Hi frnds…. how r u all…!!! I missed u guys so much. Anyways, Here is a super triple offer for u… I hope u like it.

Recap: The four planned to go to shimla… jaanvi agreed to allow ishu on being forced by Raman nd Shagun.

The episode starts with early in the mrng around 5:00am, ishu nd Aakash coming to bhalla house with their bag packs. Toshi calls Raman nd Shagun seeing them. They both came down running.
Shagun went to ishu nd hugged her…. nd smiled at Aakash who’s behind ishu. He smiled back nd Raman was lost looking at ishu.
Toshi: Raman… u nd Aakash go nd place those bags in the car.
Raman: ha maa..

He went near ishu nd asked her for bag, she gave him. Both Raman nd Aakash placed the bags in the car. Shagun took ishu to her room. Aakash came there. He came to the room of his love for the first time…. which is like a room of princess in the castle with all pink nd pink things around. Ishu saw him looking at Shagun.
Ishu: arey akhi, what r u doing here…? Don’t u know its a bad habit coming into a girls room.
Aakash: then I always come to ur room… won’t say like this..?
Ishu: ha.. I’m ur sister, u can come. But this is shagun’s na.
Shagun: its OK leave it na ishu.
Ishu: acha…!!! (Teasingly)

Aakash: actually I came here just to call u guys down… its already 5:30 let’s go na.
Ishu: ha ha… let’s go, its getting late.
They went down… got into the car Raman nd Aakash frnt, ishu nd Shagun were their back, Raman was driving… they waved to toshi… nd started their journey… went onto the highway. Raman adjusted the rearview mirror nd looks at ishu,who’s enjoying the nature outside. Aakash adjusted the side mirror nd looks at shagun.. who’s looking at him through the same window.
Ishu: yaar stop that radio na… let’s talk abt something.
Raman turned the radio.
Shagun: what shall we talk abt..?
Aakash: Love…!!!

Ishu: (teasingly) akhi.. have u fallen in love..? (Shagun gets tensed, ishu observes that)
Aakash: y did u ask like that…?
Ishu: nothing ur behavior says so. They way u feel… they way u talk nowadays. U weren’t like this before..?
Aakash: no no… I don’t ve time for such things.

Raman: yeah… u r always with us na… anyway I know if u ve such thing in ur life u would definitely say me na…?
Aakash: of course I will.
Aakash thinks: but if u weren’t shagun’s bro I would
say… she is afraid of u yaar. Don’t how u’ll react after knowing it.
Raman thinks: Aakash trusts me more. Don’t know how’ll react when u get to know abt my feelings towards ur sis.
Shagun thinks: thank god akhi… u managed well… if bhai or ishu got to know then what will be their reaction. I think they will kill me.. no no.. us..!!!
Ishu thinks: I think Aakash nd Shagun like each other. I’ll find it out.
Aakash: arey look there its nyc scenery na.

Shagun looks out: yeah such a beautiful place.
Ishu: Raman stop the car we’ll click some pics.
He stopped the car. All got down. They witnessed a beautiful landscape with a small pond… just down to the highway road.
Shagun: we shall go there..?
Aakash: no Shagun.. it may be dangerous going down.
Ishu: plz akhi… plz.. let’s go na.

Raman seeing her pleasing face nd was pleased to take her there down.
Raman: OK then I’ll take u there. But as its a sloppy area, hold my hand.
He forwarded his hand… she looked at it nd holds. He smiled.
Shagun whispered to Aakash: oh hello mister see how my bhai is.. learn something from him. He’s taking ishu.. u being my love simply standing. Come on take me there.
Aakash: OK fyn then let’s go.
Raman holding ishu’s hand went down.. ishu was abt slip nd holded Raman’s hand tightly… he balanced her. She looked at him.
Raman: ishu be careful…!!!
Aakash nd Shagun looked at Raman’s wry.

Shagun whispers: yaar I really think they like each other.
Aakash: I dont  think so..?
Shagun while going down: y.. see how bhai takes care of ishu.
Aakash: a frnd can also take care like that.
Shagun: I don’t agree.
Aakash: in that case Raman would say me na.
Shagun : even ishu would say me.

