The episode starts with ishu nd Shagun goes to their flat nd Raman vidyuth nd aakash to their’s.
Shagun went nd sat on sofa throwing her bag. Ishu picks it up nd keeps on the table. Shagun looks nd throws the bag again nd picks it nd keeps on the table.
She again goes nd sits. Ishu smiles seeing her acts.
Shagun: I don’t need anyone’s help.
Ishu: it’s ok yaar. Okay… I’m going to prepare dinner. Wht would u like to ve ???
Shagun: Im not hungry. I don’t want. U do it for ur self.
Ishu goes frm there.
Shagun thinks: but I’m so much hungry yaar… what to do???…(she thinks) shall I order anything.. frm any hotel ??
Ishu: Shagun… the hotel food is not good here.. it contains so much cheese nd cheese… I think it’s out of ur diet na… u may become fat… nd akhi will not like that…???
Shagun gets surprised: how did u read my mind???
Ishu: I didn’t read ur mind… u r the one who’s blabbering nd thinking that u r thinking.
Shagun: ohh.
Ishu goes to prepare dinner.
Shagun: it’s better I’ll go nd prepare my food.
She goes to kitchen.
Ishu: do u want anything??
Shagun starts cooking something for her. Ishu helps her. But Shagun ignores her.
Meanwhile in Raman’s flat.
Aakash: yaar vidyuth… I’m feeling so hungry… let’s ve dinner na.
Raman: what to do?? Shall I prepare??
Aakash: not need. vidyuth.. u know how to cook??
Raman signs vidyuth.
Vidyuth: ah… no yaar… I don’t know how to cook.
Aakash: then how will u manage everyday??
Vidyuth: voh.. actually… ha … a lady comes to cook me food nd goes.
Aakash: then y can’t u call her nd ask to come ??
Raman: becoz she’s in leave. She said she want to go to her husband who Leon other city.
Aakash: then what to do?? What abt our dinner??
Raman: yaar vidyuth… see I’m going to ishu… she is preparing dinner for us… let’s go na.
Vidyuth: yeah.. let’s go then.
They both got up.
Vidyuth: aren’t u coming there??
Aakash: no.. u guys go nd enjoy I’ll stay here.
Raman: r u sure?? What will u do then??
Aakash: it’s ok I’ll manage.
Vidyuth: ok Raman… I’ll go nd take the car… u come fast.
He went down. Raman looks at aakash. He turns his face.
Raman: yaar chal na… over action mat Kar. (He ignores)
Jst then aakash gets call. He picked.
Aakash: hello??
Shagun: akhi… u r hungry na.
Aakash: yeah baby… I’m so hungry. But I don’t want to eat with them.
Shagun: come here na… I ve prepared especially for u. We both can have it. Come.
Aakash: u prepared dinner?????
Shagun: jst shut up akhi… I ve learnt some cooking frm mom. I won’t disappoint u. Ok come fast even I’m hungry.
Aakash: okay.
They end the call.
Raman: so r u coming??
Aakash got up nd went to vidyuth. Raman smiles nd locked the door. They went to ishu ‘s flat. Ishu welcomed them. Raman hugged ishu: hlo..!!!
Shaakash looks nd fumes. Vidyuth drags Raman.
Ishu: come in… we ve prepared many dishes u know.
Raman: yeah yeah I’m very much hungry.
Aakash: even I’m angry.
Shagun: what??
Aakash: I mean hungry… come Shagun let’s ve dinner.
They all sat for dinner. Shagun serves aakash only what she prepared. He looks at it…. sensing danger.
Shagun: what r u looking…?? Eat na.
Aakash: r u sure baby??????
Shagun: akhi.. u r kidding na. Come on eat fast nd say me how’s it.
Aakash took the piece of roti with paneer nd eats. He keeps n expression nd chews…!!!
Shagun was eagerly waiting for his answer: what… say something???
Aakash: haaa… it’s gud…. so yummy.
Shagun: really ??? Then I’ll try it.
She takes nd eats… nd spits it out.
Shagun: ohh god… yuck?!!!! The paneer is raw nd roti has no salt at all. I’m so sry akhi. I thought it’ll be gud but…
Raman laughs: I know this will happen… akhi u r the one who ate shagun’s food while she herself can’t eat it.
Shaakash look at each other.
Ishu: Raman… will jst shut up. She at least tried na. Nd moreover.. its her effort. Wait I’ll repair it nd bring.
Shagun: it’s ok I’ll manage.
Ishu: Shagun.. will u eat like this.. no na. I’ll make it tasty. Plz let me do.. orelse u shld ve to sleep hungry.
She took the paneer kurma bowl to the kitchen.
Raman took those rotis nd places with ishu ‘s roti.
Raman: it’s ok u can eat this… we won’t mind. Coz.. I know u guys can’t eat paneer without roti na.
Ishu came back with the kurma.
Ishu: hmm the paneer kurma made by Shagun is now ready.
