Mere Gusse Mein Toh Hai Pyar (Epi 14)


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Episode 14
Thy see suhani…crying.. Rohan hold her hand nd drags.. Yuvraj shard looks thm confused. Suhani : rohan ji leave me. I won’t come with u.
Suh: mera hath chodo.. Chodo. (Leave my hand) She screams continue..
Rohan: I won’t leave u suhani. U cheat me.. This time not. U won’t escape from me..
Yuvraj gets angry seeing this.. he throws water bottle on road and walk to suhani.. Yuvraj hold suhanis another hand and pulls towards him.( Suhani roles in yuvraj arms and rest her head in yuvraj chest.. Her hair flows on yuvraj face…)And ask rohan to leave her hand… Rohan: y should leave her? Who r u betwen us..
Yuvraj: who am I s doesn’t a matter now.. U behaving badly with a girl !
Rohan: kya!! (u all knw rohan talks indirectly nd funny..)
Rohan: pagal hogaya kya..(r u mad?) Suhani s mine.. Suhani look confused.. She ask yuvraj to be calm.. Tum kuch soch rahi hi aisa kuch nahi.. (Its not lik tat wat u think!)We just..
Yuvraj: suhani tum muje shant kar rahi ho. Usse se bolo.(u ask me to calm.. Ask him to calm!)

Rohan: wo muje kuch nahi bolbologi(she won’t tel anything)SUhani says yuvraj kuch prob nahi.. We will solve tum jao.. Yuvraj gets angry on suhani.. Yuvraj: tumare problem kya Hi suhani? (Wats ur prob suhani!)Tum hamesa muje insult karogi.(u insult me altime!) I try to help from him but u… Suhani: tum pagal ho yuvraj. (R u mad?)Tume kya laga tum hero ho!(wat u think r u hero?)! Rohan smiles…and pointing somu who stands with cycle.. Yuvraj sees her..
Kya ho raha hi?(wat’s going on?) Rohan: ab kya pochogi tum..(now wat u ask?) Mei aur somu teaching to riding cycle She scared to riding cycle and escape from us.
Yuvraj gets irritated and scold suhani. suhani: i try to say tat but u r not understand me.. And got anger..u Behave lik hero!
Yuvraj: if u say’s not happen suhani. tumare galti hi.(it’s Ur fault!)
Suh: kya mere galti.. (wat its my fault?)Pagal ho tum. Am I ask help from u. Tum aarhi thi yahan..(did I ask help from u. u come here own!)

Yuvraj: suhani tum…bhoat smart samaj rahi ho na apne. Tum muje har bar insult karogi.(suhani u wat u think abt itself..u r smart? u insult me anytime!) I just hate ur attitude. Here aftr I won’t help u. Get lost
Rohan and somu looks him.. YYuvraj took sharad with him and leaves from there..
Sharad: kya guru..yeh sab..(wat all this guru?)
Yuvraj: kya matlap.. iss me mere galti kya Hi. (Wat.. It’s not my fault!)I just help her.but…
sharad ask him leave tat.. In night suhani told everything to bavana and they laugh..on yuvraj.
In bh:
Sharad ask yuvraj to talk suhani as thy need suhani help..he refuses to talk. Pratima ask sharad to go shop her tablets over. Yuvraj also go with him. thy walk near shops. thy see suhani and rohan samosa stall. Yuvi told sharad dek yeh samosa Rani yahan hi..sharad smiles and ask him to talk with suhani. Yuvi agrees..and goes.

Sharad ask yuvraj to talk suhani.. They see Rohan and somu getup from there and walks suhani shawl struck in chair. She tries to takeout.. Yuvraj hold her shawl .suhani thanks him.
Suhani: stares at him and sry fr morning cycle wala issue..
Suhani looks deeply in yuvraj eyes…
Yuvraj POV: kaisa eyes hi..every time I see her eyes it does some magic inside me..I Can’t react after seeing her eyes. I feel ice cubes iinstead of blood…stop seeing suhani I cant bear ur looking..I Forget al..)

Suhani : yuvraj i said thank u..kya hua..
Yuvraj : nothing. waise am also want to say sry fr mrng misunderstanding.
suhani: it’s OK leave tat..
Yuvraj: bavana kaisa hi? Suhani says she is better now.. yuvraj says I want to talk to u something personal..if u don’t mind now.. Rohan and somu comes there.. Yuvraj stop his talking.
rohan says not now it’s getting late..may b u have some work u may go..gud nit yuvraj..
Yuvraj feels insult wen rohan says this. Suhani sees yuvraj gets anger. And told rohan not to talk this again.. Rohan says OK shal we go now..
Suhani says sry his talking.
Yuvraj : it’s OK..and am also sry fr tat.. Who s he?

Rohan and somu comes rohan: am her fianci..
Yuvraj: kya !?? Suhani roles her big eyes to down..
rohan: y u r shocked.. Yuvraj says nothing and says bye to all and goes. Yuvraj tels sharad tat rohan s going to marry suhani it’s disgusting. I hate him. Sharad ask y u getting angry. U love somu na.. yuvraj:somuuu!!!( thinks and says ya..i forget somu..bcz of suhani.) Sharad ask y !! Did he start love suhani..? Yuvraj says no way..! Sawareeewhere plays…
Yuvraj lies in his bed..thinks about suhani. How suhani agree to marry tat idiot..rohan. Rohan ko kya problem mere saath.. Loser rohan. Tomorw suhani se baat karogi bavana ki bareme..he sleeps.

yuvraj says OK and thy shake hands.. wen suhani getup she slips yuvraj hold her and make her stand properly.. Yuvraj jokes on suhani weight and They laugh…rohan looks from far..and gets angry..

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  1. A.Tejaswi

    Nice episode. Loved it.I feel yuvi started loving suhani

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u radha…

    2. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thanks tejaswi!!

  2. Avanikamdar

    Its amazing …

  3. NAPSHa J

    hats off to u sis.. plz update asap!!

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u so much napsha di… am really happy

  4. so sweet epi loved it

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u abi dear

  5. Wow episode was mice.yuvi getting feelings fr suhani.its too cute.alowly he is falling inlove.its very nice.pls update nxt epi asap.

  6. Super epiosde….yuvi also falling for suhani…waiting for nxt episode

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