz of her attitude shows to me. Suhani also throws flowers on me..
I just catch the flowers she throwed on me.nd signs her to stop..but she not.! . Dadi comes there and see yuvraj suhani.
Rags- dadi kya yuvraj sach mei suhani se pyar..! Am sure dadi yeh suhani knows black magic… She did something to yuvraj.
Dadi- shutup rags. I don’t want such a middle class girl to b my bahu
Suhani sees dadi and goes to welcome her. Menka-hi suhaniiiii menka..birla family KI chotti bahu… She forward s her hand to shake .
Suhani smiles at her and welcome her. Rags- waise suhani not bad u look gud in makup..
Suh- thank u but I don’t put makup… My frnd make me ready today..
Dadi- ur frnd have some makup sense than u.. Dont know how yuvraj lik u..without makup.. Suhani embraced.rags and menka smiles at her.
Suh- dadi makup s not important to me.. I HV maners nd good values to live my life.. Dadi – ye ladki.bas karo yeh lecture..dadi stops seeing yuvi.
. Yuvraj came to dadi..and hug her.. Suhani goes from there giving angry to dadi..

I can live without seeing mumma pappa but not suhani. She s lik my child. Wen ever she she first come to me to share. After I left who care for her lik me. Suhani: diiii am also missing u badly. Suhani comes from behind and hugs her. Sharad smiles..
Suh- jiju pls aftr mrg also left bavana here..
Sharad- kya? suhani bhabi..ji how I left my wife here am also missing her.. In fact I love her lot than u.


  1. Radha

    Wow super episode.very very nice.i want to kill that evil trio.they are always after suhani.rohans nick name is perfect.

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