Mere Gusse Mein Toh Hai Pyar (Epi 19)


Suh- ohh i will day u go after a girl nd beg her to love u..
Yuvraj- hello !! it’s EVER NEVER !! NEVER EVER!!
Suhani smiles at him and pinches his nose.. Yuvraj moves back and they smile.. Rohan sees them..and goes.sharad bavana also reached there and yuvraj sharad send off them..they leave from hospital.

Episode 20
Yuvraj and sharad check their things nd waiting for car.. Dadi rags menka arrived..dadi – yuvraj beta r u OK.! Who drives car. I knw tat idiot sharad only did this. Dadi scold sharad..yuvraj calms her and says all.. He sees rags yuv- bhabi y u came hospital just before? Where s saurab bhaiya?
Rags- me no way yuvraj i just now came from home.
Yuv- bhabi don’t hide.. Any good news. I see u nd Bhai near baby Ward..
Rags – wat ! r u kidding me? Am not interest in baby now. May b u r wrong.. Saurab also went to not here.
Yuv- par bhabi…dadi interrupt and says leave it yuvraj let v go home now. They leave from there. Yuvraj gets confused..
In BH:/ pratima rushes to yuvraj and sharad and talks with mother love.she cares for both and ask them to rest. yuvraj goto sharad room and lies..
Sha- guru am happy do u knw bavana hugs me nd care for me..
Now my all wish get fulfilled.. I wish u also get a love lik her.. Suhani also very lovely girl she feel for us.. But yeh rohan just opposite to her. Y God make pair lik this!!
Yuv- Haan sharad rohan behave weird.. I don’t lik him..not even 1℅.
Sha- guru wat u tel mausi suh and rohan mrg..? She don’t know about our drama. If she knows suh going to marry rohan she feels bad..
Yuv- haan wat I do now.. Mom lik her. I tel mom today about tat. Sharad says take care about this.yuvraj nods nd go.

Suhani nd bavana reach home with rohan. thy tel pankaj tat they were safe now.. Pankaj Cal’s pratima and talk about their health nd encgmnt..pratima says v do simple in home.. Pankaj agree and ask them to come their home fr function.. Prat inform to all. Yuvraj and anuj teases sharad they start preparing for encgmnt..
Bavana- suh I got scared in one sec..if anything happens to sharad I can’t forgive myself..
Suh- di..par kuch nahi hua na.. He s safe don’t worry.. Tomorw is ur encgmnt take rest.. Whr s Somu? She goes without inform me..
Bavana- chodo..she wil come tomorrow for function.. Suh lies in bed and prays for yuvraj and sharad get well soon..
Rohan sits in garden thinking about yuvraj ..and his phone rings
Rohan- I can’t come for this case..
Voice – u must come bcz v invest large amount in this case if u not attend ur job s not gguarante Ur reputation also spoiled..think and tel.
Roh- don’t dare to Blackmail.. I will come. Rohan cuts phone and think it’s urgent to go out of town wat I do.. It wil take 1 wk time to return.. Bfre tat I must talk with suhani about yuvraj..

It’s morning rohan packs his bag and come to meet suhani.. Suhani still sleeps. he sees somu come and thinks.. For one week I have to mak ssomu towards yuvraj.. Somu- rohan ji whr u go?
Roh- kuch nahi kuch kam.. I have to go 1wk out of town. wat happen between u nd Krishna?
Somu – kuch nahi. It’s small misunderstanding..
Rohan force somu to tel all and somu told everything happens. rohan gets happy yuvraj loves somu but suhani having some attraction towards yuvraj..
Roh- somu I want to tel something. I knw Krishna is my frnd but u r also my sister.. Krishna s not match for u. Yuvraj s good heart person he understands ur love and go.but krishna doubts u. if u got married Krishna then also he won’t change so think befre it.. If am ur bro i should select yuvraj for u..he s perfect.. Somu – aap kya bolrahi ho.. Yuvraj s my frnd.. Am not love him.. Krishna s my love he will change. He loves me lot..
Roh- pretents before her and says it’s OK now ur not believe me.. It’s not a age to understand am teling u..leave it. Somu thinks.. Pankaj suhani arrive s there.. Pankaj informs them he s going for some work.. Suhani wishes him al d best and rohan smiles.. Pankaj inform aftr ur work we wil arrange for marriage.. Rohan gets happy and leaves from there..

suhani and yuvraj throws flowers on each other..dadi walks inside and sees them…

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  1. NAPSHa J

    amazinggg… I truly enjoyed it a lot.. n the precap would be fun to watch.. plz update asap dear..

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u Napsha di…

  2. Aqsxxh

    Really interesting episode Darling!
    Update soon x

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thanks aqsxxh di….

  3. soo.. nice epi update nxt part soon

  4. Wow yuvani moments are so cute.thhey are lovely.episode was awesome.all d best fr future episodes dear.

  5. nice episode…….


    The yuvani scenes were soooo sweet, i loved this epi it was so cute and romantic and extremely interesting, LOVED IT!

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank a lot AFANFICWRITER!

  7. Nice…waiting for nxt epiosde

  8. Sanaa.khan

    Amazing dear…keep rocking

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