Hi everyone…. Sry for a short break. Here​ now I’m back with a festive special episode.

Recap: shagun joins office nd solves a problem with Abhishek. Ishu takes her revenge nd makes Raman fool.

The episode starts with ishra going in car.
Ishu: vaise, where r my gifts Mr. Bhalla…!!!
Raman: ohh.. they r in my flat. Shall we go there? U can get ur gifts…!!
Ishu: ok then.. let’s go.
Raman took her to his flat.
Ishu: hmm… It’s gud. It’s maintained neat.
Raman: this is Vidyuth’s flat.
Ishu: ohh.
Raman: ok come… I’ll show u ur gifts.
He opened his trolley nd took out so many packs. He took one by one out.
Ishu: wow…!! So nyc…!!
Raman: hai na. These Bangles, sari, jhumke nd those sweets r given to u by mummy.
Ishu: that’s so cool. I like this color sari. Vaise mummy ji is so sweet.
Raman: yeah, my mom is so sweet nd so lucky to ve u.
Ishu: no Raman. I’m lucky to ve her as my mother inlaw.
Raman: ok whatever, now…(picking something from the bag) this bracelet, do u remember it, u gave it to shagun when u guys were studying in dehradun Wala school.
Ishu: how can I forget it…? Did she return it to me??
Raman: I don’t know.
Ishu: wait I’ll call her. (She calls her) hello..!!
Shagun: hello… Ishu..!!
Ishu: what do you think of urself??
Shagun: what happened??
Ishu: y did u return the bracelet which I gave u?? Means u don’t want it anymore..??? U ve got new ones nd don’t want this..???
Shagun: shut up. Will u stop it…? (She stopped, Raman laughs silently) I gave it to u, so that, when u come back India, u would put it back to my hand… Jst like u did it before. (Ishu remained silent) It was given to me by my bst frnd. How can u think that I will give away my bracelet to u… It’s mine!!! I really… really… Miss u, ishu…!! (Both had tears in their eyes)
Raman: oh hello… U both drama queens… Stop being emotional ha.
Shagun: u r jst so mean Raman.
Ishu: ok, I’m sorry.
Shagun: Raman… Plz do one thing.
Raman: ha..?
Shagun: slap that stupid on my behalf​.
Ishu: y?
Shagun: will u say sry again…?
Raman: it’s ok ishu, she’s a dramebaaz she wants drama. So let it be.
Shagun: u shut okay. Vaise ishu, how was ur exam…??
Raman looks at ishu. She laughed (remembering how she fooled Raman )
Shagun: y r u laughing…?
Ishu: nothing… It was gud.
Shagun: u know what, I ve joined office.. !
Ishu: oh that’s nyc.
Raman: what…?? Shagun.. now u r fooling me..?
Shagun: no yaar, I’m serious.
Raman: yeah yeah, I think u joined in ur yesterday’s dream na.
Ishu laughed.
Shagun: he he… Very bad joke.?? I ve really joined office nd u know I’ve cleared the matter of Abhishek.
Raman: Abhishek…? U brought the check..?
Shagun: yeah. Nd for that Papa hugged me nd rewarded me with 10,000/-
Ishu: hmm.
Raman: what did u do with them?? Shopping?
Shagun​: no, I saved it. My savings…!!
Raman: ohh from when u ve this gud habit ?
Shagun: jst leave it… No worth talking to you. (Ishu laughs) vaise ishu u know, today ur Amma ate my brain.
Ishu: what happened?
Shagun: actually u tamilians have the festival of pongal na… Which is tomorrow. So she gave me a big class abt the festival nd invited me nd mummy for the Pooja.
Ishu: ha, pongal… I jst forgot abt.
Shagun: will u celebrate?
Ishu: of course… I will wear the sari given by u.
Shagun: then send me those pics.
Ishu: hmm… sure.
Raman: OK now bye Shagun…. it’s getting late.
Shagun: arey…
He cuts the call.
Ishu: what is this Raman? We r talking na.
Raman: if u both keep on talking then when will we spend time…?
Saying this he came to her. She moved back.

