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Recap: Raman gets into the flight Nd meets his cousin Kavya who works as a air hostess in that plane. While talking the matter came abt ishra’s luv story. Nd Kavya insists Raman to say abt ishitand his story.
Nd here continues the episode’s ​second half.

Raman: it’s July 6th 2012…. Thats rainy season… U know Kavya… My ishu has a bad habit of eating ice cream in rains.
Kavya: acha.. Ur ishu..?(Raman blushes) Hmmm continue.
Raman: that rain Nd that ice cream made us fall in love with each other.
Kavya: what … Love at first sight…?
Raman: no no fight at first sight.
The sky is cloudy…Raman nd Aakash were going on bike. Suddenly rain starts falling. Raman nd Aakash came under an ice cream parlour.
Raman: yeh barish pe kabhi barosa nahi rakna chahiye…(we can’t trust this rain yaar) now how will we reach her…??
Aakash: it’s ok yaar… We can’t do anything na.. she will understand. (His mob rings) but my mom can’t understand… She’s calling I’ll attend it… wait here.
Raman: yeah ok… Go.
Aakash went aside. Meanwhile a girl came running in a blue chudi Nd stood a distance frm Raman. She was half wet…. Nd was drying her hair with her dupatta. She gets a call.
Girl: hello…
Caller: where the hell r u.. ishu…?
Ishu: baby i was just coming Nd this rain has stopped me between. I think i will reach late.
Caller: oh god…. What’s this yaar. U know na this is my day.
Ishu: yeah but what can i do.
Caller: ok Fyn… Come when the rain stops ok.
Ishu: yeah Fyn. Bye. (She ends the call)
She looks around… Nd gets excited.

Ishu: wow ishu… This is Ur fav place. Ice cream parlour…!!! Ice cream Nd rain very cool combination na. Let’s go in.
She went inside Nd took an ice cream. She unwrapped the cover while coming out from​ the parlour…. She then suddenly fell on Raman…. Stepping on a stone. All the ice cream fell on his shirt. He was holding her.. Nd was looking at her….Nd then later after thunder sound he realised Nd made her stand.
Raman: oh god…. My blue shirt…. It’s my favourite one.
Ishu puts n innocent face: i.. I’m so sry…. Actually it was n accident….
Raman: now how will i do there…??? U spoiled my shirt…. Can’t u walk properly. R u blind or what…?
Ishu: arrey i apologized to u right then y r y getting hyper…? All my ice cream got wasted… !!!
Raman: acha ji… U spoiled my shirt Nd in reverse getting serious on me…?
Ishu: see it was a mistake Nd i said sry, Nd the matter is over…. Now plz don’t make it a big issue.
She heads to leave but he pulls her to him.
Raman: clean this nd then go where u want.
Ishu: leave me…. Or else..

Raman: u don’t ve other option u be to clean Nd then go.
Ishu pushes Raman under the rain.
Ishu: u jst stand here…. Under the rain…. Then Ur shirt will be cleaned by itself. Ok…?!
Raman pulls her under the rain too.
Raman: u think u r smart…??? I want u to clean.
Ishu: i don’t ve anything to clean with.
Raman then took her dupatta: u can do with this. (She looks angrily) come on… I can’t go like that. Go on
She took her dupatta Nd cleaned Raman’s shirt.
Ishu: now happy… Leave me.
Raman: i don’t any interest in holding u up like this.
He left her…. Ishu went back to her scooty Nd went somewhere. Meanwhile aakash came there to Raman.
Aakash: what r u doing there man, in the rain….. ???
Raman: some girl spoiled my shirt yaar. Ok let’s go akhi.. it’s ok we’ll manage. It’s getting late. They left on their bike. Ishu while riding her scooty.
Ishu: what does he think of himself…. ??? How dare he… Nd all my ice cream got wasted Nd my dupatta too. (She took her spoiled dupatta Nd kept it inside her bag) Chi ishu… In which mahurat u came outside​…U r facing all problems.
Kavya: what Raman… U made a bad impression on it first meet…?
Raman: even i don’t know what i did… Later i realised. U know until then i didn’t talk to any girl like this except shagun nd u.
Kavya: hmm.. i know. Then when is Ur second meet…?
Raman: that same day… Actually that’s shagun’s big day.
Kavya: what’s that…?
Raman: her exam…??!!!
Kavya: English exam…??
Raman: hmmm.
Shagun is waiting outside the college.
Shagun: where did this people go…?? Oh god it’s getting late… Already 8:15am… Come fast..!!!
Jst then Raman nd Aakash came there… Running to shagun… Nd she saw them Nd came to them.
Shagun​: thank God at last u came.
Raman breathing heavily: here is Ur hall ticket.
Shagun took it: thank u so much yaar.
Raman: don’t worry it’s just 8:20.
Aakash: y do u always forget this.. ?? Nd its our duty to get u..??
Shagun puts a serious face Nd asks Raman: y the hell did u bring him along with u…?? He always taunt me. Don’t know how I’ll write my exam after seeing his face.
Aakash: don’t u dare….
Raman: yaar shagun plz stop u both. Y do u both always quarrel..? can’t u both become frnds?
Shakash: what..??!! Frnds…??? With him/ her..??? NEVER…!!
Raman: plz stop this tom nd jerry fight yaar I’m fed up with this. Plz become frnds.
Aakash: ok Fyn. I will.
Raman: that’s gud. Shagun..??
Shagun: ok fyn. ( She looks at the gate ) yaar…. It’s getting late.
Raman: what happened..?
Shagun: nothing..(she again looks Nd finds ishu coming… Shagun looks happy Nd runs to her. Raman nd Aakash looked back.) u r such a cheat… This much late.
Ishu: I’m so sry…. Some stupid guys made me late.
Raman: she’s shagun’s bestie. Nd how dare she say me stupid ?
Aakash: how do u know ishu ?

Raman: yaar.. she is the one spoiled my shirt.
Aakash laughs: it’s so silly. Come let’s go there. (They went)
Shagun: ishu.. thank God u came at last.
Aakash: ha ha… Orelse u will fail exam without seeing her.
Shagun looks at him. Aakash holds his ears saying sry.
Ishu: akhi plz stop it. Don’t taunt my darling.
Raman: hey wait a sec… How do u know him..?
Shagun: come on Raman don’t say that u don’t know her… She’s ishita iyyer… Aakash’s cousin.
Raman: what…??? (To Aakash) Ur sister ?
Aakash: hmm..
Ishu: Nd shagun is he Ur brother… Raman..??
Shagun: yeah baby. (Ishu gets surprised) Ok anyways… I’m getting late i be to go… Wish me luck.
Ishu hugs her: All the Best baby…
Aakash: do it well my new frnd.
Raman: best of luck… Don’t panic Nd spoil Ur mood… Be the best. Ok ?
Shagun: hmm.. Nd (she hugs him) thanks for coming Bhai… Without complaining like someone.. (she says this while looking at Aakash)
Raman: ok now go go it’s already 8:40.
She went to the examination hall. The rest three were standing there.

Precap: no idea

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    1. Lasya Priya K

      Yeah i ve already read it rashita…. Nd even commented. It’s really superb rashita.

      1. Rashita

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  2. Wow awesome I loved it

  3. Wow awesome I loved it ishra meeting with their fight only then only love will blossom between them

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  10. awesome update ishra first meet was lovely

  11. awesome update ishra first meet was lovely pls update soon

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