She serves aakash nd Shagun. They look at it.
Ishu: arey what r u guys look at it… eat na.
Aakash: I don’t want to eat… I’m going.
He tries to get up… but ishu stops.
Ishu: akhi… I’m warning u… if u dare to get up frm here na… without eating then..
Raman: ha what will u do…???
Ishu: I will feed u..
She took the piece nd feeds him forcefully. He eats it with irritating face. Ishu feed another… again forcefully. He again eats with n irritating face. Now ishu took another prices to eat.. while aakash opened his mouth. Ishu smiles nd feeds him.
Aakash having tears: u cook really gud ishu. Jst like ur mom.
Ishu smiles: I was jst waiting for this akhi… I’m sry for hiding everything frm u. I thought u’ll understand me.
Aakash: that’s y I came here to eat ur food.
Ishu smiles nd hugs aakash. Raman nd vidyuth smile too.
Shagun: so akhi.. u came here to eat ishu’s food not mine???
Aakash: I ate one piece na. If I eat the whole thing the best I’ll be in bathroom.
Everyone laugh… Shagun looks serious.
Shagun: all r here to make me fool. No one r here for me.
Raman: Shagun… I’m sry yaar. I hide this frm u. I shld at least said u na. Plz.. see I’ve helped for u in convincing ur relationship with akhi to dad na. So won’t u help ur bhai nd forgive him??
Shagun: acha… I will help u when u say me na.. but u hidden it.
Raman: it’s not like that baby… ok give me any punishment u wanna give.
Aakash: ohh now Raman is gone.
Vidyuth nd aakash laugh. Ishu smiles.
Shagun: ok I forgave u… but bhai plz do me one thing.
Raman: what say me… I’ll do anything for u… except saying my relationship to mom nd dad… or to jaanvi aunty.
Shagun: promise???
Raman: promise!!!
Shagun: ok then… u shld always be my side.
Raman stood nd sat beside Shagun: ok now??
Shagun: oh hello… being my side is not sitting beside me. U shld ve to support me when akhi taunts me nd fights with me.
Aakash: this is not fair.
Shagun: y is it not fair… he’s my bhai.. so he’ll be my side.
Aakash: arey he’s my frnd… best frnd.
Shagun:  but he’ll support me. Hai na bhai.
Raman looks at her helplessly.
Shagun: bhai u promised me that u will do anything.
Raman stood up nd said in a dramatic way (shivagami in bahubali?): here by… I’m going to support my Behan.. Shagun… in her every though situation. This is my word… nd my word is… word.
All the others laughs.
Vidyuth: ok now… shall we eat I’m so much hungry.
Raman: ha let’s eat.
Everyone eats. Ishu feeds akhi… nd eats her too.
Raman looks at it.
Raman: see learn something frm her. How she’s feeding her brother with love…. u r there… jst fit for nothing.
Shagun: acha.. I’m fit for nothing??
Raman: not saying me that I won’t support u nd all. Did u ever showered me some of ur love??? No u always do it for him. Nd akhi gets his mom’s love, sister’s love nd lover’s love… akhi u r too lucky yaar.
Aakash smiles.
Shagun: so u want me to feed u.
Raman: no thanks I don’t want… aftr I begged.
Ishu: it’s ok Raman… come here I’ll feed u.
She feeds Raman.
Raman: see that’s my wife… she loves me so much.
Shaakash: yeah… dikhta hai…!!!
They all smile.


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  1. superb update

  2. Fabulous update…… the anger between ishra & shakash was cute……

  3. Lovely siblings plus lovers reunion. Brought up in such a way. Without making us wait for long Lasya please do come soon yaar. Hope you don’t misunderstand.

  4. Zaira

    The episode was fabulous?!!! was so cute ?..mainly the bro n sis love was so good ….?
    Shakash were angry on ishra n the anger was uber cute?….they were doing all kind of nautankis ?…mainly shagun .”no help n gonna cook alone “…..soon aakash also.agreed to go to ishu’s home….hahaha aakash sensed danger in shagun’s food????but so cute na he ate her food which she could not eat …..ishu n aakash scene was serene ..mainly the part when he says I came here for u n she cools like her mom .I loved them …..n then Raman n shagun ..shagun also gave him a superb punishment?….n yes actually aakash is very lucky ..getting moms love ,SIS’s love n lovers love …n hamara bechara Raman.. No sister’s love ?…but aww ishita fed him ….n yes Raman ki biwi ka pyar dikhta hai ?…
    .sorry for late comment… Update soonish

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