Hi guys.. how r u all. Sry for going away without informing u guys. So now I’ll give u a big episode.

Recap: ishra met after 3 yrs.

The episode starts with Sara going home nd making so special dishes.. nd gets ready. Jst then bell rings. She opens the door nd finds George with his family.
Sara: hello Everyone… i was waiting for u. Come in.(she hugs them)
James (George’s Dad) nd Jane (George’s Mom) were happy to see their daughter in law… Nd her welcome. They had lunch nd were talking to each other.
Jane: Sara.. u r so gud. So beautiful.. nd the way u r with us made me feel so happy.
Sara smiles nd sees George who’s smiling at her.

James: yeah Sara… nd the food u made is delicious. U impressed me too.
George: so Mom, Dad… What do u say. ?
Jane: George Weds Sara… Is it gud?
James: I feel, Sara Weds George is better.

Jane: no I think that’s gud.
James: no no… It is the best.
George: okay guys u don’t fight.. for our wedding. But Mom.. I agree with Dad…I wish Sara shld be first.

Sara smiles nd they hug her.
Sara: thank u George for giving me a family.
He hugs her. They left after a talk abt their marriage. Sara is so happy.
Sara: I ve to share this with ishu.

She calls her… But ishu is in her lab nd kept her phone out. So couldn’t pick.
Sara: maybe she’s busy in her lab. I ve two gud news for her. Ok I’ll say when she come.
Meanwhile Raman also tries calling ishu but she kept he Mobile out.
Raman: this girl y isn’t she picking the call.
Vidyuth came to him giving him a cup of coffee.
Vidyuth: what happened man..?

Raman: yaar she’s not picking the call. Is anything wrong..?
Vidyuth: y do u think like that. She said na she has lab today… So maybe she is busy with it.
Raman: yeah u r right. (Sipping the coffee) I’ll study the files give me those.
He sleeps while studying them. That evening ishu came out of the lab nd saw he Mobile which have many missed calls… 15 of Raman nd 4 of Sara. She called Sara.
Ishu: hi Sara… I’m so sry.. I was busy in the lab yaar.
Sara: yeah I know… I ve two gud news for u. Come home fast.
Ishu: yeah I’m on the way… I’ll be there in five mins.
Sara: ok then bye.

They cut the call. Ishu had a leave for her flower stall… As she was busy with exams nd labs for some days…she then soon reached her home. Sara welcomed her with a grt joy.
Ishu: u seems to be so happy… What’s up?
Sara: first… It’s my wedding yaar…!!
Ishu: wow.. !! So cool… Congrats Sara…!!! (They hug) nd what’s the second.
Sara: the second is raman is here in New York..!!!
Ishu smiles: I know that na.
Sara: how do u know..?
Ishu: he met me this mrng.

Sara: u didn’t say me..?
Ishu: how could I say when we were so busy with our situations. Hey wait actually I ve to call him… He called me many time bye.
She came to the balcony nd called him. There Raman in Vidyuth’s room sleeping. His phone rings nd Vidyuth attended the call.
Ishu: hello Raman… I’m so sry I couldn’t pick ur call.
Vidyuth: hmm..this is Vidyuth. actually Raman is so tired nd is sleeping now.
Ishu: ohh hi Vidyuth, is Raman ur frnd..?
Vidyuth: yeah. Nd on that day I ve brought lillies for u from ur stall
Ishu: ohh it’s so funny na.

Ishu: ok. I’ll call later.
Vidyuth: yeah bye.
Ishu: bye.
They end the call.

Sara: what happened..?
Ishu: he’s sleeping.
Sara: it’s ok.. u can talk to him later.. first u come.. u know I ve made many dishes.. u jst taste them.
Ishu: ok u make them hot. I’ll go nd fresh meanwhile.
Sara: yeah.
Ishu then went to freshen herself… sara nd ishu together had dinner Nd ishu sat for studying. Jst then she gets a call.
Ishu: hello.

Raman: hmm.. what r u doing?
Ishu smiles: preparing for my exam.
Raman: oh.. so u don’t ve time for me. ?

Ishu: it’s not like that… I can make it for u.
Raman smiles: I didn’t disturb u na.
Ishu: no no not at all .. I was just waiting for ur call.
Raman: then shall we meet now..?
Ishu: yeah sure.
Raman: ok then I’ll come to u. Bye.

