Mere Dost Mere Humdum Epi 7


Ragsan getting bored..
R:dude where r they
S:I am also here 0 do u expect me to know
R:then come na
R:o god sanskaar come she pulls him
They walk with ragini pushing him and sanskaar walking back (I know the song and the scene has no connection but u will later come t know why)
Haal-e-Dil ko sukoon chahiye
Poori ik aarzoo chahiye
Jaise pehle kabhi kuch bhi chaaha nahi
Waise hi kyun chahiye

S(in mind) yaar mumma hai kahan dimag kharab ho raha hai. Suddenly her phone vibrates
S:who is this idiot (seeing her phone) not idiot
It was sanskar message.She checked it
San msg :Please come fast with some noodles please
Swara got schocked
S:seriously (msg)
San ( ya cause aunty and mom are coming late. I have to do problems and your dear friend is doing some project
S: project shit yaar..
Just then Ragini comes
R: di what happened
S: my project.I din’t even start.Its not going to finish today .Shit I am dead
R: wait will u allow me to speak
She brings a file from her drawer
S:what is this
R:I forgot to say.That group activity laksh did your part and gave your not well na di
S: but how does he know cause I am in different group
R:di I don’t know all that but he told to give you.Right now u rest
S:but wait
R:now what
S:let’s go to their house
S:let’s go na what will happen
R: (checks time) oh shit come later I have to do my project with sanskaar
She leaves
S: yeh ladki bhi na kabhi kabhi toh kya bataun..She quickly changes and goes with her project.

I am here(she screams while entering Maheshwari Mansion)
San : how r u
S: maggi chahiye (starts running behind him)
San: (while running) BA’s kar
S:(running) aaj tu gaya
She collides into laksh
S:kya yaar
San : (running) thank u bhai and maggi
S:(angrily) OK
L: soory
S: hmm
L: u got the project
S: thank you but why u did I mean…
L:then give back
S: what
Suddenly his phone vibrates..
L:maggii queen maggii banaye ignoring the call
S: laksh whose call
L: leave it na.
S( she starts fighting) laksh show na
She finally snatched the phone
And as expected
S: lucky phirse
L:(sad) hmm
L:aaj shaam se
S( hugging) I am there na
L:(hugging her ) thank u
They the n went and did maggi

Credit to: Smiley

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