Ishu: what r u going to do…?
Raman: is it necessary to say… or shall I do it.
Ishu smiled nd came near…. he came to kiss her but ran away…!!! He chased her, while she was running.
Ishu: see u can’t do it okay…
Raman: arey yaar ishu… let us our first kiss na.
Ishu: no Raman, not now.
Raman: y not now…???
He comes towards her, she throws the sofa cushion on him.
Ishu: Raman, vidyuth…!!!!
He turned nd there is no one.
Raman: u again fooled me…!!!
Ishu laughs nd ran to the balcony. He came there nd closes the balcony door.
Raman:now u can’t go anywhere..!!!
Ishu: OK. I gave up.?
He came nd hugged her frm back…. nd slowly kissed her neck…. she felt gud. He moves his hands under her t-shirt, on her waist. She feels nervous nd turns to hug him. He hugged her nd moved his hands up under the shirt…. nd slowly whispered.
Raman: I know my limits ishu…. all that will happen when u want it. I won’t force u… either it may a kiss or…
Ishu: u jst stop there nd don’t say a word further.
Raman laughed: OK.
Nd they both hugged again. Ishu opened her eyes.
Ishu: Raman… vidyuth.
Raman: stop it yaar, don’t try to fool me. Ur trick became old one.
Ishu: Raman… vidyuth is really there.
Raman: I know y u r saying like that. But I’m not going to believe u.
Vidyuth: acha… so even if u see me, u r not going to believe me…?
Raman leaves ishu nd Turned: yaar… how did u come… I ve locked the door na.
Vidyuth: I ve my key…(showing the key)
Raman: how did u come here… I ve locked the balcony door too.
Vidyuth: u didn’t lock it, it was open. Nd balcony door has no lock frm outside.
Ishu laughs: OK Raman… I’ll leave.
Vidyuth: arey ishita… it’s OK. U can be here.
Ishu: no it’s not like, actually I ve to leave. Sara must be waiting for me.
Raman: OK then… I’ll drop u.
Ishu: not needed… I’ll go. As I ve to buy some groceries.
Raman: it’s OK I’ll help u.
Ishu: no Raman, u work…. I’ll go by myself. Vaise I has been much time timing in the New York streets.
Raman: okay… then, bye.
He side hugged her.
Ishu: bye. Bye vidyuth.
Vidyuth: bye.
She left with her bag of gifts.
Vidyuth: yaar… having much romantic time na. I’m so sry, I ve disturbed u.
Raman: shut up. It’s not like that…?
Vidyuth: then like what???…????
Raman: vaise, did Mr. Charles sent the file..?
Vidyuth: yeah he did it. Nd Mr. Peter, our client was much impression with the topic, choose by us.
Raman: hmm. Grt.
Vidyuth: coffee..?
Raman: ha of course.
Vidyuth: I’ll go nd make.
Raman: I’ll help u.
In meantime, Sara came home aftr her wedding shopping. She was too much tired nd fell on sofa. Jst the ishu came with some groceries.
Ishu: hey… Sara !!!
Sara: ishu.. how was ur exam?
Ishu: it’s gud. See what I ve brought for u.
Sara took out something frm the pack.
Sara: What is this??
Ishu: I thought u must be tired, so I ve brought Italian food. Ur fav.
Sara: yeah I’m so hungry.
Ishu: OK but first did u buy all the things which r needed na.
Sara: ha ha. Wedding frock, jewelry, ring for the groom, nd a special gift for my George… which I’m going to give him at my wedding.
Ishu: is it a surprise??
Sara: hmm.
Ishu: OK then… let’s see ur shopping stuff.
They were discussing abt the wedding.
Meanwhile in INDIA…. the next mrng, in aakash ‘s home, it’s PONGAL time.
Jaanvi: arjun…did u arrange everything..?
Arjun: ha jaanvi, I’ve arranged. I ve even called pandit, he’s on the way.
Jaanvi: hmm… even I ve prepared the prasad.
Arjun: did u call aakash???
Jaanvi: no he said he will call me.
Jst then Toshi came with Shagun.
Jaanvi welcomed then by hugging… nd some of the other ladies with their family came there.
Jaanvi: arey Toshi ji, bhalla ji didn’t come?
Toshi: no, he’s having meeting.
Jaanvi: ohh. But overall the ladies her, my bahu is looking pretty.
(Looking at Shagun)
Shagun: oh, thank you amma.
Jaanvi: really, u r so much beautiful. Vaise kanna, did aakash call u?
Shagun: no amma, wait, I’ll call him.
Jaanvi:ah, is it possible video chat?
Shagun: sure amma. (She calls him)
Aakash picks the call… nd video chats with them.
Shagun: hey akhi…!!! (Before aakash could say)
Jaanvi snaches frm her nd talks.
Jaanvi : how r u akhi..??? R u fyn..??
Aakash: ha amma im fyn. How r u?
Jaanvi: I’m so happy, akhi. What u look so pale.. aren’t u eating??
Aakash: what amma… I’m eating. I don’t ve time here. Vaise, where appa?
Jaanvi: arjun.. here.
Arjun: arey r u?
Aakash: I’m fyn appa… how r u?
Arjun: I’m gud. Happy PONGAL!!!
Aakash: happy PONGAL, amma appa…!!!
Jaanvi: happy PONGAL.
Aakash: what have u prepared today…!!!
Jaanvi: see I ve prepared ur fav, pongal, payasam…
Shagun thinks: oh god… even today she prepared the same…?
Aakash: still???
Jaanvi: nd this puliogara rice !!
Aakash: all my fav amma… but I can’t eat.
Jaanvi: come here fast nd I’ll feed u.
Aakash: ha. Done.
Jaanvi the sees Shagun: akhi, here talk with Shagun.
Shagun thinks: ha ,thank God at last she noticed me.
Shagun took mobile nd went aside.
Shagun: happy PONGAL akhi..!!
Aakash: Happy PONGAL…. actually I ve no words for u… u look amazing..!!
Shagun smiles: thank u. Vaise, ur amma na, jst irritating yaar.
Aakash: leave her na, don’t bother abt her. Think abt me… if keep on increasing ur beauty like this day by day… then how will I protect u frm others… (Shagun blushes) wow… u look so gorgeous when u blush.
Shagun smiles: OK bye… I’ll call u later, ur amma is calling. She can’t bear talking to u.
He smiles: OK bye… luv u.
Shagun: ha ha. Bye.
She ends the call nd attends looks.

Sara’s wedding. Ishra ‘s pongal celebrations.

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