Mere Gusse Mein Toh Hai Pyar (Epi 16)


Somu : thank u yuvraj he accept tat flowers.. It’s all becz of u. U r really good… Yuvraj smiles at her and turns his face to kitchen.. Somu ask about yuvraj family.. Yuvraj tells her about his family..nd company.. Tats y pankaj s known person to his family.. Somu : yuvraj if u don’t mind shal I ask u another help..

Episode 16
Yuvraj: ya sure. somu: can u pls offer any job to Krishna in ur company!
Yuvraj : thinks and tels.. I will talk about with my dadi. bcz she only manages our company till now. somu thanks him. Yuvraj smiles..
In kitchen bavana makes tea.. Suhani and sharad start pretents to fight and bavana smiles by their childish talk..suhani ask bavana to put chilli powder in sadu maharaj.. Sharad gets shocked and start talk..
Sharad: suhani aunty.. Wen u learn to make tea.. V have to use tea powder not chili powder and . Mera boss sadu nahi. Wo bhoat achi ho aunty..
Suhani: kya mei aunty? Sharad: ya u r talking lik aunty..nd lecture to all.
Suhani: if u call me aunty I also call u by Nick name!
Sharad: nick me.. Kya raha tum?
Suhani: ur a PA To tat sadu..
Shard: acha ! Muje koi prob nahi Hi iss NNam Se.. thik hain bhabi..
Suhani wat bhabi. Abhi bhi aap kaha aunty?? Sharad says yes u only told not to Cal u aunty.. So I called u bhabi.
Bavana ask them to stop and let her to make tea.. .. They three jointly make tea… Bavana gives tea to sharad..and ask suhani to give another cup to yuvraj.. Suhani take tea and came..
Yuvraj tries to avoid somu bcz she s not loving him. He excuses himself from somu..and told her her goes to see sharad in kitchen. Yuvraj gets up nd walk into kitchen. Suhani came oposite and dashes with yuvraj. Tea falls on yuvraj dress.. Yuvraj got tensed..and start argue with suhani.
Yuvraj: suhani??? Have u lost ur eyes..ccan’t u see and walk by ur big egg size eyes. ??
Suhani : wat egg siz eyes…y I should?? U can see and walk na.. u have scaning eyes.. To scan everything infront of u..
Yuvraj: disgusting suhani.. Sayad tum thik kehrahi ho. I should HV scaner in my eyes.. If I have tats gud fr me. Again again I won’t dash with u. not to bear ur bakwas talking.
Suhani: bakwas mei nahi ho sadu.. Mind ur words..
Bavana sharad comes there thy hear fighting sound.. Sharad ask yuvraj to calm. Bavana takes suhani and ask somu to show bathroom fr cleaning his shirt. Somu ask yuvraj to come..
Yuvraj cleans his shirt.. His phone rings.. Yuvraj ask somu to put phone in speaker.
Dadi: beta kahan ho tum. Ur new car s ready to deliver. U go and take.
Yuvraj: am n my frnd home..dadi I ll come in 5 min. y dadi new car.. I have 3 cars already.. Dadi says I knw but u lik this new model na tats y..
he sees somu and ask dadi fr job fr his frnd.

Dadi: thik hain beta. Ask him to come and join. u r my i refuse to u.. Yuvraj thanks dadi says Iove u dadi..
Somu hears and thinks yuvraj s have a family lik this.. And yuvraj wife also going to most lucky in ths world.
Yuvraj cuts the call and says somu ask krishna to join tomorw. she says thank u..
Sharad and bavana talk.. Bavana says about suhani to sharad.. Bavana also smiles and ask about yuvraj.. Thy spend some time.
Suhani sees them at door and gets happy. yuvraj comes there and ask suhani now u happy!! She says yes its al bcz of u.. Thank u yuvraj. Bavana is smiling aftr a long days.suhani gets teary eyes. Yuvraj puts his hand on her shoulder lik protective shield. They smile seeing each other.. Rohan comes to home and see suhani and yuvraj.

Lata pankaj came home and see rohan. Pankaj: beta tum.. Yahan..
Rohan: haan uncle I came to talk about suhani and my mrg.u r not taking any steps.but it’s Ok uuncle. I will wait.
Yuvraj and sharad ses rohan talking. Yuvra ask rohan to stop see bavana she s upset. Wat’s the hurry to ur mrg cant u have wait.
Suhani and somu sees bavana..who s upset. Rohan says bavana don’t worry me nd suhani wait till ur mrg..
Bavana says it’s OK rohan ji. Mere wajase aap Ki shadi nahi kar paya. bavana ask pankaj to do arrangmnt for suhani mrg.
Rohan : yuvraj u stay out of this. It’s not ur prob.
Yuvraj about to say something suhani hold yuvraj hand and ask him to calm. Yuvraj stop rohan see suhani hold yuvraj hand and gets iritate.
Sharad : uncle if u dont mind. I wish to marry bavana..
All gets confused.
Yuvraj also suport him and talks to pankaj.. bavana says no am not ready to mrg.. Pankaj says i knw u like bavana..suhani told about u. I having no prob in this mrg. Bavana says ok u came with family..
Yuvraj and sharad left from there. Sharad gets happy.. They reach home and talk to pratima about bavana. pratima says ok i ll talk to dadi..yuvraj hugs sharad and wishes him..
Lata and pankaj talk. Bavana mrg should happen early bcz of her rohan also wait..
V Cant do injustice with rohan. he s alone in his life. He wish suhani to with him soon. Iss mei koi galti nahi Hi pankaj ji.
Pankaj: haan par v dont force bavana fr mrg.. Bavana hears their talking..
Bavana thinks about suhani and rohan.. She thinks to agree for sharad as suhani mrg getting late. Bavana came out and says OK.
Suhani says one force u pls dont do by force. Bavana says am ready fr mrg suhani and goes.

Yuvraj gets angry suhani s with rohan. yuvraj raises his eye brows and ask y she s not come? Suhani sees rohan and makes a face. Yuvraj understand wat suhani try to tel. Lata sees sharad nd welcome them.
rohan: yuvraj sharad y they came here often..any work?

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    Wow nice episode .loved silly fight of yuvani

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    What a sweet epi! Especially when he wrapped his arm around her… his jealousy will be uber awesome and cute… i just cannot wait!! X

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thanks AFANFICWRITER

  4. Wow yaar superb episode yuvani are so cute.ur too good.

  5. its superb ya. yuvani fights n moments are so nice. actually waited for ur ff

  6. Lovely episode sorry I am late

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    it’s OK di.
    am waiting fr ur cmnd.

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