mere ashique ab tum hi ho… tanya & paras love story! (part 6)

Recap: tanya’s mum faints paras rushes her to hospital.

a day later,

tanya: maa you rest, you dont need to work today come on go back up stairs i have made you a healthy breakfast ok

tanya’s mum: tanya yi just bring it up and i need to speak to you about something.

Tanya: ok… tanya thinks what does maa want to talk about.

paras house:

Paras: maa if you go to auniji’s house, then just give it to tanya it fell off and i forgot to give her it.

paras’s mum: ok fine paras listen i need to speak to you.

paras: yes maa, tell me

Paras’s mum: woh beta you love tanya naa?

paras gets shocked! ” nai toh… erm” he looks down, who told you this.

paras’s mum: im your mom that day in hospital the way you was speaking to tanya, it seemed you are more than friends.

paras: haan maa I love tanya a lot, i really love her b..

Paras’s mum: good, I also like tanya for you, you will make a nice couple aur woh ghar ki bahu… aj mein tera rishta leki..

paras: maa mere baat toh sunnyi.. woh tanya mujhe pyaar nai karti hai she doesnt have feelings for me in that way so you cant ask for her rishta ok promise me


Tanya house:

Tanya takes breakfast for her mum “toh maa batayi naa what did you need to tell me?

Tanya’s mum: haan woh paras bohaat acha hai naa agar wih nai hota aj…

tanya: haan maa he is when paras called me i was terrifed to know what happened.

Tanya’s mum: tanya tum uski dost ho naa sirf aur..

tanya: haan course matlab kya hai apka maa??

Tanya’s mum: dekh the way he look aftered me and the way he saved you that day ftom them gunday i really like him for you..

tanya: maa you do know what your saying naa im sorry but no ik he LOVES ME but..

tanya’s mum: kya woh tujhse pyaar karta hai?

Tanya: haan maa lekin i said no maa hes a very good friend and i just want to be friends with him..

tanya’s mum: so you are going to make him forget them feelings for you out of selfishness tanya soch loh he has a job infact 2 jobs good looking hai woh hes mature enough ek larkee ko aur kya chayi hoga…

tanya: maa ap! Im sorry ok but no!

Paras lot knock on door

tanyas mum: go check who it is

tanya opens the door it is paras and his mum ” namaste aunty hi paras ayi andar ayi”

Paras mum: puttar tumhari maa kesi hai ab

Tanya: maa is ok bas kamzori hai … apko chai chayi.. do you paras

Paras’s mum: haan beta il have it

tanya makes the tea, paras enters the kitchen slowly BOO! Tanya gets scared “paras you scared me” she turns and some of the tea spills on paras hand ” ouchhh!!

Tanya: paras omg im so sorry she worries ap teek ho she holds his hand and blows in it come here she runs it under cold water

he looks at her they both have a eyelock

paras: im ok iys your fault tum..

tanya: oh hello you put your hand infront why??

Paras: so you dont hurt yourself idiot… he laughs the way you worried for me

tanya: so you should be thanking me not laughing

paras: actually you should thank me for putting my hand forward or else…

Tanya: yaa thanks and thanks for what you did for mom was very sweet of you

paras: hmm its ok.

they both go tanya mum and paras mum be talking.

Paras greets tanya’s mum.

Tanya: paras just wear this bandage itl keep the pain on the low.. she wears him it there..

tanya mum and paras mum both look at them ” woh ji mein kuch apsi pooch na chatee thi..

paras: no maa.. please

Paras’s mum: chup. Woh mujhe tanya bohat achee lagti hai matlab hamari dosti ko rishti mein bana sakti hai

tanya’s mum smiles” matlab ap tanya ka rishta paras kilye chatee hai..

paras and tanya get shocked!

Ragni comes

Tanya: maa i told you.. i

tanya’s mum: mujhe bhi paras pasand hai tanya kiliye jesi ussni mujhe bachya hes very good and i know hel tke good care of tanya..

ragni: haan maa your right tanii its perfect for you aur you and paras know each other your best friends..

tanya: ok just give me time to think she goes running up.

paras gets angry: maa i told you not say anything naa tanya doesnt like me i told you do what if i have feelings for her i cant force her to marry me he goes up to talk to her.

” tanya its me paras open the door i just want to speak to you”

She opens it..

Tanya: why did u tell you mom that you have feelings for me

paras: you really think i did maa just felt it look you dont have to ok dont think you are getting forced to marry me cos you dont need to look i know i love you but il never force you ever to ok

tanya looks at him ” paras ik im not getting forces to but all of the sudden maa likes you foe me aur your moms asking for me i.. im in a dilemma

tanya sees a lizard on the floor and screams she falls on the bed and paras falls on top of her they have a eye lock… kaun tujhe yoon pyaar kar ae ga jesi mein karta hoon plays ragni enters… oh im so sorry guys..

they both quickly get up ” di woh lizard omg its there!!!

Ragni: kaha…

Paras laughs and records them

tanya: paras you r not funny get it out please…

paras grabs it and throws it out “tanii you ate scared of a lizard seriously yi video jab pratap devo lovey aur sab dekhingi naa itl be so funny

tanya laughs achaa fine idc now all just leave now!

” issi kya hogya”.

Precap: tanya tells her mum she will marry paras for her dad and her happiness. Tanya hugs her mum and weeps…

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  1. Jasminerahul

    glad that paras tanya’s mothers want them 2 marry.but this tanya considers him onky as a friend.Fall scene n eye lock was romanic

    1. Iqrakhan11

      Thank u jasminerahul yed tanya considers paras as a friend but after marriage it will surely turn into love… btw it will take a month leap after my next update.

      1. Jasminerahul

        Glad to see ur reply

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