Hi frnds… Here I ur awaiting episode. Let’s start our episode with a short recap.

Recap: ishra became frnds…. Aakash nd shagun were in love… Which is not known by anyone.

The episode starts with ishu nd Shagun going to their class rooms. Raman nd aakash going to their class. Raman nd Aakash were sitting beside nd mohit came there nd sat beside aakash.
Mohit: yaar akhi… Introduce me to ur sister Na
Raman gets shocked

Aakash: y..?
Mohit: actually… Its an important thing. That I can’t say… I’m afraid.
Raman: mohit… I already said u Na… Y u came again to akhi nd asking abt ishu.
Mohit: Raman… U plz don’t interfere… I know akhi will support me. Hai Na akhi..?
Aakash: r u sure u wanna meet my sis..?
Mohit blushes: ha ha of course.
Raman fumes.
Aakash: OK then I’ll make her meet u.
Raman gets shocked.
Mohit: really… Thank u so much yaar… I luv u….!!!!!
Aakash: don’t get so much excited OK.
Mohit: hmm.. OK fyn thanks yaar bye.

He goes.
Raman: r u mad akhi…?? U’ll make this man meet ishu…??
Aakash: u don’t wry… U just see what will happen.
Raman: what..?

Aakash: u’ll get to know Na.
The lecturer came nd started the class. After the class Raman Aakash nd the gang went to canteen.
Aakash: Raj what will u take…today I my chance Na.
Raj: hmm.. I’ll have red bull.

Aakash: OK then what abt u Raman..?(he doesn’t speak) Raman…??!! (He shakes him)
Raman: ha ha akhi..?
Aakash: where r u lost…?
Raman thinks: abt ur sister yaar… U aid that u’ll make that mohit meet ishu. Don’t know what’s going on..what will happen.
Aakash: what happened to u Raman..? What r u thinking abt ?
Raman: nothing… I’ll ve coffee.

Aakash: OK then.. Me nd mohit will have chai OK..?
Mohit: as u wish akhi.
Raj: yaar mohit.. Zyada makhan math lagao usse. (Don’t butter him too much) it may get too slippery.
Raman gets furious. Just them Shagun came there.
Shagun: hi guys…!!
Mohit: Shagun… Where’s ur frnd..?
Shagun: my frnd..? Ishu…?

Mohit: ha where’s she..?
Shagun: ha…
Raman: here she came..!!!
They all look at ishu, who’s coming with her frnd diya.
Mohit went to her nd welcomed her to the table they were sitting.
She sat beside shagun.
Ishu: hi akhi.. Hi Raman.
Before Raman could say…
Mohit: hi ishu..!!
She looks at him.

Ishu: who’s he..?
Aakash: ha… Ishu.. He’s mohit. My frnd.
Mohit: hi…!!! (he forwarded his hand)
Ishu: hi. (Ignoring his hand)
Raman smiles: how’s ur day ishu.. All well ?
Ishu: yeah gud.. U know I ve got a new frnd… Diya.
Diya: hi.
All the others: hi diya.

Shagun: so u r my baby’s class mate..?
Diya: yeah…!!
Aakash: so here is Aakash’s treat for today… Come on ve it.
They all took their cups. Raman is just admiring ishu nd her smile. But some bad sign is disturbing him… Its mohit.
Ishu sipped her cup of tea nd looked at Raman who’s admiring her. She raised her eyebrows asking y r u admiring me.
He smiles nd says nothing. She smiles back.
Ishu finished her cup nd got up to leave.
Ishu: acha OK guys… I ve to leave… Its time for my class.
Shagun: bye baby…!!
Ishu: bye.. Bye akhi. Bye Raman.

Aakash waved her. Raman smiled nd waved too.
Ishu was going with diya. Mohit goes behind her. Raman gets tensed.
Raman: akhi.. I’ll just come u be here.
Aakash: where..?
Raman: a….ahha….washroom !! I’ll be back in few mins.

He nods. Raman goes behind them. Mohit stops ishu.
Mohit: ishu…!!
She turns. Raman observes this from a distance.
Mohit came near: I wanna say u something.
Ishu: what..?
Mohit: a… I love you…!!!!

Raman gets shocked : yaar… This mohit I’ll kill him.
Mohit: plz ishu… My love is true. I’ll keep u happy. Plz plz accept me. Plz say something.
Raman keeps a tensed face.
Ishu: see I just don’t ve any interest in this love nd all. I don’t want love to come in my life. Moreover my amma won’t accept this. Plz don’t keep any hopes nd leave my way.
Mohit: but ishu…
Ishu: plz mohit… Don’t again repeat this again. U’ll ve a gud person in ur life… So plz don’t waste ur time on me. Get that…?
Raman smiles nd thinks: wah Raman… U r saved… Actually ur ishu saved herself.
She turns to go but mohit hold her hand tightly.