Aakash: so don’t be negative.
Shagun: iss mein negative ka kya baath hai..?(what’s negative in this ?) It would be nyc, we both nd they both.
Aakash: acha..but let ur relation get on track… then we’ll see abt them. First let’s enjoy this trip.
Shagun: what I’m saying is let’s say them abt our love.
Aakash: what…???!!!!
Shagun: ha… see we planned this to spend time with each other na.
Aakash: ha.

Shagun: then its lil awkward doing it infrnt of them nd they may doubt us. So before we’ll say them… nd they’ll give us some privacy na. I know my bhai will won’t reject…. u r such a gud guy…!!!
Aakash smiles: ur brain became faster… OK we’ll say them once we reach shimla.
Shagun: what abt saying now…?? Then we’ll sit together in the car.
Aakash: no yaar… at least let’s play hide nd seek for last time with u in the journey.
Shagun: hide nd seek…??? R u a kid akhi…?
Aakash: u don’t know the language of love… hide nd seek means chup chup ke dekhna.
Shagun: ohh… OK fyn.. we’ll say later.
Ishu saw them holding hands, talking, smiling, nd coming down.
Ishu: Raman… wait a sec.

Raman: what happened..??
Ishu: wait, look at them… how they r coming.
He looked at shaakash coming down.
Raman: so what..?
Ishu: don’t u think anything..?
Raman: no… (some louder) yaar akhi.. Shagun come fast na.
Ishu thinks: I myself shld do something abt them.
Shaakash then realised nd moved down fast. They clicked some pics… Raman nd ishu together clicked a selfie being the beautiful scenery as background. The pic was awesome in Raman’s mobile… he smiled at it.

Aakash: ok chalo…let’s go … we’ll reach shimla.. by evening if we move fast.
Shagun: yeah let’s go.
Raman was abt to give hand to move up.
Ishu: hey look… there r steps to reach up. Let’s go.

Ishu ran there. Raman was disappointed. Later they were going on nd on… breaks in middle just to chill nd have some food. Raman nd Aakash exchanged their turns in driving. They finally reached shimla…. its too cool there. Shimla has a very beautiful culture. One side of the city is full with hills nd falls, greenery… nd whereas the other side is covered with white snow. Nd our people went into the city side of greenery. They checked into a resort, Two rooms… one for the gals nd the other guys.
Shagun: wow… ishu such a cute room hai na…?

Ishu: hmm.. its so nyc.(checking the room nd bathroom.)
Shagun: hmm… I’ll take a shower. I’m so tired travelling. U too take a shower na..?
Ishu: yeah u go ahead… I’ll do it after u.
Shagun took some night suit nd went into the bathroom. Ishu went out to the garden nearby.
Meanwhile Aakash fell on the bed.
Aakash: yaar… the journey was so long from Delhi to Shimla … meri toh band bajgayi..(I’m so tired).
Raman: yaar at least take a shower after long this travel. I’m gonna do it or else I can’t sleep.
Aakash: yeah… I’ll go first yaar. I’m so sleepy.
Raman: OK… my phone’s battery is dead. Where’s the charger..?
Aakash (taking some stuff from the bag): I think its in the car… I forgot there aftr charging my mobile.

Raman: ok I’ll get it.
He went to the car… took the charger from its point nd was returning back then he noticed ishu there. He smiled nd went near her… he stood one side nd tapped her from the other side. She looked at the other side… nd looked at Raman.
Ishu: u..? I was thinking who could it be.
Raman: what is Ms. Ishita doing here..?
Ishu smiled: she’s just having chill in this cool breeze nd moon.
Raman: hmm… its such a nyc place to hang out na.

