The episode starts with shagun going into the examination hall Nd the other three were standing there.
Aakash: so ishu… Shall I drop u home..?
Ishu: no akhi.. i came on my frnds scooty… I’m going there.
Aakash: where..?
Ishu: southex complex.
Aakash: oh then u carry on… Bye. Come Raman we’ll go.
Raman: yeah. 
Aakash is driving the bike Nd Raman is sitting back.
Raman: Akhi… R u sure that she is ishita.
Aakash: yaar Raman what type of a question is this..??
Raman: sry I mean… I saw her in my childhood.. she was somewhat fat Nd so chubby na… She used to always keep her thumb into her mouth…. Always used to cry for a silly thing even if anyone take her hand out of her mouth she cries.
Aakash: what do u mean ???
Raman: i mean ki… That chubby Nd crying ishita how became so beautiful Nd slim..??? I was surprised..!!!???
Aakash: Raman she’s​a kid at that time.. now she’s going to become a Dr…. She came here after her inter… Tom she’s going to join our college…. In Medical department.
Raman: ohh…!!! Joining here..!!??
Kavya: hey wait wait…!!
Raman: what happened?
Kavya: u said that u both first met on 6th July 2012…. But now u r saying in childhood story…. Means u guys already met when u r small….???
Raman: i just know her… As akhi’s cousin. Never spoke to her. Nd that’s the first time i spoke to her.. Nd even touched her.
Kavya: ok. So Ur third meeting is in Ur college.
Raman: hmm… She just joined first yr in..Nd I’m senior there 3rd yr student. Even shagun was in the first yr then.
Kavya: so when somebody was ragging Ur sis Nd Ur love u went there nd fought for them right.
Raman: no no… I myself was ragging her with my gang.
Kavya: what…??!!
Raman: yaar… Y do u always rag girls.
Mohit: what do u that masti while ragging girls… thats so fun.
Raj: ha Raman… Y can’t u try once..??
Raman: get lost… I don’t want that fun… I don’t want to get involved in the matter of girls.
Mohit: no Raman… Today we shld prove ourselves… So that u ve to rag a girl
Raman: no no..
Raj: leave it yaar… I think he’s afraid of us.
Raman: u jst poked me on my weakness I’m not afraid of anyone… Nd i will do it.
Raj: ok then rag a girl.
Raman: sure… Select a girl for me… Whom i ve to rag.
Mohit: hey Raman… See there a girl with pink salwar… Coming with ur sister. U ve to rag her…. Take her no. Without asking her.
Raman saw at her…. Nd that’s ishu coming with shagun…He smiles ???
Raman: ok done…. I’ll win the challenge. (Loudly) hey u…. Pink salwar…!!!!
Ishu while laughing stops it Nd searches for the one who’s calling her pink salwar…. Raman again called her Nd then she got to know it’s Raman.
Shagun: Bhai…?!
Raman: come here u both.
Shagun: ishu i think my bhai is going to rag… Let’s see na…. How he will do.
Ishu: but shagun… I r saying like he didn’t do it before.
Shagun: arrey he won’t even talk to girls properly… Except me nd my cousin Kavya. Ok let’s go… Nd we’ll cooperate with him.
Ishu: but shagun..
Shagun: arey come on baby…. It’s just for fun.
They went there.
Raman: what did u guys discuss while coming..??? Talking abt me.
Shagun: actually Bhai…
Raman: oh hello … This is not to call me Bhai…. Call me sir…. I’m senior to u. 
Ishu (seriously): sir plz let us go… Or else we’ll miss the class.
Raman looks at her: see Ms…. Ha ishita… Ishita iyyer. This is our college… Nd here u ve to behave decently with senior it’s better for u Nd for us too. Ok now…(he snatches her phone frm her hand nd feds his no. Nd calls) that’s my no. Nd thanks for ur no.
Ishu: hey how can i do this… such a cheap trick to gets a girls no…?
Raman: oh hello mind Ur language.
Ishu: let’s go shagun…. My mood is off… Nd I’m going to my class???.
Ishu goes away.
Shagun: what Bhai… U don’t know how to rag…??? (She goes back of ishu)
Mohit: Raman i want her number yaar give it to me.
Raman: y..?
Mohit: actually… ???I like her… So plz yaar.
Raman: what…??!! ???but when this happened?
Mohit: jst now… Plz yaar give her number.
Raman: no way… I won’t ?? (He hides his phone in his pocket)
