Recap: shaakash got to know abt ishra
nd they aftr much drama forgave them.

The episode starts with Shagun getting a call.
Shagun: ohh that’s great… thank u so much….. yeah I’ll be there in an hour. Thank u once again.
She ends the call.
Ishu: what happened yaar… where r u going?
Shagun: actually I came here for a meeting na… with a celebrity… so his PA gave me the appointment today… I’m going to meet him. So I need to go nd get ready.
Ishu: but its Sunday na.. today is holiday.
Shagun: hmm I don’t know but I’m super excited.
Ishu: ohh.. by the way.. who’s that celebrity???
Shagun: George Williams.
Ishu: ohhh George??? He came back frm honeymoon???
Shagun: yeah that’s y his PA called me.
Ishu: I think Sara also came na.
Shagun: yeah… but who’s Sara???
Ishu: my roommate… nd George ‘s wife???
Shagun: really??
Ishu: ha.
Shagun: did u ever meet George??
Ishu: of course I used to meet him every day.
Shagun gets excited: ohh then ishu… plz make me meet them na. I’m a big fan of his.
Ishu: but u ve got the appointment na.
Shagun: that’s jst for a matter of 15mins. Plz come with me.
Ishu: okay… sure. I’m coming with u.
They were getting ready.
Meanwhile in vidyuth’s flat….
Aakash: what yaar .. u guys not going to office???
Raman: Abbey u forgot that today is Sunday???
Aakash: ohh.
Vidyuth: hmm… what shall we have for breakfast???
Raman: yaar akhi… vidyuth na he makes pasta so gud… let’s try na.
Aakash: pasta…!!! I love it.
Vidyuth: so I shall make it.. for us. For now this coffee.
He gives them the cup of coffee.
Aakash: hey… wait. Yesterday u said that u don’t know how to cook nd all… but how come u r going to cook now..???
Vidyuth nd Raman look at each other nd laughs.
Aakash: saale… this is ur plan Hai na???
Raman: ha… I asked him to say like that… orelse… u won’t be like this now!!!
Aakash smiles: chal bey… chal. It’s ok.
Vidyuth: hmm…. for pasta I need ur help guys…
Aakash: okay then… we will make together.
They all went to kitchen…. nd started helping vidyuth.
Aakash: vaise yaar Raman… what abt ur love story… say me na.
Raman: what abt???
Aakash: see I didn’t think that ishu can fall in love with someone… becoz she used to take love for granted…so I jst wanna know how did u made her fall for u.
Raman: ohh it’s a very big story yaar… I don’t ve that much energy to describe the whole one yaar.

Aakash: ok at least say me one thing? u guys r married na.

Raman: yeah..!!!

Aakash: so did u complete the nxt level of ur life?

Raman in confusion: whats thats level? i didnt get u.

Aakash: hmmm? yaar voh… which will happen after shadi na that…?

vidyuth: raman this is too much yaar… u r acting as if as a kid?

raman: yaar see we r very descent ok. we married but i dont have such thoughts. we will start our relationship only when all agree.

aakash: acha…!!! ab sach bol..?!!!

raman: koun sa sach yaar? see ishu is very strict abt these things… actually i want it… but she threw me out of her house that night. so nothing happened.

vidyuth nd aakash laugh.

raman: okay akhi… u say did u nd shagun????

aakash: oh hello we r not married like u guys. but many times we had our moments nd thats private.

raman: oh so urs is personal but u can make mine public???

aakash: yaar u urself did that proposing wala drama in the public nd saying me???

raman: first thing i didnt do that… nd second thing its not drama.. its my ishu’s love toward me. see she does this much dare that much she love she has on me.

aakash nd vidyuth: ohhhooooo…!!!!!

meanwhile ishu nd shagun went to George’s home. ishu rings the bell. jane, george’s mom opened the door.

jane: hey ishita…!!!! how r u baby?

ishu:hi aunty im fyn…(they hug) how r u?

jane: yeah im gud… nd uncle is perfectly alright.

james frm inside: who was that jane?

jane shouts: its ishita. come in plz.

they went in nd sat.

ishu: by the way aunty this is my best frnd shagun… she came frm india.

jane: oh hello shagun.

shagun: hello aunty.

jane: u guys wait… ill get u something to drink.