Ishu: ha. Nd thanks Raman… for this trip… nd even coming to my amma nd supporting me.
Raman: mention not (stretching his hands) I’m always urs…!!! (She looked at him) I mean I’m always ur frnd… nd frnds r meant for it.
Ishu: u r right. Vaise, what’s the plan for tomorrow..?
Raman: hmm… it’s a surprise.
Ishu: arey say na.
Raman: I think u gonna love that place.. so if I reveal it to u… it won’t be gud. All the suspense will spoil.
Ishu: OK. But what if I don’t like that place..?
Raman: I’m 100% sure that u will like that place. I know u well.
Ishu: acha. (Raman looks at her.Aftr some silence) Raman…
Raman got scared: what happened?

Ishu: I ve to say u one thing.
Raman: what..?
Ishu: its so important..(Raman thinks: will she propose me..?) Its abt Aakash nd Shagun (she looks here nd there, he smiles) Raman I think they both like each other.
Raman: what..!!!???
Ishu: ha… I was observing from the past two days. That’s y I was trying to find it from aakash… but he didn’t say.
Raman: r u sure ishu..?
Ishu: ha… I think we ve to go to them ask directly.

Raman: now..?
Ishu: ha… u go nd call akhi here. I’ll call Shagun.
She goes from there.
Raman: if Aakash likes Shagun.. then I no need to fear for saying abt my love.
Kavya: oh man..  ur girl became a detective na.
Raman: ha.. she always want to help others… she finds each nd every prblm nd tries to make it out. I used call her ‘Jagga Jasoos’ for this.
Kavya laughs: ‘Jagga Jasoos’..???!!! Its so cute name.
Raman: but she’s just like that. That’s what I like the most in her. But sometimes I dislike that nature too.
Kavya: y..?
Raman: that sometimes disturbs me from getting romantic with her.
Kavya laughs: what happened then… what was ur reaction after knowing abt Aakash nd Shagun?
Later ishra were infrnt of shaakash.
Ishu: Raman ask na.
Raman: shld I ask..?
Ishu innocently: ha.
Raman smiles at her expression but doesn’t shows it.
Raman: OK.. is it true that u both like each other?
They both were shocked. Looked at each other.
Ishu: come on ans him.
Shagun: actually ishu…
Ishu: we just want the ans…!

Aakash closing his eyes: ha… (he holds shagun’s hand) I love Shagun… so much (she looked at him). She was afraid of u Raman.. actually not u.. but ur dad nd my mom. So she asked me not say this to anyone.
He opened his eyes nd looked at ishra who’s seriously looking at him. Raman then suddenly hugged Aakash.
Raman: yaar I’m so happy abt u both. Abbey saaley, u were afraid of me.
Shagun: means bhai u r happy with it.
Raman: of course… I’m happy… Shagun.. Aakash is my best frnd.. nd I will b happy if he become my family. Congrats akhi…!!!

Aakash: thank u Raman. (They both hugged)
Ishu: what abt me..? Shagun.. how dare u don’t say abt ur love to me…? On that day.. u were so angry at me on not saying abt Raman’s acting… now say me.. what shall I do..?
Shagun: I’m so sry ishu… I was afraid of ur amma… nd my dad.
Raman: see Shagun.. papa won’t say anything.. if akhi impress him nd make him sure that u’ll take care of my sister forever.. nd make her happy ever. Nd mom will go on with ur wish.
Ishu: nd coming to amma… she will accept at least for u Aakash. Nd moreover amma is money minded na.
Aakash: ha ha…so amma also accepts u yaar.
Shagun: so no prblm for us. I think we can say them after this trip.
Aakash: arrey y do u always think abt telling others. Plz yaar. We’ll say went we r ready for shadi OK.

Shagun: hmm… but I’m happy now… I can spend this trip with my love without any hide nd seek. So will u guys let us for sometime..?
Pointing towards ishra. They smiled nd went away from there.
Shaakash were sitting there in that romantic night. Ishra had a talk.
The next mrng…after breakfast they were  going somewhere in the car.
Shagun: bhai where r we going ?
Raman: its a surprise.
Ishu: at least akhi u say.

