Mere Dil Ki Arziyaan : MANMARZIYAN PART1


So here I m starting a new fan fiction of NESAM.
So if u find it even a bit interesting then pleez do comment if u find the plot boring then pleeez do notify that as well I will do welcome it whole heartedly
So I m not going to introduce the characters as and where it will be required I will provide the description
I going to give it a start now without blabbering more
So our story starts
in Mumbai it is December 31 ,2016 ; 11:30 pm
so of course as time and dare suggest it is a new year party going on full high class party going on organized by MRS. PIYALI KHANNA ( – MD of bird song advertising ) and her husband MR. SAMRATH KHANNA co-owner of Indian Twist.
So both of them are busy attending the guests.
Just then a young man of age 23 comes and joins them he is JAI KHANNA son of the couple mentioned above.
Piyali comes to his side ‘’ looking handsome dear ‘’
‘’thank u btw u r looking 2 gorgeous ‘’
‘’so is everything fine na and jai where is the cake ‘’
‘’oh mom I d cross checked evry thing and di is on the way with cake she will be here at any minute ‘’
‘’ why did u asked her 2 do that when I asked u now forget that the cake will come ‘’
‘’ma what r u saying ‘’ after a second ‘’ oh mom she is here
A car stops at the gate and girl comes out of the car she is wearing a short tight dress of black color and her hair are lying free on her shoulders she is beautiful, pretty, bold but innocent she looks chirpy but has a great silence and depth in her eyes so she is SAMIRA KHANNA eldest daughter of Samrath khanna following her one other girl steps out from the same car she is wearing a long navy blue gown her hair are pinned up she is cute beautiful bubbly friend of sam she is RADHIKA MISHRA
After them a van stops and 2 men carry out a huge cake.
Jai ‘’ di u both r looking pretty’’
R ‘’ thanx u too ‘’
‘’ what pretty ‘’ she nods +ly sam smiles at this jai leaves as piyali is calling him and rasam too goes to attend som guests after 5 mins piyali makes an announcement ‘’ hey frnds may I seek your attention for a couple of mins. So as we all know that our CEO Mr Vij has shifted to Australia we hav a new CEO and he has just reached the venue and look here he comes MR. NEIL MALHOTRA from 2morow he will be ceo of bird song advertising ‘’ and he joins her so he is our hero neil but I don’t think I need to praise him every 1 know how he is especially girls .
Now on other side sam is standing dumbstuck like if she has froze so one by one piyali is introducing him to the others so now the turn comes of radhika and sam
P‘’so she is ra…’’ b4 she completes
N‘’ radhika mishra head of the marketing department ‘’
P ‘’ how do u know ? ‘’

R ‘’ he is my cousin’’ and gives him a side hug
P ‘’ she is samira she is the creative director ‘’
He forwards his hand but she is still lost so to get her back in sense she pinches her and all of a sudden responds ‘’ hmn ‘’ she looks at neil then his hand and then she turns and leaes hurriedly while leaving she has tears in her eyes radhika too heads to leave but piyali stops to give company to neil and say ‘’ I m sory how she behaved but she is like that only rude ‘’
Neil gives her a killer look and our screen freezes on neil’s tensed and sam’s crying faces

Precap why is she miffed with him

So frnds if u hav read this than don’t forget to read the part 2 and then decide to continue reading or not and pleeeez do comment
And one more thing I will update DMY – MY LIFE MY CHOICE today so don’t forget to read it and the plaster on my hand is removed so now I will try my best to give regular updates
And pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeez do reply and comment

Credit to: apra

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  4. So sorry for so many mistakes and thankful to all for appreciating my try

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