MERE DIL KI DUNIYA – part 15 and 16

I think u guys​ r awaiting for the episode to continue na. So here I came. How r u all…?? Nd vaise I’m so sry that I skipped one of the episode posted the other due to some confusion… So let it be… We’ll start the next episode with a short​recap.

Recap: ishra nd shaakash went to Shimla for a trip. Shaakash expressed their love in front of ishra. Raman surprised ishu by giving her a memory of her parents nd ishu is so much impressed with him.

The episode starts with Kavya nd Raman talking.
Kavya: yaar cut all this… Just say me how did u both express ur love to each other…. Nd y did she went to New York.
Raman: ok fyn… After coming from Shimla… One mrng…
Ishu got up from her bed nd went to aakash’s room nd wakes him up.
Ishu: akhi… Akhi..!!
Aakash in sleepy voice: what ishu.. what happened?
Ishu: get up na I’ll say u.
He got up.
Aakash: ha say me.
Ishu: shagun called me… She said that she won’t come to college today…
Aakash: y… What’s wrong ?
Ishu: she’s having fever… So she told me to say u.. she called u but ur mob is switched off.
Aakash: what… Fever.. how’s she now…? Is she fyn​..? Oh no… I’ll call her.
He took his phone.
Ishu: hey akhi wait…

Aakash: y ?
Ishu: u care for shagun na.

Aakash: ha of course… She’s my everything yaar.
Ishu: but I’m sry akhi… U became a fool on this fool’s day.
Aakash: what..???
Ishu: it’s April Fool’s Day….!!
Aakash: ???????? u r gone idiot…!!!
He chases her while she runs away… She shouts at aakash to leave her. Hearing her shout both Arjun nd jaanvi came out of their room.

Ishu: I’m sry akhi forgive me na.
Aakash: how dare u lie to me.. u said shagun has fever… I went tensed when u said that…I can’t even imagine that but u made me do so.
Hearing this jaanvi gets surprised. Ishu nd aakash stopped running.
Ishu: ok yaar… forgive me. U know even shagun got fooled like this… The same trick I ve played with her.

Aakash: what…??!! How did she react.
Ishu: same as well. She was almost to cry… Nd then I revealed her that it’s just a trick. Nd wished her Happy Fool’s Day..!!
He tapped her head.
Aakash: my shagun also got fooled by u. ???

Jaanvi listens to them.
Ishu: aww… So sad na… U two Love birds go fooled by me.??
Jaanvi gets shocked: what… Aakash nd shagun..???!!! (Ishu nd aakash gets shocked) akhi.. what’s this..?
Aakash: Amma voh..
Jaanvi: Kya voh.. say me directly… U love shagun.
Ishu nd aakash gets tensed.

Aakash murmurs: ha amma… We both love each other so much Amma.. since 2 yrs.. I want u to accept her Amma.. she’s very nyc girl.. she is so good that she accepted u.??
Jaanvi: what..??!!
Aakash: nothing.. I mean to say is she agreed to become tamilian.
Ishu laughs silently.
Jaanvi: ok then I will think abt it… Once after meeting her.

She goes saying this.
Ishu: oye akhi… U jst think it’s fixed yaar… Amma is going to accept ur relation.
Aakash smiles: hope so.
Ishu: hojayega…don’t wry.(hugs him congratulating) wait we’ll just at this to ur simran.
Aakash: simran.. who’s she..?
Ishu: arey shagun yaar… DDLJ pair.
He smiled. Ishu again called shagun who’s sleeping nd she picks it angrily.
Shagun: what now..?
Ishu: u know shagun… Amma almost accepted ur relation with akhi.

Shagun: ishu.. don’t try to make me fool again… U r spoiling my sleep. Bye.
Ishu: arey listen na… What I said is true if u want ask akhi.
Aakash: ha baby… My Amma said she’ll think abt us… It means she almost accepted us. I’m so happy yaar.
Shagun: now u too joined her in making me fool..?

Aakash: no yaar… How can u think I’ll lie to u… Shagun promise.
Shagun: really..!!!?????
Aakash: ha ha… I’m so surprised at her reaction I thought she’ll kill me but…
Shagun: ohh my God… U r amazing akhi… U r the bat u jst said it to ur mom… Very brave ha.
Ishu: yeh lo ji… I too said u the same… But no she just want to hear it from her boyfriend hai na shagun.

Shagun blushes.
Shagun: it’s because u made me fool.
Ishu: ha.. ishu can make anyone fools.
Aakash: acha..ok bye, we’ll meet in the college.
They end the call.

Aakash: u aid that u can make fool anyone..
Ishu: of course.
Aakash: then here is challenge for u. U be to make Raman a fool.
Ishu: it’s so simple… I will do it.