Aakash: no, I can’t reveal Raman’s surprise to u ishu… I think we’ll be reaching the within 15mins… u find it for urself.
Shagun: bhai’s surprise for ishu..???
Raman: ha.. its a surprise for ishu. She will like that place.
Ishu was so excited nd smiles…. Shagun looks at her.
Nd finally they went to that place.
Shagun: what…??!!!Temple…???!!!!
Aakash: ha.
Shagun: I expected so much… but surprise wali kya baath hai iss temple mein..? (What surprise in this temple..?)

Raman: actually this famous Hanumanji’s temple is so special for ishu. This is the first temple where ishu came here with her parents when she was 4yr old… nd it became the last temple too.
Ishu looked surprised with tears: what..?!!!
Aakash: ha ishu… what Raman said was true. Appa told us when we planned for going to shimla.
Ishu was almost to cry. Aakash hugged her.
Raman: yaar we came here not to make u cry… but to make u meet them… come get in.
Ishu looked at him with a grt pleasure.
They all went in, ishu looked at the temple around with a smile nd tears…. later they worshipped lord hanuman. The pandit asked them to take 3 rounds around the temple. They were doing the same. Later Raman took them to a Banyan tree where there r many paper pieces knotted to the tree trunk. He is searching for one of them.

Shagun: what is he doing..?
Aakash: he’s searching for a chit… which my periappa nd my periamma had written for ishu.
Ishu looked at akhi… nd then at Raman with teared eyes.
Shagun: but how can he identify the chit.
Aakash: they had written their name with ishu’s.
Shagun: ohh..!!! (Whispers) vaise bhai does so much for ishu yaar… u didn’t even think Abt doing such thing for ur baby..?
Aakash looks at her: acha u want to test me..? I will show u what I am…!!!!
Raman: yaar akhi help me na.
Aakash: ha ha.. even Shagun wants to help u.
Ishu: I’ll also do it.

They all started searching. Raman finds the chit but thought for a while nd puts it back. He looks at ishu who’s beside him.
Raman: ishu.. I ve searched there already… u just come here nd search.
Ishu: ha.
She came there nd started searching there. Raman was looking her.. letting her find herself. She at last found it.
Ishu with tears: hey guys… I found it….!!!
Raman smiled: wow… really…!!! That’s grt..!!!!
Shagun: thank god…!!!! Vaise what’s written in it.

Aakash took the chit from ishu: wait I’ll read it for u. Hmm…” dua kartha hoon ki mera ishu hamesha kush rahe… bhagwan bas yahi ek icha hai mera.. mera pariwar aisa hi khusal ho… (I prayer for my daughter ishu that she shld always be happy… nd that’s the only wish I ve. I want my family to be always happy like this)… Vishwa”
Ishu: Appa…!!!!
Aakash: not yet finished… there’s another note. ” main bhi dua karthi hoon ki humari ishu khush rahe kyunki… voh toh humare liye bahuth pyaari aur humari jaan hai. badi hoke ek achi doctor banegi meri beti…. uski raksha karna bhagwan !!! ( I also want my daughter to be happy.. she’s our life our everything. She would become a big doctor when she grow up. Plz god take care of my ishu)…Madavi”

Ishu: amma..!!! (She then took the chit from Aakash nd hugged them crying)
Raman feels bad seeing her crying, he had tears in his eyes.Shagun nd Aakash hugged ishu.
Aakash: yaar ishu don’t cry na… see ur parents want u to be happy… they don’t want u to cry like this.
Shagun: ha ishu… plz don’t cry.
Raman: ishu… when ever u remember ur parents u shkd ve a smile on ur lips.. but not tears in ur eyes…(ishu stopped crying nd looks at him) do they like to see u in this state..? No na. So plz don’t cry.
Shagun wiped her tears.

Shagun: now ishu won’t cry hai na ishu.
Ishu wiping her tears: ha… I won’t cry…
Aakash: hmm… that’s my ishu. OK now enough of crying come let’s go.
They were going back to their resort in the car. Raman was driving ishu beside him… she was smiling nd seeing him. He looked at her who’s smiling at him.
Raman: what ?
Ishu smiled but didn’t say anything.
Then they reached the resort after having lunch in middle. Shaakash got down nd went to the room. Raman was locking the car, ishu stood there waiting for Raman… he was going from there.
Ishu: Raman… (she stopped him by holding his hand. He turned nd looked at her)
Raman: what ishu..?

