Mere Dost Mere Humdum Epi 5


Episode 5
Mere Humdum Mere Dost
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Once again a big thank you to my readers .Rakhi thank you for understanding me and on your request i have added RagSan scenes today . Thank you poonam .Thank you misha your comment that you were waiting for my ff made my day.To my continuous commentors : dhara lila abdul s priya angel and piya.Thanks a lot I love you all..

Note : You all will be thinking about the current track so stupid but there will be a interesting part after 2-3 episodes so please dont feel sad and for swasan raglak and my ragsan commentors al scenes will be coming but for now not on the couple but on the story

It was Swara’s favourite song.She felt peace while listening to it.She forgot the world.She forgot everything.She was in her own world where only she was there nobody else.She roamed around she played happily .She danced happily.She sang happily nobody to come in between .She slept in a bed but a small puppy which don’t allow her to sleep

S: yes kaka
D:We reached home
S:Thank you kaka
Suddenly swara felt headache.She entered the home sanskaar ragini and laksh were having popcorn and watching a match.Suddenly laksh had a glance towards her.Before he could ask anything ragini spoke but swara suddenly rushed to her room.Ragini was about to go but then sanskaar said
San:laksh u go
San:I know you 2 fight even though this is the first time she is behaving like this
Laksh:mere bhai chup beth apne aap teekh ho jayegi
Rag:laksh go na what’s wrong in talking with her
San: leave it ragini in this it can be undersood they fighter
L: ( o God) OK my Dumbo’s am going
Laksh went
R:they are funny
San:too funny
They start laughing suddenly they hit each other ragini falls on sanskaar lap.They laugh

In Room
L:swara let’s go na
She was not in the room
L:o god where did she go
Suddenly he heard crying sound
He went towards the balcony and saw her in the chair
L:swara your fine right
S:laksh (wiping her tears) you
L:why u were crying
S:nothing let’s go
L:You are gonna tell me right now what happened
He was going to touch her forehead she stopped Him.
L:swara r u getting headache
S:na nothing like that
L:tell the truth otherwise I can call aunty from office
He then touches her forehead.It was boiling like hell..
L:swa (screaming)
L:why the hell can’t u tell anyone.Do u love getting fever
S:I can’t do anything
L:you are gonna take medicine
S:noo pleassseeee
He pulls her to the bed
L:when there is such a simple solution why do u cry
He makes her take medicine.She then sleeps on his lap.As friends it was natural
BG Song 🙁 Kuch na kaho, chup hi raho
Dekho dhadkan kehti hai
Kuch na kaho, ab chup hi raho
Dekho toh dhadkan kehti hai
Lautaya hai meet mera,

Credit to: Smiley

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