she went away.

shagun: yaar caise whos this?

ishu: shes george’s mom. nd here comes his dad.

james: hello girls? how r u doing?

ishu: im fyn uncle… nd this is my best frnd… shagun.

james: oh yeah..i heard u saying abt her.

shagun smiles.

ishu: vaise uncle i heard that george nd sara came frn their trip.. r there inside?

james: yeah they r in thier room… i ve called him.. he must be coming.

jst then sara came running nd hugs ishu.

sara: hey ishu… missed u yaar.

ishu: what jst for five days?

sara: yeah.. i ve njoyed a lot.. george has been so nyc to me.

ishu: oh hello he’s always nyc to u.. but u r the troublesome. nd by the way… do u remember her?

pointing shagun. sara looks at her. shagun in confusion.

sara: hey… shagun???!!!!!! this is this is shagun right?!

ishu smiles: yeah sara u r right. thats shagun.

sara: hey how r u … gud to see u here.

they hug.

shagun: im gud sara. with ur permission… can i meet mr. george?

sara nd ishu laughs

sara: yeah of course. wait ill get him.

she went upstairs.

meanwhile raman nd aakash r discussing abt thier love stories… vidyuth made pasta.

aakash: hmm.. the smell itself is mouthwatering yaar.

raman: yeah… i said u na vidyuth is best in making pasta.

vidyuth smiles nd eats.

aakash: that girl is so lucky whos gonna marry u.

raman: vaise its strange that u dont have a girlfrnd?

vidyuth stops eating nd looks sad: no raman… i dont have any girlfrnd.

aakash: but y u r such a nyc guy… cooks well… moreover u r dashing nd handsome? r u not intrested in girls?

vidyuth: not its no like that… but in my fate theres no love. my mom nd dad whom i love so much.. left me. nd my kittu….

raman: kittu?

aakash: whos kittu?

vidyuth: nothng yaar u guys eat pasta.

raman: come on man speak up… u can share with us?

aakash: see we said u all abt us. its ok yaar u can share with us… nd u know… if u share ur pain to other ur heart seems to be lighter.

vidyuth smiles: kittu.. is my love. shes my everything. i used to love her like mad. but she jst choose her career nd parents over me. okay i agree with that but she said my love is fake… nd i couldnt tolerate that.. so i broke up with her.

raman: didnt she love u?

vidyuth: in fact she is the one who proposed me.

aakash: then how can she say that ur love is fake?

vidyuth: thats becoz i used to be very busy with my work nd all nd couldnt give her some tym… its jst for two days… she was upset with that nd we had a fight nd we broke up.

aakash: thank god my shagun is not like that… she didnt broke up with me for not spending tym.. instead she used to punish me nd i love that.

raman: yaar vidyuth… its ok… i think she didnt love u truly… or else she would have come to u again. vaise whats the age of this story?

vidyuth: 6 months.

raman: okay. lets have pasta.

vidyuth: u know…my kittu loves this pasta. she used to eat if i feed her..

he eats it. aakash nd raman looked at each other.

meanwhile george came down.

george: hey hi ishu…(he hugged her) hi ms. shagun?!

shagun surprised: yeah… glad to meet u sir?!

george: no.. u can call me george… u r ishu’s frnd.. so my frnd too.

shagun is excitement: im so happy… the great rockstart is here with me. can i take a selfie with u?

george smile: yeah.

shagun takes a selfie with him… sara nd ish also join.

jane: kk guys come for breakfast.

sara: come lets have.

ishu: no sara.. actually we had.

jane: thats not fair.. atleast have some tea.

ishu: okay aunty.

they had breakfast nd george nd shagun sat for a meeting.

shagun: actually im here..

meanwhile ishu nd sara had a long talk.

raman: yaar akhi.. i was calling ishu… but she isnt picking my calls?

aakash: even im caling. she isnt picking?

vidyuth: arey if u both call at a tym then how will ishu pick up the call?

aakash: ohh u got it like that? abbey im calling shagun.

raman laughs.

vidyuth: k u guys continue… i ve some work.


shagun posts her nd georges pic over social media… aakash gets shocked seeing them actually jealous. ishu had a fight with raman… wanna now y… so stay tuned nd read my next episode, nd plz comment before leaving the page.

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