Ishu then hugged him: thank u so much Raman….!!!! (he was shocked, nd then smiled) u made my day. I’m so impressed with u.
Raman: r u happy ishu. (Still hugging)

Ishu: I’m so happy today… u gave me a memory of my parents… its the best moment of my life. (He hugged her back smiling)
Raman: hmm… u girls na gets emotional with a simple thing.
Ishu leaves him: but this is not a simple thing… its really a big thing.
Kavya: wah wah…kya bath hai.. first hug hai na..? (Its ur first hug..?)
Raman: hmm… she’s really so happy with me.
Kavya: its a very heart touching thing u ve done to her yaar. She misses her parents so much na.
Raman: ha. I even can’t believed how could she manage…without parents…?
Kavya: OK what happened next?
Raman: OK ur welcome. Come let’s go.
Ishu: will u do a favour for me..?
Raman: what..?
Ishu: I want ice cream at this moment, will u get me.
Raman: what..? Ice cream..?
Ishu: ha.. when ever I feel happy I need ice cream.
Raman: u r crazy !!!

Ishu: plz plz plz…!!!
Raman: OK come. We’ll go by walk. Nd I’ll msg akhi abt it… or else they’ll get tensed.
Ishu: hmm.
They were searching for an ice cream parlour.
Raman: yaar… is there any parlour in this city.
Ishu: according to me there is no city or town or village, without ice cream.
Raman: acha..??!!!

Ishu: yeah. Hey there it is.
She ran into the parlour asked for her fav blackcurrant ice cream nd started eating. Raman looks at her eating like a kid.
Ishu: come on u too join me..?
She took a spoon of ice cream nd feeds him, he happily eats it.

Meanwhile Aakash came to Shagun.
Aakash: Raman msged me that he nd ishu went for getting ice cream. Ishu asked.
Shagun: ohh.
Aakash: isn’t it a gud time for us?
Shagun: for what..?
He went near her.
Aakash: for a perfect…
Shagun moving back: perfect..?
Aakash: perfect kiss.. !!!!

Shagun pushed him: don’t expect too much ha. Nothing like that is going to happen.
Aakash: y..?
Shagun: becoz its not the perfect time for it.
She runs away from there. Aakash chases her.. they were running round the room throwing pillows on each other. Nd fell on each other…Aakash looks into her eyes…
Shagun: yaar akhi… plz no.
Aakash: y not baby..?
nd is abt to kiss the bell rings, she pushes him nd goes to open the door. She took the tray nd closes the door.

Shagun: so here comes our coffee break.
Aakash: hmm… u nd ur crazy coffee… !!!
Shagun: hey don’t taunt my coffee ha.
He took one of the mug. They both were talking while sipping the coffee. Just then suddenly rain falls. They were enjoying the coffee in the rain. Meanwhile..
Ishu: hey.. rain.. nd ice cream..!!! What cool combination..!!!
Raman looks out: hmm… it is.
He recalls their first meet in such an ice cream parlour while rain falls.
Ishu: Raman.. let’s go…!!!
Raman: its raining na.
Ishu: that’s y… I like to eat ice cream while walking in the rain.
Raman: what…??!!!
ishu: come let’s go.
She started going out carrying the ice cream cup. Raman paid the bill for Ice cream nd went with her.
Ishu: its so nyc na. Yummy yummy ice cream nd this rain..!!
She feeds some to Raman.

Raman: vaise y do u love ice cream that much…?
Ishu: what’s that stupid question…? Its a taste.. say me why do u like beer..?
Raman gets surprised: hey how do u know I like beer..?
Ishu: I know abt u well… Like how u know abt me. (He smiled) vaise one thing… don’t take much intake of beer… it may harm ur health. Limited doesn’t matter… but don’t cross the limits ha.
Raman smiled again: OK Ms. Ishita. I’ll do it for sure.
They both smiled seeing each other.

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