Mere Gusse Mein Toh Hai Pyar (Epi 18)


Yuvraj: oh but fr ur kind information.. Am not her husband or notlove her.. But am her friend.. Husband and lover KI sada rightfriendship Mein hi..
Rohan looking yuvraj with his red eye…which is ful of anger..nd fear of losing suhani.. Sharad Took yuvraj with him..
Episode 19
Somu goes to Krishna And tel him about job. Krishna gets happy and ask how she got this job…fr him. Somu says it’s yuvraj cmpny and yuvraj offers this job. Now he s friend nd says sry for tat proposal.. Krishna: oh now I understand it’s a new trick to love u.. U also accept his offer.. Yuvraj s brilliant he became hero n ur eyes. Am a loser!
Somu: Krishna it’s Not lik tat. he s only friend nd regret fr hid action.
Krishna: mmm OKhe s good.Handsome..and .rich also. U want lik tat man fr ur mrg na.. U cheat me somu..

Somu: just stop Krishna. U r fool not to use this opportunity to settle ur life nd family but u did not ready to use. Not only u am also a fool to run aftr u lik a jobless person.
Krishna: soumya stop. u don’t have right to teach setle my life.
Somu: thm u also don’tHV right to teach me maners nd my friends.. U ddon’t deserve me get lost.
Krishna: u get lost from my life.. Go wit ur new rich boyfriend..
Somu goes from there…
_ __________
Suhani: di sharad jiju give wat gift
Bavana: suhani am not expecting anything from him I just returned the gift..
Suhani: kya? aisa kyu kiya. Sharad wil feel bad.
Bavana but suhani I don’t have intention to hurt him..
Suhani ask bavana to Cal sharad and say sry to him. Suhani calls sharad..
Yuvraj and sharad on d way to BH. Yuvraj says let it b sharad bavana wil understand ur love.. Now give her time to accept.

Sharad gets Cal from suhani.. Sharad: suhani bhabi aap? Kya hua sab thik hain na.
Suhani: areee P.A bhaiya bus karo. Sab thik hain. Bavana di want to talk wit u..wait I gv her
Bavana: sharadji am sry.. Fr not taking gift.. Gv me some tim. Am not expect this mrg..s So soon..
Sharad: it’s k bavana ji. If u don’t want to marry me tel me .. I wil talk with pankaj..saying this their car break failed..yuvraj shouts break cnot work.. He drives here nd there…car dashed in tree.. sharad shouts guruuuu…Bavana hears sound and get tensed. Suhani tatakes phone from bavanana and she also hear tat sound.. Thy cut cal..and gets tensed.. Rohan hears their talking nd smiles..
In BH saurab going to hospital to meet one person. dadi gets call from yuvraj their car gets acident dadi gets shocked.. Dadi rags menka goto hospital wat yuvraj says…they did not see saurab goes out.

Bavana gets teary and says it’s her fate..likt tat amit now sharad got problem. Pankaj and suhani pacifies her..rohan also comes there and ask wat! Suhani ask rohan to come with her to hospital where yuvraj and sharad met wit accident..rohan behave lik shocked and rushes with them..
Bavana searches hospital..sharad came out from finishing his first aid.. Bavana get relief and hugs him unknowingly.. Sharad gets happy..suhani ask where is yuvraj..rohan makes a Fake innocent face and says may b an injury s deep for yuvraj..he s n bed rest.. Sharad gets angry and says not lik tat he s alright and he went to pay bil..

Yuvraj at bill payment place..he pays money and turn he see saurab who s talking to one girl he tries to see her face but cant. Yuvraj(bhaiya rags bhabi ki sath !!! Wat doing here in hospital!!) Saurab smiles and hugs her..Yuvraj call him but theywent..suhani came there and hugs him ..
suh- yuvraj r u OK.. Where u got hurt..suhani checks his hand with care.. Yuvraj stares at her..who cares him with love…saware plays.. Suhani- yuvraj where u lost! She waves her hand before his eyes.. Yuvraj- haan suhani am OK it’s minor leg nd hand.. Suhani – yuvrajjj pls drive cacarefully do u knw how much I scared aftr ur call..she gives a big sigh of relief.. Yuv- suhani do u know am lucky to get frnd like you..

Suh- mmm don’t change topic. Wat u think u r a hero.. Do show your heroism n road.. I help u to get heroine..
Yuv- no suhani am not showing any heroism..I dont need anypublicity.. nd heroine will come aftr me.. Am not going behind her..
Suh- ohh i will day u go after a girl nd beg her to love u..
Yuvraj- hello !! it’s EVER NEVER !! NEVER EVER!!

Suhani smiles at him and pinches his nose..and messes his hair… Yuvraj moves back and they smile.. Rohan sees them..and goes.sharad bavana also reached there and yuvraj sharad send off them..they leave from hospital.

precap:if u got married Krishna then also he won’t change so think befre it.. If am ur bro i should select yuvraj for u..he s perfect.. Somu – aap kya bolrahi ho.. Yuvraj s my frnd.. Am not love him.. Krishna s my love he will change. He loves me lot..
rohan pretents before somu and says it’s OK now ur not believe me.. It’s not a age to understand am teling u..leave it. Somu thinks..

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