Mere Gusse Mein Toh Hai Pyar (Epi 17)


it’s somewhat long…..epi 17& 18!

Episode 17
In bh: Dadi: pratima muje kyu permision lerahi ho. Tum sab log bina pocha decision leliya..
Pratima: maaji aisa nahi Hi.. She s very nice girl i saw her in temple and i lik her very much..
Yuvraj: dadi pls accept na. I lik bavana very much. She s perfect for sharad..
Dadi: mmm tum bhi.. thik hain.. Go and talk about his mrg.
rags ask dadi y u agree dadi.. Dadi says rags I don’t care about sharad just worry fr yuvraj.. I don’t want to knw sharad marring which girl.leave it. V go to party n 5star hotel. Pratima see his mrg preparation.
Yuvraj calls suhani..

Yuvraj: yuvraj shal i talk with the badamez girl suhani!!

Suhani :sadu tum..! Fr ur kind info here no badamez girl.. Here s d one girl who loves everyone..kind heart..eetc.

Yuvraj : oh pls stop idiot KI Tara baat mat karo. Give phone to bavana.. I called u to talk to her..not to u..
suhani: yuvraj tumare problem kya Hi. Kabhi kabhi u told u hate my talking. Phir kyu argue kar rahi ho.
Yuvraj: k k leave it.. I just call u fr telling kal hum sab aarhi ho..maa ki saath. suhani : pata nahi yuvraj I get happy r not.
Yuvraj: kyu kya hua wahan ..
Suhani: di says OK fr mrg becz of rohan.
Yuvraj: oh now I undrstand. U r d reason for bavana sadnes.
Suhani : kya mei?.

Yuvraj: I knw u can’t wait fr ur mrg. U only ask rohan to talk about ur mrg right?
Suhani: gets angry . stop yuvraj.. U don’t knw anything about me. Don’t talk to me.
yuvraj understands she got angry and says acha thik hain..mei mazak kar rahi hoon. I know u..gussee mat lo. Suhani says gud nit and cut the call.. Yuvraj thinks it’s really hard to pacify suhani..he cuts phone.
Next day pratima sharad menka anuj saurab yuvraj goes to pankaj home. Thy fix bavna nd sharad mrg.. pratima says tomorrow is bavnana sharad encgmnt..

Rohan wishes pankaj and lata. somu suhani hugs bavana and wishes her. Rohan sees suhani..smiles..and then yuvraj..who already start staring suhani.. Somu comes to yuvraj and thanks for krishna job. Yuvraj says it’s OK now u r my need to say thanks. Sharad sees somu and yuvraj talking.. Sharad ask yuvraj to get back somu if he really loves her. Yuvraj : no am not iinterest who does not care for me.. And one more think she s already n not a mad to love her bcz she gvs her love to someone else… Sharad : ok if krishna s bad and somu come back to u thn tat wat wil u do? Yuvraj thinks and says aisa kuch nahi hua.. Pratima calls yuvraj sharad to leave from there. Yuvraj sharad took blessing from pankaj and lata they went.
Rohan suhani somu nd bavana says bye to them. Sharad sees bavana s not smile.. He thinks to talk with her..
Dadi and menka rags came from shoping.. Rags goes to her room and see saurab s talking in tension..

Saurab: it’s OK u don’t take tension. I wil b with u.. I will come to see u to more in hospital. Rags enter the room and ask who s n hospital.. Saurab: gets tensed and says his frnd praveen met with an accident..he wil go.
rags : i also come with u.. Say: thinks and says okkkk but u have work n encgmnt na.. Rags: oh pls saurab . sharad tumare Bhai nahi Hi. In fact mei aur dadi not attend his function. Menka come and ask rags to come…dadi want to talk important…says OK nd says to sauran she s not come with him..nd leaves from there.
Its evening.. yuvraj infroms suhani take bavana to park sharad wanta to give her gift…suhani agrees..rohan hears suhani and yuvraj talking in phone. Thinks to stop suhani going to meet..

yuvraj and sharad goes to see bavana.. yuvraj and sharaf wait long time but thy not come..yuvraj says thy will go to home nd see. sharad agrees.nd thy enter in home.
Yuvraj gets angry suhani s with rohan. yuvraj raises his eye brows and ask y she s not come? Suhani sees rohan and makes a face. Yuvraj understand wat suhani try to tel. Lata sees sharad nd welcome them.
rohan: yuvraj sharad y they came here often..any work?
Suhani ask rohan to stop talking lik this. Rohan says Ok shall v play caram now..yuvraj nd sharad also here it’s really gud enjoy.