Mohit: y man what’s the problem in giving the number ??? 
Raman: yaar don’t u know she’s akhi’s sister.
Mohit: really …!!!! ???Then my work will be so easy…!!!
Raman: ??… Akhi don’t like these… He don’t believe that his frnd is liking his sister…. He can’t bear that. Even if akhi agrees his mom… Oh god…!!! Its better u don’t say.
Mohit: Raman its my prblm….. U just don’t wry.
Raman: but listen to me….
Mohit: its OK yaar. By the way where’s akhi…??
Aakash: hi guys… What’s up ??
Mohit: akhi yaar… I just wanna speak to u abt ur…
Raman: akhi come with me its urgent.
Aakash: but y..?
Raman: u just come.
He drags him from there…to their class room and were seated.
Aakash: what happened buddy…?? What’s that much urgency..??
Raman: actually… That Mohit is saying that ur sister, Ishita, is so beautiful nd he likes her. He wants her number and trapped me in getting her number..?
Aakash smiles: its OK yaar… Its not so serious one.
Raman: what r u saying… Someone said he likes ur sister… And u r saying its not so serious..??
Aakash: becoz… I ve heard many proposals for ishu like this… In her schl days… And in her college. And I’m fed up with those. It became a common factor… And she deals with these very simply than me.
Raman(surprised): ohh yeah… Its nyc.
Kavya laughs: mooh tod jawad mila tujhe…(u ve got a perfect answer)
Raman: he he …. Very funny…!!!
Kavya: at that time u started feeling for her..??
Raman smiles: I don’t know yaar… But I feel like seeing her for more times want to talk to her for more … Even if its a fight.
Kavya: means urs is love at second sight…!!??!!
Raman: may be..!!
Kavya: what happened then..???
Raman: yaar at least give me a break…
Kavya: OK let’s ve coffee. (She brings coffee and they both were sipping )
Hmm…. Now say.
Raman: once early in the mrng… Its Sunday… I was getting ready for jogging.
Raman: maa.. I’m going for jogging.
Toshi: puttar u take this juice along with u it gives u energy.
Raman: no maa.. I’ll take it after I come back. OK bye.
He goes to the door and opens it… To his surprise he finds ishu there.
Raman: hey hi… What r u doing here…?
Ishu: where’s shagun…? Is she sleeping still…?
Shagun: no no… I’m here baby.
Raman looks back and gets surprised… No no its a shock for him…. Shagun got up so early at 5:00 am…????!!!!!!
Raman: oye…shagun…. R u okay…?? U got up so early. ??!!!
Ishu (seriously): we r going for a jog.
Raman: what…?
Shagun: zyada shock math ho (don’t get shocked)… Ishu has a habit of jogging early mrng… So I’m going for her company… As she’s new to this place.
Raman: but she’s living here since her childhood…?
Shagun: but she was not here from five yes Na. . don’t ask too many questions.
Raman: OK fyn..maa bye.
Shagun: bye maa.
They moved out of their house.

Raman and ishu became frnds…!!

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  1. Zaira

    First of all …I m very sorry for not commenting in the last episode …some problem happened in tellyupdates ….it couldn’t load my comment…..???
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    N when will u update u r my life ???u can first finish it n then go smoothly in this ff .
    ….I think that can be completed by 3updates…plz do it fast…

    1. Lasya Priya K

      First of all thanks for commenting at last in this episode. Yeah u r right zaira…. I’ll try to post u r my life….Thanks for ur suggestion.??

  2. Superb dear

  3. mind blowing episode…loved that part how raman became jelous for mohit…eagerly waiting for next one bz precap is superrrrr

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      Thanks ishan…??

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      Thanks rashita…. Yeah… I’m trying to post u r my life… Even in my busy schedule. Ok I’ll do it.

  5. Very nice

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  6. Superb update…precap is awesome

  7. awesome update ramans ragging was superb he got scared when mohit said he likes ishita

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