The episode starts with Raman shagun and ishu went for a jog… They were talking and jogging together. But ishu is furious at Raman… And ignores him.
Shagun: u know ishu…. My bhai jogs everyday…. He’s so perfect abt his physique.
Ishu looks at him : ohh… Even he’s so particular abt his blue shirt Na.
Shagun: what…??? Blue shirt..?? I didn’t get u.
Raman: its nothing… Acha shagun… How did u write ur English xam..?
Shagun: Raman… I wrote it 2days back and ur asking now..?
Raman: I just wanna change the topic. Ha… Ishita… Where did u complete ur schooling?
Ishu: dehradun…. With shagun..!!?
Raman: oh ya..!

Shagun: kamaal hai Raman..! U don’t know that. U always go with my ishu Na.
Raman: ha ha… !!
Shagun then saw a ice cream outlet.
Shagun: hey ice cream…???!! Raman… Plz get it for me…!
Raman: I don’t ve money with me now.
Shagun: oh no… Y u came out without ur purse
Ishu: its OK shagun… I ve I’ll get for u.
She went there.
Raman: I’ll go and help her.
Raman follows her.
Ishu: bhaiyya…. 2 blackcurrant.
Raman: hi..!
Ishu seriously: u want ice cream..?
Raman: hmm… OK.??
Ishu: flavour??!??
Raman: chocolate.
Ishu: one chocolate too.
Raman saw her: ishu… ( she looks at him) all will call u like that Na… Can I also..?
Ishu: all won’t call me like that… The one who’s close to me will call me like that.??
Raman: OK fyn… Y can’t we become frnds…??? U always be furious abt me..?
Forget everything and let’s be frnds..?!

He forwards his hand. She looks at him.
Ishu: how can I forget everything… U spoiled my dupatta… My favorite one..?
Raman: in that case u too spoiled my favorite blue shirt.??
Ishu: but I said u Sry then. U didn’t even say thanks for cleaning ur shirt.
Raman: OK fyn… I’m Sry and thanks for cleaning my shirt.
Ishu looks at him: its ok. (Still looks unsatisfied)
Raman: OK then if u don’t get satisfied by this… Give me ur dupatta … I’ll wash it it iron it and give it to u as a new one. OK.
Ishu smiles: its OK fyn… That’s not needed. Frnds…!!! (She joined her hands with his)
Raman: thank God u at last smiled or else… I’m fed up seeing ur so called angry face.
Ishu smiles again: acha..!!??
Raman: u look gud when u smile keep smiling.??
Shagun: array yaar… What r u guys doing there bring me my ice cream…!!!
Ishu took the ice cream and gave it shagun. They were enjoying ishu’s ice cream treat.





Kavya: so at last u both became frnds…!

Raman: hmmm… I convinced her so much for that.

Kavya: nxt what happened..?

Raman: that same day…She again came home.




Later everyone goes home to get ready for college. Shagun while bathing gets a call…. She wraps towel round her nd goes to pic the call.

Shagun: hello…??!!

Aakash: hi baby… U got up..?

Shagun: ha.. Actually I went for jogging with bhai nd ishu…

Aakash: Ohh my god… U went for jogging… Early in the mrng….?

Shagun: u don’t make fun of me ok. Always making fun of girlfriend in front of other what will they think abt us..?

Aakash: they will think we always fight Nd that’s it. No one will get doubt on us.

Shagun: but we be to careful na. If Ur mom or my dad gets to know means it will be a big issue.

Aakash: acha… We’ll be careful ok… Leave all that Nd say what r u doing now.?

Shagun: i was bathing Nd hearing Ur call came out in middle.

Aakash: acha… Then u must be in towel na… Send me a selfie of Urs now. ??.

Shagun: chi… ???Akhi.. u r shameless… How can u talk to a girl like that…???.

Aakash: arrey tum girl kaha ho… (Arey u r not a girl to me.. ) (shagun keeps a confusing face) Tu toh meri girlfriend ho na…! ( U r my girlfriend​ right..!)

Shagun: acha… Stupid i love u..? !!!

Aakash smiles: love u too yaar…. So much…!!!?

Shagun: ok now… I’ll go Nd continue my bath…. U got ready..?

Aakash: no.. i just woke up now.. will go now.

Shagun: see i got up earlier than u.

Aakash: this shld be everyday not for once.

Shagun​: it’s too hard yaar.

Aakash: yeah i know.. ok bye baby.

Shagun: bye. (They end the call Nd shagun continues her bath. Meanwhile Raman came out getting ready Nd sits for breakfast. Bell rings Nd he goes to open the door…. Nd again to his surprise he finds ishu there.)

Ishu: hi..!!!??

Raman: wow what a surprise ishu..?? ? Came for shagun?

Ishu: yeah but i also came for u.

Raman: really… For me?? ..Y ?

Ishu: can i see Ur room..?

Raman: ?? but y..?

Ishu: I’ll say first u take me to Ur room.

He takes her to his room.

Raman: here this is my room…???.

Ishu: hmm… nyc u r better than akhi… He won’t keep his room tidy.

Raman: ?? thank u.. by the way what’s the matter u wanna see my room.

Ishu: i want Ur shirt..(he looks confused??) that blue shirt which was spoiled by my ice cream. I wanna clean it. Give me.

Raman: it’s ok ishu… I’ll do it…. I mean my mom will do it.

Ishu: no no…. U said na… Mrng u will clean my dupatta..So here(she take her dupatta from bag Nd gives it to him) wash it Nd give.. only u ve to wash it. Nd in return give me Ur shirt.

Raman: but..??

Ishu: give me yaar…!!! Not nuts Nd vuts..(Raman gives his shirt to her.) Thanks… Nd sry again for all the hungama i made that day.

Raman: even I’m sry for being so rude.

Ishu: it’s ok we r frnds now… Let’s forget everything.

Raman: yeah.. ok???…!!

Ishu: I’ll go Nd see shagun…( Raman nods she turns back Nd goes he gives her flying kiss ???to her without her notice… Nd dances in joy wearing her dupatta)

Precap: no idea.

A very disappointing news is that I’m going on with my exams…. So i couldn’t post any of my ffs till 22nd… I’m so sry to say that but i couldn’t help it out… Untill then uguys njoy with memories of my both ffs…????? Just kidding have a nice summer vacation guys….!!!! Nd wish me all the best for exams.

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    Episode was awesome n this dupatta n shirt fiasco was ???was cute loved it!!… ….now ishra r frnds ….nice???
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