Ishu: leave me mohit.
Mohit: plz ishu… Plz.. I love u.
Ishu: will u leave me or shld i…
Mohit: plz ishu.. (He bent on his knees nd requesting her. Raman puts an angry face)
Ishu: will u get up… What’s this.. I’m getzting late… Leave me mohit
Mohit: I won’t leave u till u accept me.
Ishu: get lost I don’t live u. Leave me.
Mohits nods. Raman came there.
Raman: ishu any prblm…?? Mohit what r u doing here..?
Ishu: Raman… Ask ur frnd to leave my hand… He’s irritating me.
Raman looks at him angrily: mohit leave her hand.

Mohit: Raman… I love her… I want her help me yaar.
Ishu: but I don’t luv u…
Mohit: y y didn’t u love me…?
Raman: becoz she loves someone else…!!! (Ishu looks at him confused… He winks at her.. She understood)
Mohit: what …???!!! (He got up) who’s he..?
Raman: ishu… Say whom do u love.
Ishu: how can I say..? I can’t say.
Raman: arey say Na… (He whisper) say the name what u like.(a lil louder) come on ishu say him.
Mohit: who’s is he ishu..?
Ishu: a…hhh….aa.. He is…. Raman.

Both Raman nd mohit got shock.
Mohit: what… Raman…??!!!
Ishu: ha… I love Raman… (She says this holding Raman’s hand nd he was on the cloud nine… His smile was bright). So will u plz get lost now…???
Mohit: now I understood y u were so possessive abt ishu. Raman… (He wasn’t at all looking at mohit just staring ishu… Who’s looking at mohit with anger) take care of ishu… U r so lucky u got her… I hope u’ll make her happy rest of her life.
Ishu: hogaya…??( u r finished…?) Now plz go from here.

Mohit goes from there sadly. Ishu left his hand.
Ishu: I’m so Sry Raman… Actually I didn’t know which name to say… So…
Raman: its ok. U no need to be Sry. But what if he see us again…?
Ishu: OK then as we r frnds… U’ll help me Na… U can act as my boyfrnd in front of him…nd no one will again propose me thinking I ve a boyfrnd. So will u help me…?
Raman: but ishu…

Ishu: plz Raman… Everyone know akhi is my bro I can’t ask him, nd I only knew u as my frnd in boys…. Every girl will ve this prblm… So as a frnd plz help me yaar.
Raman smiles: OK OK fyn my dear frnd… I’ll help u.
Ishu: thanks… OK now… I’ll leave I’m getting late… Bye.
Raman: bye.
She goes Raman smiles to the core… He feels like flying in the sky..
Kavya: hmm.. Acting as a boy frnd…?? Interesting. But one thing… The girl who’s not at all interested in love how did she fall for u.
Raman: I don’t know… I’ll say u Na. But from then we both became so close to each other…. Everyone in the college… Even aakash nd shagun thought that we r girlfrnd nd boyfrnd. Nd they both one day asked us directly.
Raman: what happened.. Y did u guys called us here .?
Shagun: ishu… Say me straight do u guys love each other.
Ishu: what…?? Y did u ask like that..?
Aakash: coz u both look like that..!!!
Raman: u r mistaken akhi.
Ishu: yeah… Actually Raman is helping me. Acting as my boyfrnd so that no one can dare touch me.
Shagun: acha… Really..?? Shld I believe this..?
Aakash: I don’t believe.
Ishu: see akhi shagun… We r gud frnds. But what I’m saying is true. Say them Raman.
Raman: ha what ishu is saying is true.
Shagun: but ..
Ishu: shagun.. I would ve said to u first if I love anyone Na… Nd u know my amma I mean akhi’s mom won’t accept this.’

Aakash: ha shagun… I think they r right they r saying the truth.
Raman: ha that’s what I’m saying.
Shagun: OK fyn… I’ll believe u guys. But can I say u one thing guys…?
Ishra: what…?
Shagun: u both look very gud together…. So lovely nd cute couple. Hai Na aakash.
Aakash: yeah…. I was abt to say it. U both make a gud pair.
Raman: really…???!!!!! (Ishu looks at him nd he changes his expression) but how’s that possible…. We r just frnds.
Ishu: ha ha… We r just frnds..!!!

Shagun: OK I know… I was just saying like that… I’m not forcing u guys.
Aakash: OK guys… Let’s leave abt it… U know from past few days me nd Raman ve been planning to go to shimla.
Shagun: shimla…???!!! But y..?
Raman: arey next week our semister holidays starts… So y to waste holidays… Can’t we enjoy the beauty of our country… So planned.
Ishu: hmm.. Interesting.. Its a gud idea Raman, akhi.
Aakash: so will u guys come along with us.
Shagun: I’m on with it… Coz if I go with my bhai my mom nd dad will send me where ever I ask.
Ishu: but akhi… Will amma send me …??

Raman: ishu .. Its OK we’ll ask her.
Aakash: I’ll ask amma nd we’ll try convincing her.
Ishu: I hope so… I wanna come with u guys.
Raman: if ur amma doesn’t agress then we will also won’t go. So at least for that we’ll convince her.

Ishu goes to jaanvi.
Ishu: amma..
Jaanvi: ha ishu… What’s the matter.. U wanna say something..?
Ishu: ha amma voh…(she looks at the door where aakash shagun nd Raman r encouraging her to say) voh amma…
Jaanvi: say me ishu.. What’s the thing u wanna say.
Ishu looks tensed.

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