Mere Gusse Mein Toh Hai Pyar (Epi 15)


Episode 15

.episode 15
Morning: yuvraj siting in park bench where he see somu coming.. Yuvraj: somu I want to talk to u. Somu: y..anything left to done?says in anger
Yuvraj: areee nahi yaar.and am sry I really don’t knw about ur love. If I knw I won’t propose u.. Trust me.
Somu : cools herself and says OK I will manage.
Yuvraj ask about krishna and somu tels he s anger with her and not talking for some days.. Yuvraj buys some flowers nd give somu. she asks y.. He says go and give it to krishna he wil cool down. Somu takes and says thanks him. He ask whr s suhani.? Somu shows suhani siting alone.

Yuvraj goes to suhani.. Yuvraj sees she s upset nd hide her tears wen yuvraj put his hand on her shoulder.. Yuvraj : suhani kya hua..
Suhani :y u came here. u can’t bear my talking na.. Yuvraj: gives a sigh of relief and sits near her.. U r my frnd u console me wen am upset. It’s my turn to console u.. Kya problem.. If u trust me. Tel me I try to help u.
Suhani sits silent fr few minutes and talks.. Yuvraj I don’t want to marry rohan but thy arrange my marriage. Aftr bavana mrg stop my mrg also stop for some years but now.. Rohan want to talk about our marriage he s not thinking about bavana she will be hurt..she wil remember amit wat I do..
Yuvraj : suhani if u not lik him talk to u r parents.. Y u agree fr him?
Suhani : I can’t against my dad.. He s my life i can do anything fr him..
Yuvraj : suhani its ur life.. Ur dad also not happy wen he knows u r not hapy with this mariage.
suhani : mmmm better i start acept rohan. But I dont want to mary before bavana..
Yuvraj : am also want to talk abt bavana.. U knw sharad my cousin. He loves bavana..(he tels fb to her)
Suhani : sach me sharad bhia wants to marry bavana di..
Yuvraj says yes. can u help me..

suhani yes I do help anything fr my di.. But now she needs time.
yuvraj says OK and thy shake hands.. wen suhani getup she slips yuvraj hold her and make her stand properly.. Yuvraj jokes on suhani weight and They laugh…rohan looks from far..and gets angry..
Somu goes to talk with krishna..she gives tat flowers to Krishna and say sry to him.. Aftr somtim Krishna talks to her and takes the flowers. Krishna hugs somu and says sry to somu.
Krishna: sry soumya. I ll found new job ASAP nd I fullfil ur wishes.. U r my love..
somu : i love u too krishna. Krishna gets cal from his mom and she ask him to get debt from relatives.. Somu hears this and thinks.. Krishna says that to somu and he left.. Somu thinks to help Krishna to get job.

somu came to suhani home.. Suhani talk to pankaj and lata about sharad wants to marry bavana.. They says we have to wait till bavana normal. Suhani tels somu tat yuvraj s helping bavana mrg. Somu says he also helps her nd Krishna. Somu says yuvraj s good.. Suhani thinks and says yes really he s good.. Yuvraj comes there with sharad.. Suhani goes to open the door and see them and gets shocked.
Suh: yuvraj tum? Y u came here.. Mumma pappa ghar me hi..
Yuv: toh mei kya Karon suhani.. hato.. I want to meet ur dad.

Suh: no need to meet my dad now.u go to ur home. Sharad bhaiya pls go.
Yuv- y v can’t!? Suhani v came to meet bavana not u. then y u take tension!
Sharad nd yuvi smiles. Suh – if u think its joke..I wil laugh later. Now u go.yuvraj i told u already di need time for mrg..
Yuvraj: tumare problem kya Hi..suhani. Bavana won’t agree. If v make sharad nd bavana to spend time.. Then she became Normal saying this yuvraj sharad goes inside.. Pankaj see him and ask him to come.
Pankaj: yuvraj beta sry.. Wo papers abhi tak ready nahi hua. I need to verify some bank detail then I got sign nd give u tomorw.
Yuvraj: it’s OK uncle I will wait. I will manage dadi. waise mera car repair hogi shal i wait here til it got ready?
Suhani sees yuvraj lies nd smiles at him. Pankaj says OK. U both wait I go to market for pickup lata…he says suhani to take care of them.

suhani nods and pankaj left. sharad ask suhani where s bavana?
Suhani: calls somu and bavana. they come to Hall.. Suhani intro sharad nd yuvraj to bavana.. Bavana wishes them.
Sharad ask suhani to bring tea for them. suhani says no I won’t bring fr u both.. (Yuvraj suhani sharad behave fighters) Bavana : its ok i ll bring u.
Bavana goes. somu comes to yuvraj and talks.. Suhani and sharad goes to kitchen. Yuvraj : somu thn Krishna wat say?

Somu : thank u yuvraj he accept tat flowers.. It’s all becz of u. U r really good… Yuvraj smiles at her and turns his face to kitchen.. Somu ask about yuvraj family.. Yuvraj tells her about his family..nd company.. Tats y pankaj s known person to his family.. Somu : yuvraj if u don’t mind shal I ask u another help..

somu takes yuvraj to clean his shirt. dadi calls him.. somu put his phone in speaker.

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  1. A.Tejaswi

    wow..nice episode.

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  2. Wow yaar.its amazing.story is going on a right track.i like it a lot.all d very best fr all ur future episodes dear.

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    thanks radha….. keep reading nd cmnd..

  4. superb dear loved it waiting for more yuvani moments

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  6. Nice….waiting for nxt episode


    Superb epi, this ff is amazing! Cute, romantic, emotional, interesting, its everything. I love it xx

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    thank u AFANFICWRITER !!!

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