mere ashique ab tum hi ho… tanya & paras love story! (part 5)

Recap: paras decides to quit, rashmi tells him to do another 3 months he agrees. Tanya is walking when some goons try flirting with her paras saves her on time!

Bed time,

Tanya is in bed she is thinking about how paras saved her from them goons she has ae dil hai mushkil on her phone and has headsets in she looks at the day before pictures and tears flow out from her eyes and thinks” why am i feeling so bad for paras aur why… i wish he never liked me in that way.. her sister walks in.

tanii tum roh ri ho kyu

tanya: kuch nai di im ok

ragini: ru sure kyunki youv been abit quiet these days… oh i see kuch larkaa hai who is he? Is he good looking?

Tanya: di! No nothing if it was that you would be the first to know. Actually.. erm… di i was going for a walk at wrk and some gunday tried to…

ragini: what! Tum teek ho what did they do.

tanya: nai di good that paras saved me on time or else yi lokh bhi naa

ragini: good that paras came on time hes a very good person you know naa.

tanya: hmm.. i know he is… ok lets go sleep and if you snore i swear il slap you.


Everyone is eating breakfast at tanya house. Tanya mum gets a call.

Tanya: who was it maa?

Tanya mum: paras ki maa thi they are going shopping for her elder sons wedding and she wants me to choose her clothes… natasha is a good friend of mine so i have to help her out naa.

tanya: haan maa your right and go enjoy yourself il look after home but come by 4 im going out with aurushi yaa.

Tanya mum: achaa teek hai.

later in the day, paras mum collects tanya’s mum and they set off…

They be shopping and choosing suits for the groom ( paras elder brother) tanya mum starts feeling dizzy. She thinks ” yi kya meini i forgot to take my tablet.

Paras reaches there ” bro i brought your phone how could you forget that. He greets tanyas mum. ” kya hua aunty ji you ok

tanya mum: haan puttar i… she starts feeling more dizzy and faints.

paras calls ambulance ” shit yi kya hua; il call tanya and let her know he rings her but no answer he texts her then.

meanwhile tanya is cooking pasta… whos keep calling me.. she checks why did paras call me? She reads the messsage and starts panicking omg maa!! Maa ni toh tablet nai li she calls paras” paras maa teek hai kya huaaa

paras: tanya calm down we av reached the hospital they are doing afew tests you come quick

tanya: ok. She heads off and tells her sister too.

After a while,

Tanya reaches ” maa.. paras hows maa aur how did this happen

paras: woh actually idk i came to give karan bhai his phone and saw aunty ji feeling uneasy toh jab i asked them they fainted. Theyl be ok

tanya is shown crying paras holds her ” look mere dost be strong naa you dont look nice crying your mom will be fine hai na maa”.

paras mum: haan puttar paras sai keh raa hai tumhari maa bohat achi hai woh teek hogi ok.

paras mum looks at his closeness with tanya and thinks they look nice together and thinks of asking paras if there is anything going on between them. (Omg)

Doctor comes

Tanya” doctor howz my mum now.

Doctor: there is nothing to worry about bas her bp and surgar levels dropped that cause her condition she is in but she must always take her tablets or it can lead to other condtions too.

tanya: ok thank you

Doctor: i just need you to prescribe these medicines quick please so when mrs sharma gains consiouce she can take it sooner.

paras: tanya give me that il go get them you dont go alone like yester…

tanya: HAAN! She signs him not to say anything. She gives him them thank you again btw since i have found out about u know that you like me why are we meeting so oftenly i mean you saved me yestetday aj yi…

paras: maybe kaana ji wants us to be together too he laughs and goes Joke Btw

Afew moments later, tanya mum gains consuicnes they meet her,she gets discharged and go home.

Precap: paras mum asks paras if he likes tanya he says yes he does alot.. she tells him she wants tanya to be her daughter in law, paras stops her not to because tanya doesnt have feelings for him on the other hand tanya mum tells her she got a rishta for her and wants her to marry paras as he will take care of her and she knows she has feelings for him. TANYA IS GOBSMACKED!!!

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  1. Jasminerahul

    paras taking care of tanya’s mother is so nice.paras saying that maybe even kanhaji wants them together was sweet

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