He cuts the call. Ishu smiles. She writes her final notes nd gets ready. Later he came to their flat. Sara opens the door.
Sara: hey hi Raman… Come in.

Raman: how do u know me..?
Sara: I’ll say u, come with me.
She took him to ishu’s room. There he saw a big wall poster of ishra’s picture. A few other moments of theirs. Raman was so much surprised.
Sara: I know u like this. Ishu loves u a lot Raman.
Raman smiles seeing her love. Jst then…
Ishu: arey Sara who was that..?

They turned back. Ishu saw him.
Ishu: Raman.. ???!!! (She went to him nd hugged)
Raman: love u so much ishu.
Ishu smiles: love u too yaar.

Sara: I think I shld leave.
Raman: no no.. Sara.. we’ll go out. Shall we ishu??
Ishu: yeah of course.
Sara: ok then njoy u both. Bye.
Ishra: bye.

In India, around 5am, shagun sleeping nd her phone rings…. For 3 to 4 times she then picks it with much difficulty.
Shagun: Hello..! ( In sleepy voice)

Aakash: u such n insane… Jst sleeping like snow white… without bothering abt ur prince.
Shagun: ha I’m just waiting for u to kiss me nd wake me up.
Aakash smiles: what..??!!

Shagun ??: nothing…!! Actually I ve to scold u jst check how many time I ve called u…
Aakash: arey stupid… I ve checked that’s y calling u.. I was traveling then nd kept it in the aeroplane mode.
Shagun: then say me how may missed calls..?
Aakash: hmm.. 43 missed calls nd 21 msges. All r written with ‘call me akhi’.
Shagun: hmm.. vaise u reached..?

Aakash: yeah just now.. entered the hotel room.
Shagun: u had ur breakfast..?
Aakash: dinner.. it’s night now.

Shagun: whatever.. did u had?
Aakash: hm..!! (Keeping his luggage in the room nd fell on the bed) I’m so much tired yaar. I want u here right now.
Shagun: then we’ll ve video chat na…akhi..??!!(he sleeps) r u there..?(slowly his phone fall on the bed from his shoulder)May be he’s sleeping, gud night baby.
She ends the call nd sleeps.
Meanwhile in New York.. ishra went to a pub.
Raman: y here?

Ishu: u jst come na.
She takes him in nd orders a large.
Raman: do u drink..?
Ishu: no, it’s for u. U like it na.
Raman: I used to ishu, I left everything.
Ishu: y..?

Raman: what do u think.. shld become devdas if u left me… Grow my beard, drink more that I can’t be in my senses..?
Ishu laughs: ha.. i jst thought, as everyone does like that to forget their pain na. When girl friend leaves.

Raman: it’s not pain ishu… It’s waiting for u. There’s not pain in doing such thing na. I luv u nd I luv waiting for u.
He holds her hand. Ishu smiles.
Ishu: kher.. it’s ok. Now no more waiting. U r with me. Nd I’m with u. Forget everything nd now be this beer?.

She gives him the bottle, he took it.
Raman: then u do this ve anything??
Ishu: hmm.. even I’ll get my treat. Ice cream !!!!!
Raman smiles: u won’t change at all.
Ishu???: say me which flavor do I like ?
Raman: u gonna take my test ??

Ishu: yeah of course!
Raman: (sipping the beer) im sure it’s blackcurrant.
Ishu smiles: yeah. But it’s past.
Raman: u changed it again??
Ishu: ha. Now my fav flavor is seethaphal.

Raman: seethaphal?? Oh God… How could u eat..?? I jst don’t like it.
Ishu: I like it. So u ve to.
Meanwhile the server brings seethaphal ice cream for her. She eats it. Raman puts a face.
Ishu: hmm… So yummy​??..!!! Ve some na.
Raman: no no plz… I don’t want it.

Ishu: plz Raman for me..?
She keeps a cute face for which he agreed. She feeds him.. waits to see his reaction. He keeps a ??? face. Ishu laughs at his reaction ???.
Ishu: here water..(he took it nd drinks)
Raman: plz don’t even try this again.
Ishu pulled his cheeks nd kissed him.
Ishu: u r so cute baby.
Raman blushes.

Ishu: what u r blushing..?!!
Raman: nothing.
Ishu: ok. come I’ll take u to other place.

Raman: I jst love this place. So romantic na.
Ishu: ha.
Raman: I wish…
Ishu: what ??
Raman came to her… Close to her face. She feels something nd closed her eyes.

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