Yuvraj agrees and goes to sit near suhani.. But rohan says tat is his suhani s his life partner.. Yuvraj gets angry and told. rohan I know u both going to get marry.its not necessary to say every time. Somu ask yuvraj to come and sit near her. Yuvraj goes. Suhani sees yuvraj..yuvraj makes a face.. Thy start play caramboard. Sharad says yuvraj s champion in caram.
Rohan bets with yuvraj.. Sharad ask yuvi to play ad he need to talk with bavana he goes..
Suhani says it’s boring..I don’t want to play. Rohan forces her to play. Yuvraj sees suhani upset and signs her.. Shall v go out..
Suh: (without talking only her eyes talk) but how v go out?
Yuvraj (eyes) I wil do something wait.

Yuvraj makes the board fallen nd coins get shattered. rohan sees this and gets angry and about to scold yuvraj. Somu says game floped now wat to do?? Yuvraj says I have idea..let v teach cycling to suhani. Suh: wat I don’t do tat..yuvraj signs her to agree.. Suhani says no..
Rohan: yuvraj y u force suhani.if she not wish to learn now. I wil teach her later no need of ur help..
Then yuvraj : u r a loser suhani u only knw talk much.. U can’t do anything wat u told! suh: its ok rohan ji yuvraj master hi na..he wil teach me now i can do anything..Iearn cycling today itself u see!
Yuvraj smiles..they all go out.. Yuvraj hold cycle and ask suhani I to come. Suhani comes and sits in cycle rohan sees them..somu says she go to meer krishna for his birla company. Yuvraj : jansi Ki Rani ko cycle se dar lagta hi kya?(jansi rani scared for riding cycle?) Suhani: wat to do..old master is not teaching properly.. Now u came na I learn from u.. Teach me.. They smiles..rohan fumes in anger..

Suhani startstarts riding cycle..she slips and yuvraj hold suhani her balance…suhani feels shy and yuvraj realise and takes his hand back.
Yuvraj : sry..i Just…balance u..
suh: it’s OK.
Suh hears one horn sound and she left riding cycle and jump.yuvraj also fall on the ground. Suhani s in top of yuvraj.. Her hair fully covered yuvraj face.. Yuvraj smels her hair.. And moves slightly cups her face. saware plays…. suhani forward her face and her hair ties in yuvraj shirt.. Rohan comes there and ask suhani hand and getup..

Yuvraj helps suhani to remove her hair.. they getup.. Sharad comes there and suhani goes to bavana.. Yuvraj and sharad start walking.. Rohan: i dont want u com here often yuvraj stay away from suhani.. She don’t want ur help anymore.. I help her.. U stop ur samaj seva!

Yuvraj gets anger.. Sharad hold his hand.. Yuvraj: tats none of ur business. Am suhani s relative now.. U r also not encgd with her .. So u also stay away from her.. Anytime she can reject u!
Rohan: how dare u to talk with me.. I love her.. Am going to be her husband. Who r u..? She s nothing to u..
Yuvraj: oh but fr ur kind information.. Am not her husband or not love her.. But am her friend.. Husband and lover KI sada right friendship Mein hi..
Rohan looking yuvraj with his red eye…which is ful of anger..nd fear of losing suhani.. Sharad Took yuvraj with him.

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  1. A.Tejaswi

    Awesome episode.Loved it so…. much.Loved the yuvani moments.Please update the next episode asap!!

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank you tejaswi

  2. very lovely epi,i think now yuvraj start feeling for suhani.plz update nxt epi soon

  3. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    u r right sri.. yuvi start love……

  4. Shilpa-Saraj

    Wonderful epi.. Pls make yuvi luv suhani fast..

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u vidya…

    2. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u shilpa saraj di..

  5. Aweeesm … sahi yaar… loved yuvani scene.. please update asap


    Awwwww this was such a cute episode with the suspense and thrill of jealousy all around! I loved loved loved it x

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u AFANFICWRITER di…

  7. really cute episode I love it a lot

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thanks aqsxxh di..

  8. Wow full dhamakedhar was amazing.

  9. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    thanks radha dear..

  10. fabulous epi so yuvaraj is feeling jealousy, cute. continue dude…

  11. Awesome yaar…waiting for next episode…..

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