Aakash: that’s not so simple… Raman won’t get fool so easily.. he’s so smart u know.
Ishu: I will make him fool. What will I get then if I do it.
Aakash: I’ll say u later. But u shld do what I say if u can’t.
Ishu: ok done.
Raman: nd that challenge was so horrible u know​ … This made us get into the love track.
Kavya: how..??!! How did she made u fool.
Ishu thinks a lot for making Raman fool. She finally calls him.
Ishu: Raman..
Raman: ha ishu.
Ishu: where r u..?
Raman: in the park… Came for a jog.
Ishu: ohh… I just wanna say u one thing.

Raman: ohh… What a coincidence.. I was thinking u to say something.
Ishu: ok then we shall meet in the clg canteen.
Raman: ha ok then bye.
Ishu: bye.
She ends the call.

Raman smiles: may be she feels the same for me..? Maybe she too wanna propose me..? Oh my God… I can’t wait yaar.
He rushed to his home. Got ready nd went clg before. He was waiting for ishu. Ishu thinks nd thinks a lot how to make him fool nd reaches the clg canteen.
Raman: hey ishu…!!!
She looked at him nd went near.
Ishu: hi Raman…!!

Raman: u said u wanna say something.
Ishu: ha voh actually…
She then notices a card with I Love U written on it. She smiles at it.
Ishu thinks: it’s a gud trick to make him fool… But what if he took it serious.. no ishu. But if u say it’s jst for fun.. even y will he take serious unless if he loves me. But he don’t na. So no problem. Come on it’s better… I’m sure Raman won’t take serious.
Raman: ishu.. what r u thinking..? What do u want to say..?
Ishu: I love u Raman…!! ??

Raman got really surprised nd thinks: OMG… She loves me too…!!! I can’t believe this. I love u too Meri Jaan…. Bit I can’t accept so easily.. let’s play for some time.
Raman: what’s this ishu…. U love me..??? I didn’t expect this from u… If we r close to each other u think it’s love… ?? Come on say me.
Ishu thinks: thank God he don’t love me…!!!
Ishu: Raman… Actually… It’s April fool’s day…!! So I won the challenge nd u became a fool yaar.
This shocks Raman…?!!!???
Raman: means u don’t love me…??

Ishu: no yaar… I’m sry… But we r jst frnds… Bst frnds na… I don’t ve any intention in loving u….so sry ha.
Raman almost in tears: means what all u said is not true..???
Ishu: how can u think I love u..?….
He then moves from there hiding his tears…

Ishu: are Raman.. ??
He took his bike nd went away somewhere. Seeing him aakash nd shagun went near ishu..
Shagun: yaar… What happened..?
Aakash: where is Raman​going..?
Ishu: I don’t know… actually…
Shagun: what’s​wrong ishu…??
Ishu says the matter.

Shagun: what..?? This is not right ishu… How can u do like that. May be he was hurt.
Ishu: y will he get hurt if he don’t love me…? He said he don’t love me.
Aakash: may be he was hurt becoz u said how u think I will love u.. like he’s not a deserving one for someone’s love.
Ishu: oh.. then is he really sad abty words…??

Shagun: wait… We just ve to ask him… Don’t know if he is really hurt or not.
Aakash calls Raman.. where he’s sitting on a bench nd crying.
Raman: y did u say like yat ishu…. Don’t I deserve ur love…??
He gets a call. He doesn’t pick. He continuously gets the call nd at last picks wiping his tears nd clearing his throat.

Raman: hello.
Aakash: where r u man… Nd y r u not picking the call..?
Raman: I was driving… So ignored.
Aakash: ok fyn.. where did u go… ?
Raman: I just came home .. I forgot my purse.

Aakash: r u ok…??
Raman: yeah I’m absolutely fyn.. what will happen to me..??
Aakash: no I just sense something wrong.
Raman: akhi… I’m fyn yaar… U just go to the class… I’m going to bunk the first one… So don’t wait for me sitting in the canteen … I’ll come there by the second one. Ok bye.
Aakash: y to bunk class… It’s so bad na.
Raman: chup kar saale… What happened to that gyaan when u bunked the class..???
Aakash smiled thinking he’s fyn: hm.. ok u go ahead… I’ll go to the class then. Bye.
Raman: bye yaar.

He ends the call nd a drop of tear dropped from his eye.
Shagun: what happened akhi..?
Aakash: he’s fyn… He just went home to take his purse which he forgot.
Ishu: means he is normal… Not angry with me…?? Thank God…!!!
Aakash​: ishu stop this drama yaar… making other fools. It’s not gud everytime in every situation.

Ishu: yeah u r right. Nd I’m sry both of u.
Shagun: it’s ok yaar… Now leave all this nd let’s go to the class.
They left. Raman is consoling himself.

Nd here it’s up to… The story starts now.

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