The episode starts with Raman smiles seeing a big poster of his picture over the building of the mall… Written HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR RAMAN on it. All the people around him were looking at him nd discussing something.
Raman : wow… it’s gud…. ishu… I feel like a a hero yaar… through this.
He turns back to find ishu no where.
Raman: ishu… ishu… where ve u been…??? Ishu….???!!!!
Jst then ishu came with a bouquet of roses. He looks at her with love. She came to him nd bent on her knees…. forwarding the bouquet to him. He is abt take those flowers she took it back.
Ishu: wanna say u something… let me.
Raman smiles: okay…!!!
Ishra were surrounded by the people nd All were witnessing their act.
Ishu clears her throat nd starts her speech.
Ishu: Raman.. I thought my life would be so simple nd would be as my amma directs me, wahi routine as a girl life. But the day u came into my life… it’s totally changed.. completely different from what I ve thought. I became a thrilling film… Karan Johar wala. Chup chup ke Milna… batein karna… aur romance karna… yeh Sab Maine kabhi bhi nahi socha tha…I don’t had a thought of falling in love, until u came. Now I don’t know why do I love u that much but… I’m sure that I can’t even think of breathing without u. I LOVE U so much RAMAN….!!!! Nd Happy Birthday…!!!!!
She gave him the bouquet. He smiles having tears. All smiled nd clapped for them. She took his hand nd puts a bracelet. He smiles nd hugged her.
Raman: thank u so much ishu… LOVE U TOO….!!!!! This is the best gift I ever had. Love u.
The people were still clapping… meanwhile… shaakash came there fighting… nd saw the crowd. Vidyuth came running. He tried saying ishra.
Aakash: what’s going on here…???
One of the man frm the crowd: a girl proposed a boy… I think it’s the first ever girl proposal i know. She’s fab man…!!!
Shagun: ohh…!!! That’s unique..!!
Aakash: see dekha.. tumne…. a girl proposed a boy… that too in public !! Some people r worthless… they don’t even gift for their boyfriend.
Shagun: jst shut up okay… I didn’t gift u anything???
Aakash: ok say me what did u give me…???
Shagun: I ve given u many yaar… !!
Aakash: what say me at least 10 things…!!!
Vidyuth crossing the crowd came to ishra.
Vidyuth: yaar… what r u guys doing..??? Shaakash were here.
Ishra broke their hug.
Raman: what..???!!! Yaar I told to manage na.
Vidyuth: yeah… I tried but they r not at all listening to me.
Ishu: OMG.. come on let’s leave.
Shagun: vaise.. where is ishu ??
Aakash: yeah even Raman nd vidyuth r Missing.
Shagun: I think…
Aakash: I think they got afraid of ur behavior nd ran away.
Shagun: don’t say like that…
Aakash: oh come on Shagun… I always speak truth.
Shagun: truth kainka…!!! I know u very well.
Ishra came to them.. with vidyuth.
Ishu: hey Shagun..!!
They look at them
Raman: u guys didn’t stop yet fighting.
Aakash: how will she stop shouting Raman… u know na.
Shagun: very bad joke.
Ishu: at least akhi… u could stop na.
Shagun: it’s ok… leave yaar. Vaise u know.. a girl proposed a boy it seems.. the mall is talking abt it.. do u guys know??
Ishra looked at each other.
Raman: no we don’t know.
Ishu: ok come let’s go na.
Shagun: no.. I need to go in… I wanna see the girl who proposed her love.
Aakash: what will u do knowing abt her… koi romantic angle hai nahi na tum me.
Shagun: no I wanna know… come on na akhi let’s go.
Aakash smiles: u wanna take me … ok let’s go.
They went inside the mall… while ishra tried stoping them.
Ishra: Shagun… plz stop na.
Shagun: no I’m not going to stop. I wanna see.
They went in nd saw the poster of Raman’s nd gets shocked.
Aakash: arey … Raman.. ur poster here…???
Shagun: Raman..what’s this….???
Raman: voh actually..
Jst then an American couple came to ishu.
Man: u know I became a fan of urs… really. We need guts to propose to our love in public na… u rocked it today…!!!
Shaakash were shocked.
Woman to raman: nd sir.. u r very lucky to ve her… she proved her love towards u. I hope u guys be like this forever. May God bless u with happiness.
Raman: I think u r misunderstanding us….
Ishu: yeah.. I don’t even dare to talk how can i..
Man: no. No.. u r the one who proposed na.. see I ve even clicked ur pictures..
He showed his phone. Shaakash saw nd gets shocked. Vidyuth hits his head. Ishra were in helpless situation… the couple left the place… shaakash were looking at ishra.
Ishu: actually akhi…
Aakash in serious tone: jst say me one thing… r u guys in a relationship???
Ishu: voh akhi..
Shagun: answer him ishu…!! Say him.. whether u guys r in relationship or not.
Raman: yeah… we r in relationship since 5years..!! Nd moreover… she’s my wife frm yesterday.
Shaakash gets shocked.
Shagun: what the hell???!!! U guys r married ????
Ishu: ha Shagun..  I thought of informing u guys… but..
Shagun: plz jst stop it… ishu..u say that I’m ur best frnd. Hai na… where did that frndship go…. died ??
Ishu: it’s not like that Shagun…
Shagun: arey leave frndship… at least u didn’t think of say to ur brother. U say ur brother is everything for u…??? Nd Raman.. akhi is ur best frnd na… even u didn’t say anything… I didn’t expect this frnd u guys.
Ishu: Shagun… i asked Raman not to say this to anyone… I made him promise me. nd I tried saying u guys… but in meantime.. I came here. Akhi believe me.. u r important than anything to me. U know na… amma won’t allow me to do these… I was afraid akhi.
Aakash: it’s ok ishu.. I know… what’s my place in ur life. U lied to me.
Ishu gets shocked at his statement… Raman sees her.
Raman: akhi .. u should not ve said like that… she didn’t lied to u… but hidden a truth.
Aakash: leave it Raman… I think u guys don’t need us. Come Shagun…let’s go.
They tried moving. Ishu stops them.
Ishu: plz listen to me yaar… I’m so sry. Plz forgive us.
Raman: akhi Shagun… I know u guys r angry with us… but plz understand our situation… as being in our place.
Shagun: see we know even we hide it frm u guys… but we r not married like u. It’s really a big thing… getting married.
Ishu: I know… but there’s no way for us… my amma.. agreed to u guys… but what abt us.. we don’t ve other option. So we were forced to do this.
Raman: plz guys understand our situation.
Aakash: Shagun let’s go yaar.
Shaakash left the place. Ishu gets sad. Raman: ishu.. it’s ok. They need tym to digest our biggest news.
Ishu: will they accept our relationship??
Raman: don’t wry yaar… I’ll do something. See it’s my u shouldn’t keep a face like this.. u made us popular yaar. Such a s*xy surprise u gave me…. I was fully impressed with u. Love u baby…!!! My wifey…!!!
Vidyuth: romance ka koi limits hai kya… those were angry with u… nd u guys r …
Raman: yaar they can’t stay angry with us for more tym. I know. So y to wry.
Vidyuth hits his head. Ishra looks at him nd laughs.

Shaakash gets annoyed with ishra.

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